Ecovillages of Kin's domains (family homesteads) is a national idea of Russia

At the end of the last - beginning of the current century a series of books was written by Russian author Vladimir Megre. It was called "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" (Звенящие Кедры России). The series has been translated into 30 languages and have made a significant effect on people's minds and life.

Many people, inspired by the ideas presented in these books started to take full responsibility for their lives. Significant percentage of the Russian families has accepted the vision of "Kin’s domain” as a viable national idea. As a matter of fact, more than for 400 eco-villages of Kin's domains has been created for the recent 20 years. Please read more about them here:

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Thanks for the recommendation, Yury. I read the first Anastasia book about 15 years ago and loved it. I was happy to hear you met the author, Vladimir Megre. What was your impression of him? Thanks for all the great work you are doing!

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Definitely an excellent idea that all of similar inclination can embrace, no matter where they are!

Looking forward to continued dissolution of borders and boundaries and a return to Family.

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