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Dear Ones,
Brain wave optimization is what I have been doing for the last four and a half years. It is a wonderful technology for optimizing brain function and, thereby, diminishing symptoms of imbalance such as addiction, PTSD, ADD & ADHD, depression and anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.

I am posting this in case any of you are dealing with these issues; you can find out more in this webinar or emai or call me for more information. We have 130 offices world wide and the largest relational data base of brain maps and brain training sessions in the world. Our technology is partly based on mapping the extraordinary brains of two Tibetan monks who were both 40-year meditators and operating as CEOs as heads of monestaries.

I have personally found this to be a very useful process. It has helped to integrate all my psychological and spiritual work and sufficiently quieted my mind so that meditation has become quite a bit easier to sustain, even in the midst of life.
Blessings to you all,
John Lumiere-Wins
510 301-8578
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Date: Thursday, March 3, 2011
Time: 2:00 - 3:300pm (MT)
(4:00 PM EST) (3:00 CT)

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With our international headquarters here in Scottsdale, we’ve served nearly 30,000 people at 130 offices located in 16 countries. Ninety percent of our clients report that they meet or exceed their personal goals. You can, too. Brainwave Optimization™ is effective, non-invasive, holistic
and affordable.

For those of you who are unable to attend our February 23rd seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona we invite you to join us online. The Brain-Food Connection webinar is an easy way for you to be a part of the event, even from miles away. Simply register and logon during March 3 at 2 pm (MT).

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The Brain-Food Connection
How Changing Your Brain Can Change How You Eat

Hear what the buzz is all about.

Lee Gerdes, inventor of Brainwave Optimization™ and CEO of Brain State Technologies®, will share the story behind Wynonna Judd's weight loss and new, joy-filled approach to life. Lee will explain how a balanced brain can lead to clearer thinking and better choices - and for some people - a healthy new way of thinking and living.

Whether your interest is weight loss, diet, eating disorders or hunger management, it's really all about a balanced brain.

Find out more during this free seminar. Join some 30,000 people all over the world who have discovered how much better life can be when their brain is working at its highest level of performance!

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