summer camp

NFNC Summer Camp

Greetings Beloveds,
I'm writing to let you know about the Network For a New Culture Summer Camp 2009 being held in a pristine forest setting in Southern Oregon, Friday August 7th through Sunday August 16th.

I've been attending this exceptional event since 1998, and can strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to push the edges of personal growth, learn community building skills, meet some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet, and create deep heart connections with kindred spirits that can last a lifetime.

Greetings from Summer Camp

Good greetings all and hi from Southern Oregon!

I am in the Applegate valley, Southern Oregon, for the next three weeks setting up for this year's NFNC Summer Camp.  There are six of us here right now, building the two outdoor kitchens, outdoor showers, and meeting spaces.  All this in preparation for 11+ days of personal growth and community building workshops.  Fun!

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