Mutant Cattle

Mutant cattle show exactly what's wrong with the meat industry

Alternative World News Network May 4, 2016, 8:28:00 PM

This creature may look heavily morphed, or even fake, but its bulging muscles are real and it was created this way intentionally.

It's called the Belgian blue bull and farmers have been selectively breeding them for many years, isolating a mutated gene that causes them to grow to such spasmatic size.

The mutation is called "double muscling" and occurs when a gene is missing that regulates muscle growth.  The meat industry has exploited this mutation to increase profits, growing their cows larger and slaying them for more meat.

It comes at a cost for the cow.  The lives of these animals are very difficult because of their size.  Beginning with pregnancies, which are usually very difficult (with the animals regularly requiring C-sections), the calves are born with a potential number of birth defects.  Some have enlarged tongues, making it difficult—or even impossible—for them to nurse. Others may have cardio-respiratory, bone, and joint problems, among other ailments.

Often these issues lead to an early death.


But it's for profit.  As long as an industrial machine is allowed to rake life for profit we will see animals abused at the whims of men.  It can be stopped, but will you be the one to stop it?

It starts from within.  Don't support farms that abuse their animals with selective breeding and antibiotic treatment.  Go vegan if you must.  Every day you don't give your money to this death trap is a day that you did not support it.  Each day is a success.


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that cow looks nasty,,,very strange indeed

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