Aquamarine Dreams: Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr

I found this video from Project Camelot to be informative, but also inspiring as it tells of the dangers these early (1950's - 1960s) scientists uncovered natural energies, and risked all to try to bring them to use for humanity.


Aquamarine Dreams: Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr

A video interview with Ralph Ring

Las Vegas, August 2006

Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative
technician who as a young man in the late 1950s and early 1960s worked
closely with Otis T. Carr. With the aid of his small team, Carr, who
was himself a protegé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, built a
number of flying disks, which worked.... prior to their experimentation
being forcibly terminated by government agents.

In a dramatic experiment, Ring co-piloted a 45 foot disk a
distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously.
Ring, now aged 71, tells his story to Project Camelot – the first time
it has been reported.

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That's right... informative interviews as usual on the Camelot site.  I've noticed a lot of new interviews lately too, and be sure and check out the new George Green interview just posted this month, This two part video was really interesting, as I had seen George on Conscious Media Network (You'll love that web site too!) some time ago and thought there was truth to his message.  I was especially amazed at the "raising of the arms" mind control technique that was demonstrated on the Camelot interview.

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