Hope for Humanity

Hi Gathering Spot Community,
I'm excited lately to be catching up on the channelings of Lee Carroll and the entity Kryon. It's all very encouraging (I'd been going down a rabbit hole of doom and gloom for a few months). I still believe that humanity is evolving towards greater compassion - and I have to remind myself to remain patient as we adjust to the energy of the shift that is slowly permeating this planet since 2012.

Lee Carrell and Kryon - First personal experience.

Well, I am so completely overwhelmed by my first experience of Kryon! Lee Carrell is a loving, personalble and very warm humorous person.  Kryon is a powerful energy who calls himself a celestial or an angel. But Let me tell you when he is there you can feel it!!!  Anyway this is my experience of the seminar yesterday afternoon.

Kryon on Quantum Healing


I thought this was fascinating and certainly something to contemplate.  Those of you who know Kryon have probably read it already, but I think there are some who are new to Kryon information.


Love and Light,


Kryon Channelings

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