Reading between the lines

Dear Friends,

I feel prompted to mention a newspaper article I read about 3 years ago. I no longer have a copy so please read my summary of what it contained......

A 17 yr old girl goes to a party and does not return.Worried parents call to report her as missing,police consider her a runaway and decline to list her as missing. This event takes place near Seattle WA in the fall. A friend of the family,a woman with a daughter who knows this girl has a dream,loads her daughter into car,drives to a curve on a steep road . They get out and look down and see the  car containing the missing girl. It had been there for 3 days and nights. She had hit ice and gone off the road.

She had a broken eye socket. She was a twin, and the rest of article focused on how great the doctor was that he reconstructed  her a new eye socket and was that she was now planning what to wear to her prom.

I found it odd that the other twin,the mother or father did not have the dream,that she did not freeze or bleed to death.I came to my own truth that intense emotions block important information. That if it is meant for you to be rescued Spirit will protect and get you help.Twin and parents were too distracted so the message went to someone not so emotional.I learned and taught myself a lesson by reading between the lines. Do you?



Hey Mary,

Some very wise words.....I totally agree...

We need to be able to feel but not get caught up, to be the observor.....hard to do especially with strong emotion....

Thank you, I have been exploring such things myself, your timing as always, immaculate!



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Hi, Mary.


This reminds me of an experience I had a month or so back.  A friend of mine was having a difficult time on the anniversary of her father's passing.  I sent her an email with a message of support and my own rememberings of her father.  That night, I was awakened from a sound sleep with the sense that a man was in my bedroom.  It took me a second or two, but a came to realize that it was not a person, but a spirit who was there.  I immediately felt that it was my friend's father, and that he simply conveyed his thanks to me for taking care of he daughter.  


Of course I wondered later why he might come to me, instead of just going to her.  I only had one other experience with feeling or seeing someone who had passed, so there was a pretty good chance that I might have slept through the whole thing.  : )  Anyway, I think, just as you said, it's difficult when you're in the middle of your own strong emotions to see what might be right there in front of you.  Where it may have been iffy that I would see him and convey the message to her, he knew that she'd not have the tools to do that for herself at that time.  


I hadn't thought about what that means for me.  Somehow I have to get out of my own emotions to see the reality of things.  Perhaps this is needed most at precisely the time when the emotions seem to be at their strongest.  


Thank you for your thought provoking story, Mary.


Much love and light to you,


Good Greetings

It has been my experience that when I am in a state of Joy--- not just happiness that I am able to communicate completely with all my senses... percieving the unseen is a state that is natural for all of us... we are all just beginning to wake up.

Fear and all of its many aspects (rage, anger, hate, depise, spite, terror, anxiety, panic) all seperate us from the whole... This is the function of such emotions. 

So it is natural that those who are in a state of deep seperation are unable to hear and percieve the message of the unseen.

This is not good nor bad it simply is.  Thus, the entity wishing to speak will connect with the closest open person to the loved one that is asking for assistance.  I recieve such information on a regular basis an attempt to pass it on the the loved one in question but it is not always recieved well.  Then the only recourse I have is to pray for the child or adult that is seeking assistance.  This oftentimes does indeed create the healing situation needed that assists those who are in fear in shifting to love and acting accordingly.  Then there are times I just bow my head and accept that which I can not influence and give it over to the greater universe and be hopeful that all is in the highest good for all concerned.

This is not the same as the negative greetings from Dark beings that use fear as a form of food.  They create experience that provoke a fear response.  Such as the Snout Flu, 911, HAARP induced Earthquakes, violence and war... all of these experiences are cultivated... consider it a feeding ground. 

Now just because I am aware of these things does not mean that I do succumb to them and generate fear, because I do.  But the difference is that I am aware that this is what is happening and work to reduce and transform and integrate my fear so that I cultivate Love in this world.  It is not alway easy to do so ... but gets easier each day as I become more profient at the language and response of Love.


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