The Akashic Lord's Prayer

The origins of this are unknown to me, it was sent long ago by a mentor/friend. I find it very powerful in my own practices and so I am lead to share it with you.

The Akashic Lord's Prayer

I AM the Mother-Father principle in ALL Creation

Hallowed is the name I AM

I AM the Kingdom come

I AM Will being done

I AM on Earth even as I AM in all Kingdoms

I AM this day giving Life to All Creation

even as ALL Creation is giving Life to me

I AM this day releasing ALL doubt

even as ALL doubt releases me

I AM the sovereign witness to my unfolding

I AM the Kingdom, I AM the Power, I AM the Glory

from everlasting unto everlasting

ALL THIS I AM.                      Amen. Amen. Amen.

Bodhi's picture

A very lovely and powerful prayer. Thanks for sharing Kristyne!
In joy and love,

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