Spirit Tides, there ebb and flow asleep/distracted/receding -- awake/expansive/exploring

Its been a time my sis-stars and brothers since Iv shared.  I plan to be around more often now for wonderous interchange but first id like to tackle a spiratual misconception this idea has been stated in many ways > "Once you’ve been awakened, there’s no going back to sleep"

Well im waking up from a slumber, from a hibernation of my higher self.  The quote in question as expressed could incurage a false sense of invulnerability and id like to say question it.  It may be that which awakens never disappears but it does not mean it cant get covered, blocked, ignored.

You can light a candle in a dark room and fill it with light, but can you not also put a lamp shade over it?

And so it is that I find myself pulled way back, at bay, on a low tide.  But the ocean shares much wisdom, that which recedes can surge forth with much vigor and I plan to stir things up! and keep a watchful eye that I dont pull back to far for so long agian.

I want to affirm that ebbing is not bad nor is a constant surge good there is a balance. The rhythm of the tide is conducive to much vitality/life. Just like the rhythm of awake and asleep. Im starting to wonder about a spiritual rhythm and the secrets to its balance.

Some on there spirtual quest might be feeling haggard about some aspect similar to how a persons emotions can get haggard from lack of sleep. If at that point its usually time to calm.  example> a meditative practice, somthing that releases/relaxes you to give viatality for later. " 

Im going to make a habit to do a meditative like activity everyday so my spiratual being is rested and vitalize to go about its day with energy.

Much Love

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Welcome back, Thomas. It's very easy to fall back asleep in these intensely polarized times. Congratulations on choose to re-awaken. Your full presence I'm sure will help to awaken others. Thanks for posting here and take good care. With much love and warm wishes, Fred

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B-A-L-A-N-C-E. Balance!

I borrow from Ramirez (Sean Connery) in The Highlander for that one.

I also am learning how to better bridge the GAP, as it were.


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I've hit the snooze button a couple times myself! :-)

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