Censored: Jewish professor wins Arab 'Nobel Peace Prize'

From our own Fred Burks in his new Examiner article this is a great story.


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Thanks for spreading the word, Berry. I invite you all to take a look at the articles I'm posting on examiner.com at http://www.examiner.com/x-6495-National-Intelligence-Examiner. I'm having a lot of fun there.

With abundant love and joy,

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Brother Fred,

I'm so thoroughly enjoying your articles on Examiner.  And another of the writers on Examiner which I greatly appreciate is Michael Salla.  I thought that the Gathering Spot knew of your new adventures as a journalist. Keep up the wonderful work.

Good Greetings Fred and All:


Thank you so much for writing this article and upholding the truth and wisdom in journalism.  The pdf books concerning the council of 9 speak of peace between Israel and the Arab states...I see this as an indication of living prayer in action.











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What a positive uplifting event. It reenforces my gut(or is it my Heart?) feeling that there is as much or more wonderful peaceful loving things going on than all the fear and terror  we hear all about.Thank you both.


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