Elephant Paints Self Portrait

incredible... just incredible... Smile b.

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Thank you for this video.   I was in tear of joy and extacy (sp) while watching this.  Our 2D earth family are ascending along with us.  They are becoming self conscious and expressing their awareness.  What a wonderful gift and confirmation. Thank you again.

In Love and Light


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That is so freaky.........

Thanks Bodhi

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Thanks Bodhi,

That is just so absolutely stunning. I have always enjoyed elephants.

About an hour's drive away from Port Elizabeth there is the Addo Elephant Park. Addo is an area where oranges are grown and there was a surviving herd of indigenous elephants in the area. When the oranges became ripe, the elephants used to trample the trees to get to the oranges.

A park was started and the elephants were given oranges to stop them trampling the orchards. This is now a huge park and has a few hundred elephant, along with buck, buffalo, rhino, hippo and a few years ago, lion were introduced. There are now chalets where one can stay and it is amazing watching the elephants with their young playing at the waterhole.

I will never forget the original, primitive park of the late 50's and the smell of elephant, mingled with the sweet smell of orange juice!

Love U

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...to what is a sentient being.  In the case of elephants, whales and many other animals, I marvel at their overall lack of malice toward us.


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I'm not sure that it's self-portrait, but it is AWESOME and AMAZING!

Thanks for posting, Bodhi.

Lots of love,

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Thank you for sharing this,it is so good to see the artist at work.

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