Blind Man Scales Mount Everest - Time Magazine

Hey beautiful Transformation Team friends! I actually had a chance to meet this amazing guy when he did a powerfully inspiring talk at a health conference where I was interpreting. It just goes to show how putting a pure heart together with a powerful will is unstoppable. May we all shine as brightly as we are able with ever-present support of all on our loving team. With sacred love and joy overflowing, Fred

Blind To Failure

Published as the cover story for Time Magazine on June 18, 2001

Scaling Everest requires the enthusiasm and boosterism of a physical-education teacher combined with the survival instinct of a Green Beret. You have to want that summit. Erik Weihenmayer, 33, wasn't just another yuppie trekker. Blind since he was 13 ... he began attacking mountains in his early 20s. For Erik ... excelling as an athlete was the result of accepting his disability rather than denying it." Climbing with Erik isn't that different from climbing with a sighted mountaineer. You wear a bell on your pack, and he follows the sound ... using his custom-made climbing poles to feel his way along the trail. His climbing partners shout out helpful descriptions: "Death fall 2 ft. to your right!" Almost 90% of Everest climbers fail to reach the summit. Many--at least 165 since 1953--never come home at all. When Erik and the team began the final ascent from Camp 4 ... they had been on the mountain for two months ... getting used to the altitude and socking away enough equipment [before they made the final, successful] summit push. "He was the heart and soul of our team," says Eric Alexander. "The guy's spirit won't let you quit." It could be called the most successful Everest expedition ever, and not just because of Erik's participation. A record 19 climbers from the N.F.B. team summited, including the oldest man ever to climb Everest--64-year-old Sherman Bull. Perhaps the point is really that there is no way to put what Erik has done in perspective because no one has ever done anything like it. It is a unique achievement, one that in the truest sense pushes the limits of what man is capable of.

Note: Don't miss the entire riveting story:,9171,1000120.html. And for an inspiring video of Erik in Peru, click here.

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Dear Fred,

Thank you for posting such an inspiring story. The adventure, the exsample this young man sets into motion is amazing!

And society calls HIM handicapped! Love,Mary

          I have been so fortunate to be the "eyes" for one of the most courageous young men I've ever met.  He has been completely blind since birth and not only learned how to ski, but won a gold medal last winter at the state winter games.  I only can verbally guide him through the touch.   Michael is the fellow on the right.


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That is so great! You must be quite a skier yourself.He is lucky to have you as an aide, you are lucky to have him as a reminder of what we can really do, no mater what others think we can do!  Love,Mary

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