Burgermeister in danger, warns of new vaccine assault

Update 8/9/10:  To keep in synch with the latest events, this thread has a new subject line, as of today.  Since the Jane Burgermeister story is the most current issue here, please scroll down to the Burgemeister heading and the postings below that.  This is a vital issue now both because Burgermeister may be about to be neuralized one way or another by the corrupt Austrian authorities for exposure of the recent weaponized Swine Flu vaccine, and because she claims that new harmful vaccination assaults are about to be launched.  Please see below.

Here's the latest post by Benjamin Fulford (at http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/).  Baby vs. bathwater dept:  You are welcome to sift out what may be conjecture on Fulford's part from what appears to be accurate:

Christopher Story murdered, other journalists targeted in new fascist campaign

Prominent veteran financial journalist Edward Harle (working under the pen name Christopher Story) wrote before his recent death that George Bush Senior, Barak Obama and other members of the criminal Washington D.C. establishment had ordered him killed.
Story was poisoned during a March, 2010 visit to the US with a virus created by the Fort Meade biological warfare facility, according to close associates of Story who spoke to him the day before his July 14th death. Although there exists an antidote for this virus, Story was unaware he was poisoned with it until recently by which point his liver damage had progressed too far for treatment, according to the sources.
Although Story is now dead, his sources will continue to provide the public with vital information about the secret financial war that is now raging towards its conclusion. The murder of Story will not go un-avenged, according to several sources inside the U.S. and UK military-industrial complex.
The murder of Story is part of a broader, but doomed campaign to silence journalists. Jane Burgermeister, who did much to expose the pharmaceutical industry’s involvement in the creation of the H1N1 virus, contacted this writer today saying she feared for her life. She is the victim of systematic harassment by Austrian security service thugs and their corporate/government bosses.
This writer has also been the target of multiple murder attempts. The same cabal that killed my colleague Paul Klebnikov (the former Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief) and killed Daniel Pearle of the Wall Street Journal, has been systematically murdering journalists around the world as a part of their effort keep in power and fool the public with their fake “war on terror.”
Below is a copy of Christopher Story’s last report. There has been a systematic effort to remove this report from the internet so please disseminate it far and wide.
Below that you will find a copy of an e-mail from Jane Burgermeister.
Below that, you will find a list of the members of the Knights of Malta, who are a major part of the criminal cabal that is trying to turn Western Civilization into a fascistic dictatorship. When the White Dragon roars, their reign of terror will finally end. [The documents mentioned are to be found here: http://benjaminfulford.com/Edward.html ]

Jane Burgermeister is the courageous Austrian journalist who exposed the weaponized Swine Flu vaccine and much of the NWO elite's machinations.  She says that she's being framed by the Austrian authorities and expects to be arrested and possibly murdered soon.  I suggest that we include this true hero to our prayers.  Here's the last part of Burgermeister's e-mail that Fulford mentions above:

I recognize I will highly likely never come out of any court custody alive anyway for what incentive is there for these people have for allowing me, a whistleblower documenting their crimes, to live?
I refuse to be held as a prisoner or slave by the minions of the Bilderberg international corporate crime syndicate which has its tentacles so deep into governments in the EU and USA that they ordered 100s of millions of inadequately tested and toxic jabs for their populations for a mild virus, and who have crashed the entire economy for the profits of the banks.
It is clearly better to commit suicide than to be murdered or abused after an illegal court guardianship process or arrest. I have no fear of death. My conscience is clear. I will not spend one minute alive under the court custody.
I was born of an Irish mother who was fearless as her own parents were fearless and I owe them nothing less than that I too stand fearlessly against the ludicrous frame up of the Bilderberg and Big Pharma minions in Austria – and if necessary to die fearlessly.
I remember my mother telling me how the IRA shot bullets at the feet of my grandparents when they walked down the mainstreet of Sligo, Ireland, after getting engaged and how they never flinched but kept on walking arm in arm without even looking at the people who could have killed them any moment. My grandmother, an O Hara, supported the IRA while my grandfather, McGoldrick, was an Irish army officer who supported the partition of Ireland. The IRA did not like it that my grandmother got engaged to him.
So God give me strength, I too will never flinch as my grandparents never flinched.


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Thank you for posting this Bob, Jane Burgermeister is a brave woman who I have the utmost admiration for, she has done so much to raise awareness.  I send her my prayers and good wishes.  May she keep safe and find sanctuary.

My words don't express how strongly I feel about this and about all the other people who are being targeted right now...............I surround them in abundant love

with love val

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I read today that Jane has been apprehended and imprisoned for her actions. She needs our spiritual support now more than ever.


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Thanks, Berry, for the post. 

The latest that I have, as of yesterday, 8/8, is that as of 8/4 she was still free but due to appear before the court in three days, on 8/12.  (Where did you read that she has already been arrested?  I'd like to check that out.)  We need to pray for her safety, freedom, and protection.

Here's a short video of her speaking on 8/4 about the situation, also warning us about a new destructive vaccine campaign to be launced.  She says that the authorities want her out of the way so that they at least they won't have her broadcasting the danger to us all.

Here's the video link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrKeHXr7lpg


Thank you. 

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