Evidence for the collapse of Twin Towers by Dr. Judy Wood

Good Evening Fred and everyone in this Family Forum.

I am new to the group, so bare with my first post. I know it has been some time since 9/11 but my new insight into this false flag event has only come to light to me in the past two years. 

Here is my question: Has anyone listened to or read the research by Dr Judy Wood? Here is a link to a lecture she gave in 2012 titled "Dr Judy Wood: Evidence of Breakthrough Energy on 9/11"


Her book is titled "Where Did The Towers Go?" My question is : how does steal turn to dust? From my research fire nor explosives can melt it let alone turn steal to dust. I feel her theory is the most plausible.




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Hi James,

Welcome to the Gathering Spot! And yes, I have explore Judy Wood's work on 9/11. I agree with much of what she says, but she also makes enough claims that are not verifiable or clearly wrong, IMHO, that I've chosen not to feature her work. I do believe the towers were brought down in significant part by beam weapons. Enjoy your explorations.

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Other whistleblower dude interviewed on Project Camelot about Looking Glass said it was tomahawk missiles. CG'd them up into planes after. Pentagon wasn't a beam weapon.

Thank you Fred. Understandable your reasons for not posting her work on your website. 

The Tomohawk weapon theory I have heard of to explain the hit on the Pentagon. On the surface it seems to make sense e.g. lack of plane debris? 

Overall, the 9/11 attack and the research reported in it's aftermath, from Wood and others, has made me sit up and take notice to these false flag events by the government. And makes be more emboldened to want to do something to bring about positive change in how societies are governed.

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Cool, James. I don't know what really happened at the Pentagon. As it is such a divisive topic among 9/11 truthers, we don't report much on it. Take good care.

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