You will know them by their actions

I've been fascinated by the discussion over at the "Project Blue Beam..." thread.  There is just too much that I don't know, or can't know with certainty, however, regardless of who or what is behind some of the actions we see corporations doing, whether guided by alien entities or simple human derangement, sometimes we can easily see what we need to oppose... with vigor, and this is one of those times.

28 Signs that you Might be Ascending

Hi guys,

I lifted this from the Project Avalon forums, a number of these applied to me and I thought it was a pretty good post. How many / which of these apply to you and in what ways?

1) Moving into a better job that supports the expression of who you are, your passion or your mission, which are basically the same.

2) Greater financial abundance as you've never quite experienced before.

3) Most of your dreams come true and easily.

An Offering: Spiritual Healing

In the month of April there will be a series of free lectures delivered around the world by medical doctors testifying to the effectiveness of a particular form of spritual healing and telling people how they can call on the healing stream to heal themselves and their lives on all levels.  From experience I can tell you that it is indeed effective; I have seen nothing else quite like it anywhere. 

Here is the link to a 9-minute clip of a few highlights from a former medical lecture.  It's quite eye-opening to say the least: 

Fluoride - an Endangered Species

I was at the hospital today with my wife and daughter for her final check up before we could take her home. The doctor went through the list of things we should do, on that list (to my pleasant surprise) was to give her vitamin D drops for her immune system, something I do for myself. Also on that list (to my chagrin) was to give her fluoride drops.  This is something I'm against, but I didn't give it away. I let him know that we have fluoride in the water in my town, so we don't need drops.

Jalaneti for Nasal Health

In the last couple years I've discovered the neti pot.  The ancient ayurvedic practice of cleansing the sinus cavities is called jalaneti.  As a sufferer of mild nasal allergies most of my life, I realized the value of this from the first day.  Now I have two neti pots.  I keep one in the shower, and use it every day.

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