Benjamin Fulford on Malaysian Flight over Ukraine, fate of Bush, Netenyahu

I never know how seriously to take Fulford, but some of the things he says are at least plausible (some turn out to be incorrect, too).  His take on the Malaysian airline shoot-down is interesting, to say the least.  So here is a recent post of his for what it may be worth:


Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon

The arrest of nazionist mass murderers like George Bush Jr. and Benjamin Netanyahu and their fellow cabalists is imminent, according to Mossad and other sources. These criminals and their fellow top cabalists have already been banned from traveling to over 180 countries and soon will be banned from traveling outside of their jail cells, the sources said.

The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called “Malaysian Airlines flight MH17,” filled with dead and decomposing bodies, was one dirty trick too many for the nazionists and a turning point against them has now been reached within the world’s secret agencies and governments, according to multiple sources.

What we first saw in Syria were are now seeing in the Ukraine; a failed attempt to use a manufactured incident to start a war. The nazionists created “Sarin gas attacks on civilians” in Syria and now “dead HIV scientists” in the Ukraine and used it to try to fool the US military into attacking. Only this time in the Ukraine, even more so than was the case with Syria, nobody is taking the bait.

We can see this in the nazionist controlled corporate propaganda media “attack Russia” PR campaign. For example, UK nazionist puppet Prime Minister David Cameron has asked German PM Angela Merkel and French President Francois to press for more sanctions against Russia’s Vladimir Putin but this is just a PR stunt according to MI5 sources. Cameron had to do that because he was being blackmailed by a nazionist media baron with threats to publicize... [the rest is for subscribers only, which I am not.]

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I have my doubts about Ben Fulford, too, but I haven't totally closed my mind to the possibility that some of his forecasts may turn out to be true.  If nothing more, this one and the alleged Dragon family lawsuit are hopeful outcomes in a world fraught with bad news.

This got my curiosity up as to how many people believe that the downed jet was another false flag event.  It sure seems like it's getting harder to pull the wool over the public's eyes these days.  Sure enough, a quick keyword search on Youtube turned up dozens of related results.  The obvious question that most of them point out is why would a commercial passenger plane fly over restricted air space?  The other obvious clue is that Russia has nothing to gain by shooting down such a plane.

Many ordinary folks now have their own Youtube channels and produce a genre of grassroots investigative reporting (though some are clearly better than others).  This guy (X22Report) touches on a lot of related items in this vid. I think it's a good example of how savvy and aware the public is becoming.





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Thanks, Noa.  Dave (don't know his last name), who does this report, seems exceptionally clear and well-informed.  His website is .

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Just makes me wonder what the hell is going on! 

Hoping all things come to light very soon and without further loss of life to innocents.  Also glad at the moment that none of my loved ones are doing any major travelling right now. 

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I love that label - Nazionists - that says it all!

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There are many 'truths' of which I am only recently aware, nazionism being one of them. But I have to admit that as soon as I saw the news reports about the 'shooting down' of the passenger plane by Russia or the Ukraine, my first thought was "Whose interest would it serve to start a war between these nations?"

Thank you all commentors for your links and ideas.

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I heard recently (don't know if it's true) that if you throw something at a cat, his attention will go to that thing.  If you throw something at a dog, he will look toward where it came from.

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