Elections Day Musings

For me, it’s all about connection. It’s all about feeling the energetic interconnectedness with everyone I meet, with all around me, and with All That Is. I know that once upon a time, we all came from the same divine source. In our deepest depths, we all carry a fragment or a spark of that original divine source within us. It’s in every one of us. And in this current unfolding of the ever present sacred now, we are all expressions of that same divine source exploring itself through us. 

the 'we' in 'me'

Dear friends,

Below is a message I just sent to all my personal friends and family.  I thought you should also get it.

With much love.



Dear friends and family,

This will probably sound a bit weird to some of you but I think you'll find it interesting.

Study Validates 6-Degrees Theory

From BBC

Study revives six degrees theory

Instant messaging has become part of everyday life for millions

A US study of instant messaging suggests the theory that it takes
only six steps to link everyone may be right - though seven seems more

Powerful Expansions During Dream School

I very much enjoy night school during my dream time. Sometimes I wake up with only hints and fragments of powerful experiences and lessons learned, while occasionally I remember quite a bit of detail from my dream school sessions. One recent time period was particularly rich. On several mornings over a period of about 10 days I remembered profound lessons I'd had during night school. On the final morning, I even awoke and continued a powerful dream in a half-awake state for quite a while, communicating with an intriguing force which called itself "the singularity."

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