Those things must really like to disappear huh? Does anyone have any information or thoughts on the Malaysia boeing 777 carrying 239 people that went missing?

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I moved my comment to "The Moon Matrix" thread, because I thought it would be more fitting there, and I'm worried this comment might be missed on the second page. :-)

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    there is definitely a pattern,,,or cycle that repeats here. New member/s arrive,,,express themselves openly and freely,,but soon get blasted, ridiculed,,,,,etc. for not acknowledging,agreeing with, or altering their point of view after another,s post...It"s ok,,,we need it all, it is definitely a microcosm of the world around us...Information is one thing,,,,ideas are another,,,,the two always clash as they come from 2 different levels on the spectrum....maybe,,,just maybe,,,there is a place where the two meld together, and find the way forward,,,,,L,,,,,T

As one who hasn't made comments in a while I will throw some in.

I stayed out mostly because I lost interest which has nothing to do with anyone on this site now or in the past.

This discussion (the missing plane) makes me think of a bumper sticker I haven't yet made, stating:

"So many assumptions, so little time"

Just keep practicing love for all creation and the vibrations of love and inclusiveness will overcome the anger, hatred, greed and lust for power which seems to drive the dark forces of the planet.  When we rage and fight back in anger, we reinforce the dark forces, so, our discipline may be to practice love at times when anger wells up within us.  Using Ho'oponopono at these times is a help.

Another factor in not being around is that I didn't seem to have much to contribute. I did make a few posts which drew almost no comments and that may well be that they were quite ignorable.  I gained much from the course and it helps me to balance all this crazy news we get daily.

A website you all may be interested in:

You are all wonderful, just keep at it.






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   You will do the right thing my friend I enjoy your company here on the g-spot  . Stick around my brother .



    Love all<> Eric

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and the second one, for new info on the many false flags taking place around the world lately, including flight MH370.  Using inmates for events like Sandy Hook and then quickly returning them to prison afterward as a perfect alibi was something I hadn't considered before.  Well worth a listen if you have the time:

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A massive decompression at cruizing altitude or fire could kill everyone either instantly or in seconds to a few minutes. (Remember the death of golfer Payne Stewart? when his jet had massive decompression-they all died and the autopilot flew on) I watched a series about aircraft disasters and it's amazing how many had compound problems-like that a cargo door blew out and that caused a floor to collapse and debris cut through hydraulic lines and electricals so no radio and no control etc etc. That's usually the reason aircraft crash-because more than one bad thing happens or there isn't time to correct a problem.

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