Emotional Purification and the New Earth


Emotional Purification and the New Earth

June 8, 2009

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A new level of God's light is activating the next phase of the transformation process of the Earth. This long awaited new time will allow for the expansion of God's light on the Earth in new and more visible ways. This will also open the way for those lightworkers and faithful servants of God whose spiritual service requires this vibrational activation in order for them to move forward in their mission.

Beloved ones, this new level of light is activating a large scale emotional purification process for all of humanity. Long buried emotions are surfacing, sometimes so powerfully that it is not possible to contain them or easily navigate through the process. The intensity level at times is quite extreme, and we in the Realms of Light wish to provide more spiritual grounding and support for people so that this time of profound releasing and healing can unfold more smoothly and so that support and love and light are more easily available.

Beloved ones, this new time requires a new foundation of understanding about emotions and their connection with the soul and the multi-dimensional spiritual self. Currently on the Earth there exists a well established psychological framework for understanding emotions which has been helpful in supporting the development of an inner life that exists beyond the levels of external reality.

Now spiritual light is awakening new dimensions of experience and understanding, and light is activating new levels of the purification process. The light is growing stronger and for some individuals, the emotions flooding into consciousness can be overwhelming at times.

Emotions are energetic and also physiological, and are an aspect of the embodied self that is connected to the soul and the higher self. The heart of God is joined with the heart of each soul, which is manifest in the human heart that each embodied soul manifests on the Earth.

Though successive experiences of embodying in the human realms, the soul begins to develop a more finely attuned understanding of itself and of its relationship to God and to the One of which the soul is a part of. The human heart that develops within a lifetime is a precious manifestation of soul essence, which in its highest manifestation is able to share the unique divine qualities of love that the soul was created with.

Within the human experience on the Earth at this time, there exists so much pain, anguish and disappointment within the hearts of many, and even of those whose hearts have been purified and cleansed of their past karmas.

Though some of this pain is related to the intensification of the global purification process, some of this pain is due to the enormously difficult process that has transpired for those souls who are serving the light. Energies of darkness have created obstacles that existed in some cases for years or even decades, requiring much faith and persistence even in the face of apparently overwhelming obstacles.

These energies have also created disruptions within human relationships, clouding judgment, obscuring clear communication and preventing a fuller expression of love which could have prevented some of the difficulties that manifested in the process.

Despite this long period of entrenched contraction and pain, God's light is emerging victorious and flooding the Earth's atmosphere with the higher dimensional frequencies of divine love, divine light, divine truth and divine forgiveness. Each of these divine qualities is present and available and accessible to all who wish to tap into these frequencies to receive the healing blessing that they offer.

Now is the time to unburden your heart and soul, to release yourself from painful memories of the past, and to cleanse your being of all residues of anger, resentment, judgment and fear. Provide yourself with ample time and energy and space for transformation, and to make this transition into the higher frequencies of divine love that are manifesting on the Earth.

Beloved ones, human relationships are being transformed by this new light that is manifesting on the Earth. You will begin to see new resources and supports for embodying the sacred within human relationships as the light begins to ground itself and establish a new foundation of truth upon the Earth.

Be patient for the transitions that are happening. Do not rush or push, and allow for the natural and graceful unfoldment in God's time. With all love and blessings, Amen.

ksaulino's picture

Thank you, so much for posting this!  Given the emotional struggles I've been working through, it's like a reassuring light shining down.  It gives me a bit of permission to feel the feelings and let them be, instead of trying to make everything all better.

Much love and light to you,



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