Love in the Age of Collapse

The following URL leads to an inspiring view of our current world situation written as a blog by Juan Santos. I have not heard of him before running across this piece this morning, but hope you will take time to read his words.

While his view is dreadfully painful and full of darkness, it is one of the most honest and courageous tellings of our situation I have read. Unlike so many of the "gloom and doom" crowd, Santos does not leave us there, but offers his vision of what many of us are calling the ascension into 4th dimension, etc. What I appreciate so much is that he calls on each of us to accept our own death to the way we have been "living" and begin to live in love right now. I cannot paraphrase his vision adequately, so I plead with you to read this for yourselves. And please don't get bogged down half way through. Continue to the end where he offers huge inspiration and even joy at the death we are now experiencing.

I love you all,


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As I read the latter portion concerning death, I am reminded of Ra saying death and birth are the same (as in same place on a circle, or same type of experience). And since Commandante Marcos is there at the bottom I am reminded of the struggle of the Zapatistas like so many others around the world, and the documentary The Fourth World War.

and as I was reading this at the end,

"Note: “Love” is the palpable assurance or insurance of connection and inclusion. It is the certainty of one's own connection and the guarantor of connection for the
beloved. It is a verb, not a feeling, per se, and not only a spiritual state of being. It is an act of will; a commitment and a discipline and a capacity for understanding, admiration, compassion, risk and expression, more than it is a feeling or a state of being, although it is also these, as well. The palpable assurance or insurance of
connection and inclusion is made manifest in acts that express admiration and compassion , and through work, risk or sacrifice aimed at extending one’s self and one’s boundaries to include the other, their well being, survival and spiritual growth. It is inseparable from and identical with acts of caring."

it reminded me of ideas learned recently in our Law of One study group concerning the infallibility of Unity, and made me think of this,

Love (the verb), the act that affirms I understand and do willfully choose to practice this understanding that Love is and is ALL there is and there is nowhere Love is not, and to act or behave any other way is to practice that which does not exist, no matter what the circumstances of this physical world of illusion. I willfully act/behave to remember Love or imagine fear. I must choose every time, and I will either remember or forget Love in the processing of my willful intent to practice fact or fantasy, regardless of what anyone else is doing or what is happening around me. And again I must ask, who is the "me" perceiving something is happening in the first place???

Justification is a term for the rationalization of illusion, for all is Love, in spite of what my eyes think they see within an old and dying world view I must ultimately and gladly relinquish....

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Thank you SO SO much for posting this, it's just what I needed to read right now, and of course just such amazing writing. I've invited him to the TT and to be on my radio show :) I'll let you all know if that goes down. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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Thanks for posting this! I'm encouraged not only to see someone whose train of thought and whose conclusions are close to my own, but also to see this come from a group of people who typically don't speak this way openly. I've been deeply ambivalent about the reconquista, but in the end the only conclusion I've been able to reach is "Let it be."


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