Elections Day Musings

For me, it’s all about connection. It’s all about feeling the energetic interconnectedness with everyone I meet, with all around me, and with All That Is. I know that once upon a time, we all came from the same divine source. In our deepest depths, we all carry a fragment or a spark of that original divine source within us. It’s in every one of us. And in this current unfolding of the ever present sacred now, we are all expressions of that same divine source exploring itself through us. 

I also know that every emotion is sacred. Love, fear, sadness, joy, shame, anger, even hatred — it’s all a part of the sacred dance of being human. As I ever more fully accept all of these emotions in myself and in others as a natural part of life and this never ending process of learning and growth, I find I become ever more graceful and skilled at surfing the waves that life presents me with.

I have little conscious control over the waves that come my way in life, yet I always have choice in how I respond to the waves. It’s not what happens that matters, but rather what I choose to do with it. As I continually choose to see even the tsunamis as potent challenges which are an invitation for me to grow and to expand my awareness and interconnection with all around me, I’m gradually becoming a master at surfing the waves and surrendering to the deeper joy of this glorious ride through life. 

In looking at the current polarization in our world, particularly that arising from the US election with Trump vs. Clinton, I see that many are falling into states of anger and hatred. I see that there are forces that want us to feed the flames of the old us vs. them paradigm. I fully accept this as a part of the natural unfolding of life in this moment. Yet I also choose to invite all who are interested to awaken from this old paradigm trance into a new paradigm where we recognize that it’s all divine, that Trump, Clinton, and all of their followers come from the same divine source that we all did. 

I feel it is equally important that I take action and do my best to stop destructive and disempowering behavior whenever I can. I’m doing my best to stop Clinton’s war profiteering and Trump’s violence towards women and minorities. Yet at the same time as I take decisive action towards this end, I do my best to recognize and evoke the divine essence in both of these candidates and in all who are consumed by this dance of polarization. In both my actions in the world and in my inner reflections, I choose to do my best to invite ever more love, joy, and harmony for all who are open to it. No matter what is happening outside of me, on the inside I choose to feel the energetic interconnectedness of us all. 

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h!aha! God,,I miss him! He would probably have some great new quotes this year!

Hi Chris,
We all like to get in and critisize how our poliricians behave but in many ways they have evolved to where they are......
Maybe......that's how they eed to be.....I think trump might teach us all why you leave politics to politicians....I have heard it said here many times, if one of these billionaire businessmen was running the country it would boom but I'm not sure.....
..I think Obama is pretty awesome, but I don't judge by really knowing what he has done but how he speaks and carries himself. He looks like he has tried but there must be so many voices, so many compromises, deals etc......
As you said, trump is alresfy backing down from what his most passionate supporters most want...he is meeting all those other voices now and can he manoeuvre through them....we are going to find out.....
But yeah, my hope would be that politicians see the need to actually work for their people a.little more and not just take us for granted......
Ie my latest......we just found out that here we have cheap gas resources and expensive gas resources, so we sold all our cheap gas overseas and now will need to import gas for residents......Japanese citizens buy our gas for $7,
We pay $13.....but ours will go up significantly soon.....it's a joke, globalization free market bullshit so yeah we do worldwide all need a bit of trump but hopefully it will end up only in being a poke for all our politicians...not to much damage to the US because surely we can't all enter an era of such raw testosterone ego based logic..

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Professor who called Trump victory now predicts impeachment
and Check out Democracy Now this morning
and something to think about concerning Trump's pick for Treasury Secretary

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Apparently someone was so convinced about Pizzagate that he went to Comet Ping Pong with a gun: http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/12/5/13842258/pizzagate-come...

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Yeah Trish, I watched that on TV, gunman read fake article (same one Fred posted here a few days ago) and decided he was going to go in and find those children, walks straight through to the back employees' area and shot off one round to get people's attention.

This is going to be interesting with so much fake news sprinkled in to real news. Made me think of the stuxnet virus and cyber warfare, only this is done to the collective human psyche with fake news articles. People will read the false info and really think they know something about something when they are anything but informed. So we will have a lot of emotional energy being expended based upon bogus data.

And now we have a President-Elect and some of his appointees that read a lot of this fake news and alt-right news and act accordingly. How scary is that?

As Lazlo said at the end of Real Genius, "It's getting pretty weird around here"...

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The "fake news" card is being played right now, and is nothing more than the next step in censorship,,,a war on Alternative media. The link Trish posted above is a perfect example of fake news. Notice how they threw in the comment about "Russia being responsible for all those emails",that's part of the drive to blame Russia for Trump being elected, and there are no sources for that info,other than comments by the CIA, the King of fake news.
They also said that Pizzagate was about Podesta and Hillary running a pedophile ring in D.C.. I have checked out at least a dozen stories on Pizzagate, and not one of them said that. There are lots of things that point to some sort of pedophile ring linked to Comet Pizza,,and if you've seen the art in Podesta's house, described by people who know art,,,,he is a F&^%$ng creepy guy. That story ,,,if it is true, would incriminate a big chunk of politicians in DC, not just Democrats, so any story lashing out at it is suspect itself,and more than likely linked to whatever truth is behind it.
Regardless of all the crap we have to wade through online,(a huge portion of it put there by the disinfo experts), Alternative Media has put a huge dent in the addiction and belief in Mainstream Media. The numbers of viewers in mainstream has been steadily declining, so Pizzagate, being such an unbelievable story to begin with, is a double edged sword, being used to attack Alternative media, and to plant the seed that we shouldn't believe ANY story so outlandish,especially about such "distinguished" people.
Icke's blog a few days ago describes in detail how a technique called "ghost banning" by twitter,google, etc. is already cutting links to alternative media by 90 percent. This is pretty serious regarding control of the internet..... https://youtu.be/c5Yhlo7vzT4?list=FLaac2yfdtuVIUD1hYnRctKQ

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I have a slightly different take on the fake news being brought up. I think it is a way to further reinforce in people's minds that 911 truthers are full of it, equating that episode with actual bogus fake news stuff that is actually circulating freely. Throw enough bullshit out there and it clears the way for more false flag events to come - creating the fertile soil of plausible deniability.

I think they are plowing the field, preparing for the next harvest of completely gullible minds falling for whatever "official" story they wish to run as cover, so when there is a reaction from critical thinking minds crying bullshit as there was with the 9-11 fiasco the MSM can confidently label it as "fake news" and move on. What a brave new world, full of opportunity for whoever is in a position to play the false flag game - methodology for shepherding sheep into whatever corral one wishes to place them.

As for the Russian hacking thing, I watched a Vice special on Viceland a few days ago that interviewed many in Russia and it becomes pretty apparent that not only does Russia have the best and most hackers in the world, but that the Russian government does not go after them because they don't hack Russian interests. As one of the hackers said, "we don't shit in our own back yard".

And there is a special branch right under the FSB that is the go between with hackers and the FSB to maintain plausible deniability for Putin & Co. Putin doesn't have to run a special branch of hackers because there are already so many doing his dirty work and willing to sell their findings and invasions to interested parties in the Russian gov....

This is so obviously the new frontier and current battleground between states, the ability to hack and to infect with malware like Stuxnet did to Iran. It's not just Russia - everyone who is anyone is doing it...

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