Ukraine pneumonic plague

Dear Friends,

Have you heard of the "Ukraine pneumonic plague"?  I hadn't.  Apparently it's been going on for a few days, at least.  Below is a report from Richard K. Moore, whom I've found to be a good observer and analyst of the present paradigm.  He thinks we are very close to the final move from TPTB, which would  be right on schedule for the 6th Night of the Maya calendar.

If you search "Ukraine pneumonic plague" in Gooble news you get some hits that confirm much of what he's saying.

Mind your center.





President Obama has declared a state of National Emergency. He is thereby signaling an intent to undertake certain actions, and revealing an expectation that certain things are going to come to pass. I hereby declare a state of Global Emergency, and by that I am expressing an awareness of the actions implied by Obama's declaration, and the events he anticipates, in the context of global events generally.

A major part of this context was expressed in our previous posting, The Four Horsemen of the Manufactured Apocalypse ( The main point of that posting was to present in stark summary the bold strokes that have been destroying our societies, and the dramatic rate at which this destruction has been proceeding. What I intended to convey, and let me be clear about it now, is that we are seeing The Shock Doctrine being unleashed in its full fury.

That is to say, they are pulling out all the stops, making a dash for the goal, seeking to implement their grand agenda all at once. In what has already happened, with 9/11 and the economic collapse, the sustaining girders of our society have been demolished, and the whole system of society is starting to collapse, in a controlled demolition analogous to that of the Twin Towers. We're in shock, off balance, and their plan is to keep up the pressure, keep us off balance and confused, and hammer home the remaining bold strokes, bringing the system all the way down, collapsing in its own footprint.

Obama's National Emergency is what I would call the tipping point of the available signals, indicating that the final push is now imminent. The signals have been coming hot and heavy, and I think the time has come to take them seriously. To begin with, there have been public references to the Shock Doctrine itself, when we hear folks like Kissinger and Paulson (or was it Geithner, can't recall) talking about our crisis being an opportunity to do what could not be done in normal circumstances.

In particular, Obama's declaration must be seen in the context of the military preparations that have been made to "provide assistance to law enforcement" in case they are needed to maintain public order. The declaration must also be seen in the context of the WHO declaration of Pandemic Level 6, which includes provisions for forced vaccinations, quarantining of populations, etc. We need also to take note of the items we've seen in the news telling us that unvaccinated people are a threat to the rest of the population. The ground has been prepared, and it would only take the right kind of incident, the right kind of circumstance, for Obama to call out the troops, put the nation under the command of Homeland Security, and announce that everyone must be vaccinated, in order to "protect public health".


And the 'right kind of circumstance' is rapidly emerging in the Ukraine. The plague that is spreading in the Ukraine, which seems to be a reconstructed version of the 1918 Spanish Flu or else some kind of pneumonia, really is a deadly pandemic, living up to the hype we've been falsely given about the swine flu that's on the loose elsewhere. The Ukraine has gone into what amounts to martial law mode, with forced vaccinations and quarantines, with the suppression of anyone opposing the government's program, and this process is being overseen by the WHO.

The Ukraine Plague seems to be an engineered bioweapon that was intentionally introduced into the population by Baxter, who has a lab in the Ukraine. The evidence for this was a statement to that effect by an Israeli microbiologist whistle blower, who predicted that the outbreak would occur in the Ukraine, before he was whisked away to Israel by security forces and presumably rendered incommunicado.

This whole scenario has been orchestrated, and what's happening in the Ukraine is part and parcel of the whole WHO-CDC-sponsored global pandemic project. One of the many signals to this effect was the immediate announcement that the Ukraine Plague is the swine flu 'mutation' that they have been long predicting. From what we've learned about the Ukraine Plague, however, that is clearly not the case. They are saying this so that they can claim their vaccine can protect from the Ukraine 'variant', and use that as an excuse to compel vaccinations – given that we now have a truly deadly pandemic in existence.

From what we've learned about that vaccine however, it will not protect against anything, but in fact has the effect of undermining the immune system so that people will be more likely to die from the real pandemic, which is not swine flu, but which is spreading even now, as commercial flights are continuing to and from the Ukraine. No better way to spread a virus exists than commercial air travel.

This situation is clearly very volatile. The situation is getting more and more serious in the Ukraine, and yet I've seen no reports in the NY Times, the Wash Post, the BBC, or even truthout, referring to it yet. It seems the mainstream media is saving up to hit us with a big response all at once. They want the news to be dramatic enough that strong measures will obviously be justified. This could happen at any time.

It is the volatility of this pandemic situation, along with Obama's declaration of emergency, that is the immediate cause of my own declaration of emergency. In this regard there is the imminent prospect of martial law, forced vaccinations, and the likelihood of quarantines, severe travel restrictions, and who knows what else, in terms of relocations, incarcerations, etc. In addition, of course, is the likelihood of mass deaths due to the real plague, accelerated by the vaccination program.

But there is more to my declaration than that.


The Internet is going to go down, at least as far as you and I are concerned, and as this kind of email list is concerned. Either you won't be able to get on the Internet at all, or else the public content will be severely restricted, most likely by installing filters on gateway servers so that you can only get what they want you to see. I make this unfortunate prediction with a considerable degree of confidence, for two primary reasons.

The first reason is from general considerations of the situation. In a martial law scenario, the officials want to control your sources of information, so as to minimize resistance to their operations. They don't necessarily want you to know, for example, if some city gets locked down, and house to house raids are being made by vaccination squads, or dissident elements are being hauled off to detention centers. They want to keep you as calm as possible, and believing that things are under control, and they want to contain panic to those places where they are the ones causing the panic by their local actions. That's how martial law always works. No one knows a roundup of dissidents is happening, except for the dissidents themselves and those in the immediate vicinity. If they tell you about a roundup, it will be described as 'the apprehension of terrorists who were plotting to kill you'. This kind of 'control of information' is not possible if the Internet is operating like it is now. The Internet is contraindicated in any well-planned martial law program.

The second reason are the signals we've been getting regarding the Internet. Obama has his new Cyber Security Center in the White House, and he has described the Internet as a Weapon of Mass Disruption, saying that we must fear not only suicide bombers with vests, but also cyber terrorists with keyboards. And then recently we got a news report saying that the access to the Internet might need to be restricted, because of all the traffic that is expected when the pandemic causes people to work from home. That's clearly a lame excuse, which makes the signal all that more notable. It's a signal of intent, not an expression of a legitimate concern. And then more recently, a more ominous signal, that ISPs will be required to enforce that no copyright infringements occur using their service, under the threat of severe penalties. Every blog, and the newslog archives, is full of copyrighted material, and no one can possibly police that. The only way to comply with the requirement of enforcement is to close down or filter out sites wholesale, perhaps leaving just commercial, corporate, and government sites in operation.

For these reasons, and in the context of the Shock Doctrine regime, I am reasonably sure that we are going to be cut off from communication with our groups, and with our various sources of alternate information. And I say sooner rather than later, based on the rapidly unfolding events in the Ukraine, on Obama's declaration of national emergency, and on the high level of hysteria that has been stirred up around the swine flu.


Assuming we wake up one day and there's no more Internet as we know it, what are we to do? One thing we need to realize is that there is no way to keep up this modality of distributed communication by other means. I've seen people suggest that we all swap fax numbers, so that we can send bulletins to one another in place of email, and organize distribution trees, to spread things widely. That kind of thing is wishful thinking, an attempt to put grapes back on the vine. When the net goes down, we are forced back into our local environments, end of story. Our non-local communications will be reduced to the relative trickle of phone calls and letters. You'll be lucky to ever re-establish contact with even one percent of those whose contact, postings, and websites, you now take for granted.

We must accept this state of affairs when it comes, we can to some degree prepare for it, and we can seize it as an opportunity. The opportunity is to abandon our then-useless keyboards, and do what we should have been doing all along, and that is to apply our energies in our local communities. We'll have a lot more time on our hands, just add up how many hours you spend each week at your computer.

In terms of preparation, we can use our remaining time, while we still have the net, to gather and exchange ideas and information about what we can be doing in our communities when the net goes down. While a plane is still flying, but is failing, that is the time to make sure you how to use the parachute. Now is the time for us to all learn what we can about community activism and its potential.


In this regard, there is that essay I've mentioned a couple times, and which is nearing completion. It will perhaps be my 'final public message' regarding community and social transformation. In this essay, I'm exploring new ground, in an entirely new presentation, inspired by our recent thread about beliefs and their persistence.

That will go out tomorrow, net willing.


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During periods of Chaos we always have a choice... To feed FEAR or to Feed Love. We create our own reality--- this is the secret that the powers that be would like us to not realize.  In feeding into this type of hype we are playing into their hands by our very FEAR and paying attention to their FEAR propaganda.  So many very Good and Light people are involved in providing Internet Services to the World...Remember Emissaries of the LIGHT and of the LIGHT are installed in every SECTOR of LIFE in the WORLD. 

I choose to focus on the NEW EARTH that is now EMERGING based on the principles of LOVE, LIFE and Liberty.

Here are articles I found concerning the Flu panic in Ukraine.,ukraine-flu-still-spreadi...



ChrisBowers's picture

Excellent info Bob, thanks for the new source and great ideas about what to do if and when...  We must transcend their obvious and manipulative agenda....  How that plays out is very exciting to watch and be a part of...  I truly believe we are witnessing a parallel move from Light and dark, so to speak.  It would certainly stand to reason that the dark forces attempting to retain their place and present paradigm would not go quietly, making the victory and celebration of Light and Love all the more revealing and dynamic in the process...  I so love Creation's style!!!!!  LLP, Chris

p.s. Oh, by the way Bob, how the heck 'what' thing works????

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Waakzaam's picture

"So many very Good and Light people are involved in providing Internet Services to the World...Remember Emissaries of the LIGHT and of the LIGHT are installed in every SECTOR of LIFE in the WORLD."

Yes, yes, I've known this from time to time... it just escapes my mind now and then.  My FAITH is not solid yet.  I trust it will become so soon. 

This is the "what" I'm talking about Chris.  I think what I've been doing wrong is "expectation", the thought that I know what is going to happen next... from one day to the other, or even one moment to the other.  That snaps me out of the present time awareness as sure as ice is melted by heat.  I see that in my 'internal' awareness while I'm meditating and I see that in the 'outer' social hologram also.  As we were talking about the '6th Night', we were thinking 'dollar collapse', but, it could be anything else, like this plague, or whatever, really, we don't know... and I should be OK with it, this not knowing.

I like "G-race is a state of knowing that you don't/won't/can't always know the answers to certain mysteries... and being ok with that."  Turns out that the immediate future is one of those mysteries.  Not even Jesus knew that he was going to leave his body on the cross, or his last words would have not been "Father, why have you forsaken me?"  He knew it was going to be heavy duty, but probably not terminal.

What I'm practicing lately is walking around with that awareness in my mind.  I'm starting to have a dialog with the Cosmos.  I've "known" this intellectually for a long time, only now am I putting it in to practice.  It is simply a mater of practice, practice, practice, to break away from the habits of the left brain 'interpreter' mechanism... but that's another story.  It's just part of the curriculum.

Thanks Fairyfarmgirl for your unwavering Faithfulness.



Bob07's picture

I agree that this is good information to be aware of.  The more we're aware of, the more appropriately we can respond if and when the opportunities arise.  I do think, though, that Richard Moore jumps prematurely and unnecessarily to a frightful place.  So, while I welcome his presentation of the various pieces of the issue and discussing the possibility of a connection to the NWO master plan, I do experience his his tone of certainty and doom as a negative energy (that is, not helpful).  (Thanks for the admonition to "mind your center.")  He speaks as if he knows.  If there's one thing I've learned about world and personal events -- in the last year or so especially -- it's that I really don't know what will happen, no matter how certain I am of the way things are going to play out.  Things have almost never happened as I'd feared, and often not as I'd hoped.  There are so many wild cards out there that could come into play at any time, that it seems the reality is that we're facing an complete unknown in this developing drama of collective transformation.  And that stance (strange as it may sound) feels comfortable and even positive.  (I don't think I've gone nuts.)  Not knowing feels liberating, because anything can happen.  In any case, we will probably be surprised.

Bob B.

Wow...  I just posted the above, having written it before your post, Bob, but posting it afterwards.  When I posted it, then I read what you said about "knowing."  I think our minds were linked somehow.  So, here it is again... -- B.

ChrisBowers's picture

Don't have to know anything to Be what we already are, how comforting to just dwell on that serenity and Reality....

"And that stance (strange as it may sound) feels comfortable and even positive"

couldn't agree more Bob n' Bob

The chatter from multiple channelers world wide is that 11/11/09 is going to be a game changer of critical mass.  Our space friends are here and  the world on the original world wide web (telepathic linkups) is that they will be declocking their lightships starting on this date world wide for all to see.  Disclosure is at hand they say.

I have been feeling a sense of great ease and well-being in my Heart chakra since Saturday 11/07--- I wonder what you all have been feeling?

Have you noticed your food tastes better?  That the world around you seems brighter and more beautiful.  Are you having feelings of Love for your fellow human beings?  Do you feel the shift?



ChrisBowers's picture

That was deeelicious in such a warm spiritual One-ness way, thank you so much for that...  Yes, I feel it too...  It feels liberating...  The Dark and Light are on parallel moves, like a beautiful dance if we let it be (Beatles song intended,LOL)...  I will be dining on that for at least the rest of the night, and I imagine...  (Now a John Lennon song) I will be dining on that for quite some time...  Thanks again for that perfectly described sense and sensibility about how beautiful this time is, in spite of anything that would distract us...  It also makes the distractions pale in comparison to their former illusory stature, LOL

Holding you and yours in the Love and Light of the One, the One where that beautiful original Thought was borne, Ohmmmmmmmaahhhhhhh  Chris

JoshERTW's picture

Thanks for that post Fairy, you've just connected some dots. My food DOES taste better, but I think its because I invested in a years supply of hand raised meats (I apologize to anyone who isn't a fan of the meat eating). I realized the other day that this "stocking up" of relatively healthy food (I used to be pretty bad for my fast food habit) may have been put upon me by a higher energy, the salesperson found me, at the beach of all places in the summer... very strange I thought at the time.

Sorry, that one quote of yours just sort of struck me as very relevant to my own situation. I have also noticed as you put so well: "That the world around you seems brighter and more beautiful. " I am feeling the love, and I am no longer worried, I was in a dark place when I started the insight course, and even afterwards I have had periods of darkness, but just these last few weeks I have been very optimistic about the changes that are happening.

On a different note, you had posted an article about "chemtrails" above, I have to head to work here shortly and didn't have a chance to read it yet, but I've definitely been noticing increased 'air traffic' in my neigbourhood. I live in a pretty rural area, but I've definitely seen planes in the morning flying from one side of the town to the other, leaving the classic trails in their wake. I know the general story we are told is that the reason we see 'concentrated' trails in the same area is air traffic 'lanes,' but I know for a fact, as I have seen it with my own eyes, that a single plane is basically doing laps over the town. I see it fly overhead several times on my morning walk to work and can't help but wonder...

Despite my sense of ease, I am very grateful for the place I live, I might still be quite concerned if I were living in a major urban center. In fact we haven't even really seen much 'H1N1' in this region, as we are somewhat cut off, but blessed with a thriving local farm community.

Great posts everyone, have an awesome 10/11/09,

Looking forward to the events of 11/11/09 (after having a very peaceful and enjoyable 09/11/09, and not letting the synchronicty go unacknowledged).



Edit: Just poked my head outside, my pilot friend is at it again

Wendy's picture

Hi All-

Here's some positive actions we can all take:

1. Oathkeepers is a great way to protect your local community in case of martial law. You can get free pamphlets and videos to download there. Distribute them to your local police force - I have been met with a very polite positive attitude from the local police. You'll be amazed at how nice they are when they aren't stopping you for a speeding ticket!

2. Exchange phone numbers with your on-line friends. I disagree about the idea of maintaining networks without the internet as futile. Anyone watch "The Revolution Will Not be Televised"? Cell phones most likely will still work during a martial law scenario, lets keep in touch. In New England, our 9/11 truth groups have exchanged phone numbers and there is a call in number to get news from Alex Jones. I'm putting mine out here, perhaps those of you who have better networking skills can figure out a way for us all at the g-spot to exchange numbers without the possibility of outsiders peeking in. My phone number is public at 9/11 anyhow and in all the years it's been there I only got one crank.





Berry's picture

I just got the link to this Youtube video. Actual video of Joe Moshe, the whistle blower who was implicating Baxter for releasing virulent vaccines in the Ukraine, being surrounded and taken in by the FBI.

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