I had a dream

This morning, I had the clearest and most elaborate dream in quite a while.

I was at a [dance] party or gathering at a big old house on the outskirts or edge of some city/town. It was me and a bunch of others enjoying one another's company, celebrating something. 

Then the cops showed up. Lots of cops. Surrounded the place with bright lights flashing in on everything and sirens going off. The whole nine yards. They were there to round up and take away the [American] Indians (there is no politically correct, so I will now refer to them as the People) and any friends or sympathisers. We whose skin color did not give us away seemed to be able to slip out and disappear into the crowds and blend in. I went nearby to a circus type show to hide. The cops went out looking for people, but it was easy to mingle and act and pretend like I was just there for the show...

Later, attempts were made to get back into the house and try and figure out what happened to the People and help to free them. The cop [pig] presence was still lurking around standing guard and trying to sniff out the renegades.

My wife and I went back another time in our car, but cops showed up again. Luckily, some lady was showing the house to these two couples who were interested in potentially buying it... We pretended to be doing the same. I remember saying something like "it's super nice and beautiful, but expensive!" as we snuck by and left.

In the night time, I went back, creeping out of the woods and through the grassy meadow next to the house. There were others. We hadn't officially coordinated, but somehow we alk knew it was time to take it back. All the lights were on in the house, and it was full of cops. We snuck around, and it seemed as if they sort of knew we were there and just cockily standing their ground.

Someone passed me a rope to climb onto the roof, but I didn't know how to use it. They said "just toss it", so I did and climbed up. Grabbing handfuls of some plastic or something tacked to the roof, I hauled myself up. Some started to come loose but I was careful and made it. Just then a cop sticks his head out the window above a balcony and said "what do you think you're doing?". I immediately without thinking jumped down on his head, crushing it. There was no blood and he could've just been unconscious, but I didn't care either way because he had chosen sides and we were on a desperate and very important mission. 

That was it. 

Sort of like "save the cheerleader, save the world" (Heroes)...

Only it was "take the house back, free the People".

Fresh and a few hours ago (haven't slept since). Do with it what you will...

Brian's picture

Only you can understand that one I guess. There is a potent message in it for something you were going through or very concerned with, maybe in your private life and about an aspect of your personality rather than a group? It sounds like a message about your perception of being restrained by your adherence to societal norms or some such stuff. From other posts you've written I gather you're very much about freedom.

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