Fear Factor

I'll start this by saying I watch TOO MUCH YouTube. It would probably be my spirit animal if it weren't for my dog, Georgia. Just kidding. Not.

Abby Martin, ancient civilisations, global cataclysms, Nibiru and ufo stuff, SHARKS... It's too easy and addictive. And there are a bunch of freaks constantly posting THEIR wacky perspectives on things. Some are entertaining. Some are downright misinformation.

Now I noticed these "doomsday ranches" and the stupid "doomsday clock" at two minutes til midnight. What the hell?!

Now, I've never been a fan of bullies OR especially guns. They make the playing field even LESS fair, in that world. I live in Colorado in an area far from large cities, but there are a bunch of "rednecks" (sorry, easy stereotype for my point) out here and a bunch of guns. A lot of pervasive sickness of body and mind and emotions... Tearing around in big trucks farting out big black clouds of diesel stench...

ANYWAY, I've never wanted to own or have guns around, but all this fear mongering has me reconsidering. That's no way to live. When I worked in the trenches for the Death Star (Wal-Mart) in sporting goods selling guns, ammo and licenses I encountered lots of MOSTLY ignorance and some racism (Obama jabs). Quite astounding after living a sheltered existence in mostly university cities or college towns. Especially after Boulder for ten plus years.

Now, we're looking for property out of town, but the market's tough around here, and we're still smack dab in the middle of it. Population over 20,000 and growing fast. Retirees, young families wanting out of heavily populated areas, now more California escapees and Texans wanting to expand their playground...

Things are heating up fast in THAT version of things. We're cleaning up our diets and lifestyle as well, which helps, but it also makes one more sensitive to EVERYTHING. I am going to apply things I've learned more now, without things clouding and clogging up the flow. Rainbow Bridge cleansing techniques and Merkaba vortices to heal and protect. Maybe that approach will be adequate.

Otherwise I need to develop my skills of combat or martial arts to the pitch of Vash the Stampede from the anime and manga Trigun. Be so good and fast, nobody needs to die. Take some bullets for people... 

Time to get this sack of unused (untried) tools off the fool's back and get busy, child.

We live in interesting times! I hope you are a good swimmer, Fred! And Brian! My wife's family lives in North Carolina...

Love to y'all. Keep your chins up!

fredburks's picture

Sounds like you are ready for a change, Christopher. So many people with so much paranoia, I can understand you wanting more solitude. And if California slides off into the ocean, I'm ready for the ride of my life. It would be a wild and exciting way to go. Good luck and many blessings in all you are planning to do.

With love and joy,

Starmonkey's picture

Thanks Fred! Change is inevitable! And picking up speed...
Transformation as well. Lots of butterfly signs and portents lately.
And yes, I agree it's quite a ride! For all!
Wax those surfboards! Real or virtual...

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Star monkey. Maybe a general thought practice or prayer could be found to help you with your newly found sensitivity. I feel like you can create calm for your body in a few moments a day. An example: I say to myself in the morning, "this is a good day" or "this is going to be a good day". It usually is and it seems to make things less stressful for me. It's like a promise has been made so I can relax knowing things aren't going to go south.

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