I received an email today with this; I don't know who actually wrote it but I think it is simple, clear and good. And so, I thought I'd share it with the rest of us.

study of native cultures around the world suggests that they are the
last guardians of the ‘true religion’ – as a young American teacher,
Max Freedom Long, discovered when he went to help the children of
Hawaii in 1917.

a few months he had discovered that their parents were practising a
form of magic, which he assumed was a superstitious ceremony more akin
to voodoo.

as he delved deeper into the beliefs of the islanders, he discovered
that the ceremonies were merely the outer manifestations of a profound
teaching that had never been written down.

teachings went close to the heart of Christianity and Buddhism, he
discovered, but because it was an oral tradition, there was a chance
that they were purer than that which we have been given after numerous
excisions, edits and omissions.

Christian missionaries tried to stop the Hawiaan teachings in the
1800s, but had merely driven them underground.  As a result, Long
called the practices ‘Huna’, which is Hawaiian for ‘secret’.

who followed Long recognised seven basic principles of Huna, which echo
many of the discoveries from Living The Field.  They are: 1. The world
is not what you think it is; 2. There are no limits; 3. Energy flows where
attention goes; 4. Now is the moment of power; 5. To love is to be
happy with someone (or thing); 6. All power comes from within, and 7.
Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

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...but those are seven powerful truths.  I know nothing, really, of indigenous or ancient Pacific beliefs...Doris has hinted at some very deep truths that emanate from some ancient source.  I was so struck by Ho' crazy as I first thought it sounded when I first read the article, there was something there that was arresting.  And even when I first doubtingly tried applying it in my own life, it bore immediate fruit and I could see a very amazing spiritual force at work.  Like reiki, it took a certain mind to capture this in words so that others could remember and emulate.  This Huna is the same.


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