Finding the Gift

Over the last few months I’ve been having additional health challenges with vertigo – a new thing for me – not just fleeting light-headedness, but full blown can’t-walk dizziness with nausea and vomiting, lasting for hours.  Now I do realise that this isn’t the worse sort of challenge we can have, but it certainly isn’t pleasant and not something I would consciously welcome.  Until last week the timing of these episodes has been noticeably kind to me, not falling during my working days and I’ve thought how difficult it would be if I had a severe bout at work – which is exactly what happened last week.  The Universe obliges us by giving us the situations we dread, so that we can get through them one way or another, and then we can move on (hopefully).

I feel this may be an ongoing lesson (with a lot of consolidation!) but so far, things I’ve learned from this:

  • Being more appreciative and grateful for the times when I’m feeling ‘normal’ and able to function (feels like a weight has physically been lifted off me)
  • Becoming aware of my tendency to want to micro-manage situations and the need to trust that others can do what’s necessary without my guidance – None of us is indispensible, but sometimes we need to be forcibly made to give others their freedom to act and grow – reminds me of poor Gregor in Die Verwandlung – how sad was that?  .
  • Being more patient and compassionate towards those who are struggling with their own challenges where I’m able to give help and support.
  • Being more humble and willing to ask for accept help from others when my natural tendency is for being independent, specifically not being ‘needy’ and sorting things out on my own as far as I can.  Giving and receiving are two faces of the same coin and for balance we need to be able to do both.
  • Testing my ability to trust in the Universe, that it will never give me more than I can cope with

Anyone else happy to share some of their lessons?

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Wow, Julie! I'm so sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. Do you have any idea what the physical cause might be? Are you taking good care of your eating and exercise habits? And I love how you are choosing to use this as an opportunity for growth. May you find ease and grace as you surf these waves.

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Good for you! We're MORE than our physical bodies, so...
Any time you can persevere and love others regardless of personal circumstances, you're REALLY doing the work.
My challenges this life have been less in the physical, more mental I would say. And it's ALL emotional...
Similar though with the allowing others to be and helping when I'm able.
Was one of the three WingMakers keys along with gratitude and seeing or recognizing the Source in all things. They all tie together though. But that one about respecting others for where they are was the hardest for me to understand.
Challenging in this system where we've been trained to compete against one another and compare ourselves similarly. Whack.
Everyone has different gifts! And lessons to learn to LOVE! And, ultimately, everyone has to do their own time.
If you can do yours with a genuine smile and know it's precious and won't be this way again, more power to you.
There's an "old" Stone Temple Pilots song "And So I Know" with those sentiments. Especially love the refrain, "campfire girls make you feel alright"...
Loved going to camp when I was a young lad. Magical time. Old friends and new. Good times.

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Thank you so much, guys, for your support and encouraging words.

I've just had a session and a chat with my chiropractor this afternoon, and I'm feeling so much better, feeling somehow empowered in my heart and much more optimistic as well as a physical release. Perhaps this is what happens when blockages are removed and the qi or prana can flow more freely again. For me there appears to be a mystical, holistic, even spiritual aspect to vitalistic chiropractic which seems to be missing from other similar modalities - or perhaps it's just down to the individual practitioner ;-)! ALL IS WELL!

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That's great news, Julie! I'm so glad you are feeling better. Sending you much love and support.

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Good old Gregg. It's long but worth it. Never put a video on before! Had to have the wife help me figure it out like some old man and the internet. Sounds like a contemporary version of a Hemingway novel...

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Thanks, Chris, for taking the trouble to sort out the link to Greg's Divine Matrix video. I've watched the first 1/2 hour or so and looks like good stuff but I'm going to have to watch this piece-meal - as you say, it is long. Talking about technical challenges, every time I try to use an emoji I get an error message when I try to post, but I have seen them used on other posts.

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