Power of the mind, James Twyman

Author of Moses Code creates new film. Preview will be attended by him Saturday March 21st Ashland OR@ Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library.


There is also an article in paper today about formation of Wizard Island(in Crater Lake). Students at SOU come up with new proof showing different cause. Check it out if you have any interest.



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thanks for posting this Mary!  Am a big fan of Jimmie's approach to bringing Peace to the world by getting people to see the Peace that already resides there.  It was called the Peace with no opposite in his book Emissary of Light.  It is called the peace that cannot be described, only experienced, by the indigo and crystal children in Bulgaria who call themselves "the net" in Jimmie's book Emissary of Love - The Psychic Children Speak to the World.

these children have a common goal of helping the whole world see what is already there...

Love/Light and Peace with no opposite, Chris

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Am reading Praying Peace right now, a collaborative effort Jimmie did with Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue.  It feels so nurturing to soak in the fact that Peace is always NowHere.  That to pray "for" Peace would be a declaration of its presumed absence.  Therefore, I pray Peace in harmonious agreement with its eternal Presence engulfing ALL.

Thank you Jimmie, Emissaries of Light last seen on the border of Croatia and Bosnia, and the wonderful children at the monastery in Bulgaria who call themselves the Children of Oz, and the Net.  And I thank all of you who share this great view as we manifest together here on the event horizon of this ever spiraling experiential evolution.  Pretty good seats, huh.... LOL

Love/Light and Peace with no opposite, Chris

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Dear Chris,

Thought of you when I saw story.The library and event center is a small but powerful local asset. The events are intimate...50 people max in new meeting room(2 shows 7 bucks each for this film showing). This is a funky old building not a hollywood premiere.I have met many visionary people there....Dr Bruce Lipton,Guy Finney,and Fred.


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