Kryon channeled by David Brown in Berlin, Sept.16th

(Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
16th September 2009 at Berlin, Germany )

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be here with you all this night this very night here in Berlin. There is much love and much change in the air, Berliner’s are used to change for you have come through a very difficult time in the last sixty or seventy years. A city divided between two ideologies and now there is a new ideology coming your way or let us say a new state of being. Berlin is a good place to start and your new state of being will be a state of love. There is much change coming and the change is in the energies, the way the planets are aligned; there are new energies coming. There is already new energy here in Berlin and it is time to access that energy to allow the energy to flow through your bodies, to allow the healing and the change. We can’t tell you too many times that there is a new world coming, but it requires you to look at your relationships and see the way that you are living, for the way you treat another you treat yourself and wherever love comes there is a change in that relationship.

In the Kryon teachings a problem is an absence of love, so where there is a problem allow in love. Just let love flow through your heart and wherever it needs to flow. Allow a connection from your heart of everybody else in the room, for in this room you are one soul group, you are all of the same soul group, you all belong to each other, you are all on the same path and your journey is a journey into love with consciousness. So allow this connection to deepen and intensify. Allow your heart to expand into your neighbours and feel the expansion and if there is any blockage or resistance in your heart allow the love to flow through your heart and dissolve the blockage or the resistance. Allow a deeper and deeper connection to the Divine and to the person next to you. The new world is to be created purely out of love and the way that works is through releasing all the negative energies that are in one’s self. This comes through healing first of all the inner father, for your genetic father becomes the imprint of your inner father and it is the same for your mother your genetic mother who becomes an imprint of your inner mother.

So allow yourselves to become soft and gentle and relax, just observe your breath and be with your breath. Observe your breath and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Whatever you are feeling you will create, so just observe your feelings and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. In the Kryon teachings this is where we break your social conditioning in the realm of feelings so just observe your feelings, be with your feelings, just allow the feelings to come and to go…

We are here on the 16th day of the month and 16 is liberation through intention in the Toltec teachings, just be with this feeling of your intention to be free. Allow the feelings to come and to go, for you have to know that you are light energies from vibration and on this night we will take you into the future, into the new energy, into the new dimension a dimension where you only know love. Allow your spirit guides to come closer and closer and be with your spirit guides. Allow the room to fill more and more with spirit.

Dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies… allow your hearts to stay open and allow the love to continue flowing and allow your energies to go higher and higher. Allow yourself to go to the new dimension, to the new world for the new world is now very close by. As you do the work on yourself; healing your inner mother your inner father and your inner child you will become more and more as one, you will become your authentic self. You will connect to Father Sky and to Mother Earth and you will become that magical child that walks that magical path in this universe. There are many, many special gifts. As you go on your journey into healing yourself there will be many gifts revealed in the darkness, in the unconsciousness. So as you make conscious what is unconscious you reveal your gifts and that is the first stage of your journey into consciousness.

The next stage is a stage into expansion; we are expanding into new energies and new dimensions where there are such gifts as telepathy, teleportation and many of the gifts that you have heard of but thought impossible. So just allow your energies to move into this new dimension… as your energies are moving higher and higher let the energies come and let them go. Stay connected to your neighbours allowing the love to flow. Dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and allowing your energies to rise and expand and allowing the love to flow… allow the visions on the TV screen of your mind to let you see what the new world is like… just letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go…

In this, the new world there will be peace in your hearts, manifestation will be almost instantaneous, there will be peace on this earth plane and there will become more and more use of free energies, green energies.

Everybody in this room is a healer and it is for you to heal yourselves and it is for you to be first of all with your father. So as you move into this new world look straight into your father’s eyes there will be a message for you here. Allow the message to happen. Part of this message will release you and allow you to go higher and higher into the new energies to an energy where the love flows, where relationships are pure, where your dreams become reality…

So just observe your energies and feel what you are feeling… where you feel resistance to this new energy moving into your bodies acknowledge the resistance… letting the resistance come and letting it go. There is fear of letting go of what you know so well. So let the fears come and let them go. What you acknowledge you can let go of…

As you are moving higher into this new dimension lets invoke the energies of responsibility and allow the energies of responsibility to give you the answers of how to get to this new dimension. As you invoke the energies of responsibility the answers will come of how to get to the new dimension and you will see what you have to let go of.

So let the feelings come and let the feelings go... You are now 80% of the way to the vibration of the new dimension. You will feel how the energy is much smoother and finer and for this last 20% we will hold the energies of your fears so you can go the next 20%. In the new dimension there is no such thing as fear, sadness or anger, there is no negative emotion… hand over your fears and your negative emotions to the Kryon energy and allow your energies to rise this final 20%... You should now be feeling what you will be feeling in two or three years time in the new energies. Allow yourselves to relax and observe your breath and feel whatever you are feeling and give your energies permission to flow. In this new energy the love will flow… just continue to let it flow just allow that flow. You will create with this love, this constant flow of love. Dear Ones, this is why you are working on yourselves, so you can achieve this vibration, this new dimension, this new dimension of human consciousness. In this consciousness all your dreams will come true be it material or in relationship. Allow yourselves to be there in this space…

Now we will allow you to come back to normal consciousness so that you can see and compare the difference. Allow yourselves to observe where your inner work lies; your emotions create thoughts which create reality. As you slowly come back to a more dense reality observe your feelings and your thoughts, observe your thoughts in this reality observe your feelings…

Dear Ones, we have introduced you to your future and it is for you to know that you are loved for absolutely no reason whatsoever; it is for you to know where you are going. Now that you know where you are going it will be easier to get there for this is the change that is coming. You will begin to live your lives more and more on intuition. This is the new world where there is a constant flow, instant manifestation and love; there is always love.

For Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care. Thank you all, thank you.

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