Obama Getting Out of Dodge?

Looks like Obama is gtaking a trip tomorrow... with 3000 of his closest friends - got this from Berry a few minutes ago.


Also, I think Obama is a decent bloke - if something bad happens while he's away I will certainly wonder "did they plan the timing of this to discredit him?" I don't resonate with the whole Alex Jones thingĀ  (consider this my disclaimer haha).

That being said, any thoughts on this article? Credibility etc.? With the webbot timeline pushed back to tomorrow (Nov. 5) from the previous Nov. 8, it just seems too "coincident..."

I recall there being a meeting with the Indian PM at the white house where Obama said some things that were interpreted as "pro-disclosure." No link I'm afraid, but it was around the time that the couple who werent on the list got into the white house dinner (may have been the same event actually) as I recall - and that story took centre stage.

Maybe he's goign to India to do a disclosure? Could be safer there? This is complete speculation by the way, but just thought I'd throw it out there.

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Hi Josh-

I've been researching this as best I can. I have to say that it does look like "something big" may happen soon. I think this is related to the continued collapse of the dollar. There has previously been talk of there a push to start up a war there in order to prevent the collapse of the dollar. Really everything you can say about it is speculation, but I have taken a few minor precautions such as putting away a bit more food than usual and keeping some cash in the house. You never can tell, there's been times like this before when everyone gets in a tizzy and then nothing happens - hopefully that will be the case this time.


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I heard some guy interviewed on NPR and the topic of people waging criticism of Obama's trip came up. They said it was political because Bush had vast numbers accompany him at astronomical prices too...in other words fagetaboutit. Fred has I think mentioned the stupendous orchestration of Presidential trips before... And all this talk about a big crappy event in the near future-that was me being laid off the other day-sucks. Apologies to Ksaulino who was telling me about this post and I said the web bot stuff was garbage without even knowing what she was referring to. Sorry K.

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