Beyond the temple of me

On a profound journey, I once was thrilled to enter a place called the Sacred Temple of Me. And what an awesome, beautiful temple it was! Yet then I moved even deeper into awe as I expanded beyond the Sacred Temple of Me to enter a temple far more magnificent - the Sacred Temple of We. Both of these temples are extremely profound, yet the Sacred Temple of We is so much more splendid, as it gloriously interconnects with all of the Sacred Temples of Me.

Temple of me and we

In the Sacred Temple of Me, self with a small "s" is given a voice to express its frustration, rage, and other difficult emotions along with anything else that is there to be expressed. All parts of the self, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are deeply honored and welcomed there. Once small s self is fully expressed there, it then opens to connection with Self with a capital "S" and enters the Sacred Temple of We. In the Sacred Temple of We, the greater Self is integrally connected to all beings. In this most fabulous temple, I simply experienced on the deepest levels "We Are Here."

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So We Are........... Thank you so much Fred, I just love the graphic, in the Mirror of Me is We.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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Haha! OUI!!! I get it, the journey within eventually leads you back out! It is definitely a (hate to use the word struggle, so,,,,maybe ,,,it is definitely a,,,,longer journey than anticipated?) It just means that, Melting back into the "we" part, in this era of "separation and individuality", is a day by day process, a little progress here, a little there! Keep on keepin on! L,,,T

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Does that mean getting beyond cell-fishness?

Getting close to take a selfie can cause the spread of lice infections, experts say.

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