Does Anyone Know Anything About "Desteni"?

Hi Folks :)

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this "Portal/Channel" called "Desteni"? I have read a lot of very positive and very negative things about her, it seems there is a lot of argument. The information I have heard from her is interesting, but I have a very very uneasy feeling and I can't really say why. It does seem like in the videos she is looking at something away from the camera fairly often, that could just be her channeling style but she could also be reading something from cue cards or taking direction of some other kind. I was prompted to look into this again after I watched a video of her supposedly channeling Osho, saying things that I am fairly sure Osho would not say, although admittedly he was at times something of a walking contradiction. I guess I am concerned that there may be a child out there being manipulated in some way, which it seems has been done in other situations, and I would be negligent to ignore the feelings I'm getting from my intuition about this. The official website is and there are a lot of videos on youtube.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

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I have watched several of the Desteni Videos. They are interesting. I also became uncomfortable and stopped watching. I went back a second time and couldn't get comfortable. I too am not sure what it is about them. Sorry I can't help more but I get the feeling something is not exactly right. Mabey someone at this Spot can shed some light for both of us.

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Hi Jaime,

This is my very first posting :)

I am unsure which videos you viewed, however I went to the site and as I always do with anything new asked that my guides from 100% light be with me as I view and read.

I read most of the history behind Desteni, and it appeared to me that there was an awful lot of searching through mediums going on. Maybe nothing wrong with that, however I do prefer the direct connection that we all have.

I then viewed one video called "Structural resonance explained" her approach was a little awkward at first (no real prob with that) as I'm watching I'm sensing and asking for guidance. Anyway 2 mins in she explains a theory that we were created as vessels, yeah OK here, yet then she says for enslavement of other dimensional beings????? Apparently dig for gold. At that point I stopped.

No good vibrations if anything a very cold feeling, there will be falsehoods come to light in the days leading to the final transformation

I have seen her before on  I am completely uninterested.  There are many who claim they are channels and are not.  Trance Channeling is only safely done by a very few souls who are capable of holding the energy of High Vibration. 

The energy around her is very cloudy.  She is a highly energetic though which makes her attractive to every  Tom, Dick and Harry of the spirit world.  Sometimes, when channeling you start out with a very "positive" communication and then it increasing becomes more negative.... very slowly and over time one is manipulated by the shennigans of the Astral Plane or by Negative Beings that are out to derail the empowerment of Humanity (some call this ascension). 

This young woman is being played with like a cat does to a mouse... it is a game a Being is playing with her--- until it tires of it or she wises up.  It is manipulation at best.

The Pleiadians and Sirians generally have telepathic communications with those who can tune in.  Rarely do they speak through a Trance Channeler.  It is simply unnecessary.

The energy around her is dark and cold and a little slimy...

James and All:

Always!  Always!  Always! Go with your Gut Intuition!  That little knot in your tummy area does not mean grit your teeth and plow on ahead--- IT Means take a step back and see the situation from a higher perspective... it means utoh-- the low road is ahead better take the High Road... and in some cases it means  "Warning Wil Robinson!  Warning!"  all of which would be best to take heed and choose again.

Seeds of truth can be found in the most audacious of BullSh&t--- but you know what they say about Sh&t---



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So easy to have ego get caught up in the process, "hey mom, check it out, I'm a channeler!"  I agree with FFG, go with your gut, this is your sovereign journey.  The days of the daycare saviorship model are over.  Time to take our power and sovereign self response-ability back.  What was that great line?  "To thine own self be true"...

Oh, and the part about being genetically designed to be obedient slaves for gold mining.  This actually may have been true at one point on this planet, but Desteni is not getting the exclusive skinny on this.  This information has been around for quite some time...  It may be that the 13 ruling elite families are what remains of that ancient intention, now most likely abandoned by the Annunaki, or Draco (they don't call those old European families "bluebloods" for nothing), but that's another story for another time, and it wouldn't change a thing about where we are now in our individual/collective journey(s), and what we need to do and are divinely capable of doing now...

I say write nothing off (nothing about all that is going on in this amazing near infinite creation should surprise us too much anymore) and go with your gut intuition.  It is always going to be your most cherished and trustworthy guide since it is an authentic aspect of You higher up the mountain with a little better view than that aspect of You here now in 3rd density 5 senses fantasy land...

Want some very good well disciplined deep channeling, try Ra the Humble Messenger Law of One sessions.  And even then, ignore anything that does not fully resonate deep in your authentic Being, and enjoy to tears of joy what does...

Thank you, Chris!  I was hoping someone would point out that is very inappropriate at this juncture in our development to be relying on channelers... Saviorship is all part of the pyramid scheme model that Alex Collier and so many truthtellers are speaking about. 



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Chris, Thank you so much for that comment about Ra.  The one channeled entity which has never provided me a know in my stomach. Always a positive ray of light with the information. The same goes with the other entities that Carla still channels. There is never a detour from the same truth which Ra initially set forth.

There are three others which I have received always clear positive reactions to.  Kryon is one, the Reconnection, thru Daniel Jacobs and a group simply called "the group" thru Steve Rother.  There is never any directions to follow anything but that heart knowledge, the connection to our higher self from these sources. There is always teaching and healing but never any coercion.


Berry, those are the same Channelers that I use to check what I recieve in my communications and or insights I come to within mySelf.  They have always filled me with Love.  Very empowering messages.  Thank you, Berry!



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I have, since a long way back on my journey avoided anything from channelers, only because I had a realisation once that there would be so many falsehoods and demigods through these times.

Thank you Chris, FFG (can I just call you Fairy?) and Berry for sharing some respected channelers, once again as you all have said there wrightings and works are more about confirmations of our journeys rather than directions.

I can feel the warmth and love from you all.


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Eyejay, if one is going to consult channeled material these are the ones who are probably the most dependable and consistant ones.  There is with them, none of the concepts of rescues from the heavens and all of the other interesting and curious stuff which proceeds from so many of the other hords of "communications".

FFG, Steve Rother and Daniel Jacob both have written considerable amount of material about Indigos and Crystal children, especially Steve.  I don't know if you have ever checked that out with regards to your tribe of Indigos.



Ahhh, yes, the Indigos. Laughing  Thanks, Berry! --fairy

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The other source of good information can be found at

This is the archive of transcript of the communications that come through Carla from Q'uo, Latui and one other group entity called Hatonn, not the one associated with the Galactic Federation channeled by a number of other channelers of not so great an integrity.

As far as I know there is no index to the information provided in these archives.  It is like a grab bag where every grab comes up with a winner of a prize.

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"more about confirmations" and affirmations than receiving truth you don't already have.  That may be the biggest deception of all, to have someone believe the truth does not yet reside in them.  When in fact, it is impossible for the eternal unchanging truth and reality to NOT reside within them, us, me, you, One.

That said, it is quite encouraging to be assisted in the awakening process from a very dense slumber, and that's obviously where the very intuitive resonating confirmation aha moments come in to play while carefully ingesting some of these helpful sources.

It can also be very good exercise for our sovereign intuition, but certainly is by no means a requirement.  The social engineers must detest this time of mass awakening!!!!  But then again, some like Hidden Hand professed to understand that "they" are very much a vital part of the divine plan, as a kind of catalyst for waking up folks.

As always, we need to be ready to fade old pet belief systems as they prove to be obsolete.  As John Lennon said to Forest Gump, "and no religion too?" LOL...

Fluid (Infinite) Intelligence, ay Fred???  LLP, Chris

p.s. while we are at it, another encouraging/inspiring source is Sal Rachele...

Fluid Intelligence, Rocks!  But then there are those who simply can not see the man in the gorilla suit no matter how much one watches the video clip or how much someone points it out--- "See the Gorilla?!"  To which they respond, "Quit distracting me I am paying attention to who is passing the ball!"   LOL  Tongue out

It will take time and some shaking up to awaken those in the deep slumber--- and Eventually even the most sleepiest of our brothers and sisters will awaken (although very late to the party!).


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And I agree very much. Personally, I also usually only access "channeled" material in order to validate my own information, and of course sometimes there are neat surprises. The point though, I am not concerned with the validity of Desteni's material, or whether she is an accurate channel. I am more worried about the possibility of child abuse here, and was wondering if anyone else thinks that may be going on. Further, any thoughts on what could be done about it if that did seem to be the case (besides the obvious answer of intentions and prayers)? I am strongly considering contacting this group and asking some polite questions about my concerns, and I would appreciate any thoughts on what to say as well.

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