Invitation to 12:12

Hi all, just a reminder for synchronous Wesak meditation today (20th May) at 12:12 GMT. If you can't participate becuse of time difference you are welcome to focus upon 12:12 at any time of the day which will bring you into alignment with TT group consciousness. The focus of this mediatation is to draw light into the new Earth and see all of life in a harmonious alignment with our beloved planet. Use whatever technique best serves you but allow yourself to intone, 'I am the light of the new Earth.' Thanks to MaryC for suggesting we practice this on Wesak in prepartion for those who wish to continue this mediation for each new moon. If anyone has an epihenous (dont't know if that's a real word) moment or vision perhaps who may wish to share it in the Green Room. As one, Rob.

Hey Rob,
Thanks for making a new post on this.....I think it is a great idea and will be participating......

With love and joy

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May we multiply our considerable powers together, AS ONE! Love,Mary

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There are 13 drums in my living space, and when one is played all can be felt if one lays a hand upon them.

So as we meditate, mine is with the heartbeat of the Goddess and the frame drum as my tool. May blessings

find us and this new world. May we envision our heaven on Earth. Where no child is hungry, no person homeless,

where peace abounds and Love is what we share. May we be thankful for the experiences that have taught us each

to envision this new world and be welcoming of the lessons still to come. Peace and Love my brothers and sisters, to you and all sentient beings, to the planetary Mother, to the Masters, guides and Angels that guide us whether seen or unseen- thank you for your assistance on our individual yet collective path. We hold the Light for those of us not yet ready, we stand in support of those that are walking the talk and we welcome the wonderous new day.

Namaste.                                      kristyne 

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At 12:12 GMT, I was enjoying and bathing in the light of the setting Wesak Moon, that was at 6:12 CDT. (If my calculation was correct.) 


I have been meaning to post this information and now is as good as any so that on the New Moon, we might consider it. 

Local Sidereal Time is time based on the stars rather than the sun.   It has been determined that during the half hour surrounding 13:30 LST  psychic energy/awareness increase 300%.      I am posting a link detailing the research and also means of determining LST for your location.  It is not the same as our 24 hour day.


I think that you will all be somewhat amazed when you dig into this and other available information on 13:30 LST.


Love and Light



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Tonight is the new moon. 12:12 ...Intend the new world. Love,Mary

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Just reading that served to bring my attention into alignment, just knowing that we can focus all day (any and all days for that matter) and properly serve this "nonlocal" reality that is never bound by time, just waiting on our simple willingness. Brings me back to Berry's "Kryon on Quantum Healing" and the circular train track and the red paint.

Like Commander Dave Bowman in the sequel (2010) to "2001: A Space Odyssey", my favorite lines from him are,

"I can't explain!" and "I'm already there!" and "It's Wonderful!" and "My God!  Its full of stars!"

We came equipped with plenty of red paint, so let's get ta paintin'!!!!!

Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" is all there is,


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