The energy fields we radiate

Who you are is an individuated consciousness temporarily housed within a physical body in this three-dimensional, five-sensory world. Yet your consciousness is also a fragment of the great mystery which underlies all existence. You are a unique and indispensable manifestation of the greater collective consciousness of which we are all a part. When we together embrace the limitless nature of our consciousness and the infinite possibilities contained therein, miracles cannot help but unfold.

Each thought and emotion we experience creates a vibrational wave which ripples as an individuated energy form both out to the universe and into the deepest depths of ourselves. Others who have resonance with this energy form feel the resonance and naturally respond to it. Our unconscious beliefs also emanate a standing field of energy which attracts others who in some way resonate with our field. This invisible field attracts to us the lessons we are ready to explore which will help to expand our consciousness. When we shine light on these unconscious beliefs, they become more conscious and we thus have more choice in how we deal with what life presents us.

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Fascinating ruminations, Fred. If we remembered our "interbeing" with all else -- either in specific ways as you do, or even just as a general "given" -- we would live differently and this world would be a different experience. I read your essay, "Who Created God?" This kind of jumped out at me: "...why does anything exist? Why not just nothingness? And where does consciousness come from?" It jumped out because of some things in the Buddhist tradition that relate directly. For example, to boil down the Buddha's teaching to the extreme, we're given these words attributed to him: "I reject notions of existence and non-existence; I take the middle way." We find out that's the way beyond extremes and concepts. And regarding the source of things (and ourselves): "I neither come nor go; I was never born nor will I ever die." (That last is from the Zen literature, as I recall.) This "I" sounds a lot like the universal Consciousness you write about. And I think your point about probably not being able to apprehend this with our thinking (concept-forming) minds (I forget your exact words) is right on. Question is, can we grok that and stop conceptual seeking? ... Anyhow, these are some of my musings to add to yours. Great essay.

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Yes, Bob. These are the biggest questions for me. Thanks for telling me about the Buddha's thoughts on this. Very interesting. Life is a divine mystery, so we might as well enjoy it! Much love and warm hugs in this holiday season and have a great entrance into the new year!

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just so, good brother, just so...

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The divine mystery! Man,,it sure is! So,,,like any mystery,we have to keep an open mind! Any polarization thwarts that,,,hence,,the middle way! Sounds so simple!
A couple of months ago, on an impulse,,,I went back and read most of the Rampa books, and really enjoyed the one with Buddha's story in it(his life as a young man),and his journey after escaping his rich family.

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Bodhi, I was hoping you would show up.

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You bet. Todd. And it's blessing that it's simple.

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