A Message from the Group

Greetings my friends,

The following is a recent channeled message from the Group through Steve Rother.  When I read it, I thought that this is important information which the Transformation Team would benefit from considering. Fred has always recommended balance in his offerings which we sometimes forget.

It is often our habit to focus on the positive elements of our selves, namely light, love, joy, peace etc. What we don't sometimes realize that this is only one side of the equation. Our being, indeed Creation is not limited to just those light positive aspects, but includes elements of the dark, fear, anger and resentment as well.  Ra, in the Law of One material, emphasizes that it is important to balance and unify (one-ify) those polarities.  The Group's message is timely now when there is so much going on that brings those dark emotions to the surface. I hope you can appreciate this offering.

With Light and Love shining into Shadows and Fear,



Greetings from Home


Dear ones, you sit at the precipice, you sit at the edge of a great event. These are very strange times on planet Earth. You have placed yourself to be here specifically at this moment and many of you know that deep in your hearts. You know somewhere there is one thing that you came to do above everything else. We tell you that you are now getting the opportunity to do that. It is happening! It is unfolding and much of what we have spoken about for the previous 11 years is starting to be unveiled now. Yes, there are difficult times ahead as you go through these changes, partly because of your own perceptions of what you believe to be difficult and what you perceive as lack of support. We wish to speak to you about this, because in these times this is when fear begins.

We have watched many of you and you have shown incredible strength at your willingness to release old belief systems. Yet the first time you get scared, you jump back into the old belief systems.  There is nothing wrong with that, it is simply the human way of advancing three steps forward followed by one step back.  As long as you do not judge yourself there is no problem, for it is your perception of yourself that creates your reality.

How Do You Wish to See Your World?

You will see darkness. You will also see fear.  Even so it does not have to be a part of your reality unless you so choose. Let us speak for a moment about fear and darkness…and evil.  We think it so humorous that even some of your world leaders have used the word ‘evil.’ What a silly thing to do, for they are looking in the mirror when they do that.  Can your right hand call your left hand evil? It does not work. So, what is evil? What is darkness and what is fear? That is what we wish to address today, because as you move forward into your own evolution you will begin to perceive darkness, fear, loneliness and a lack of support differently than you ever have before. That is where you stand today—right at the edge of this door that is opening. It has been prophesized.

Many of you have a part of the story to tell that you brought back with you from Home just in case.  It is more clearly revealed as your sacred contracts are being triggered. That is why so many of you are moving at light speed now, and it is a scary proposition for most. Many of you will see darkness. We hope you take our perception of it, because an empowered human sees darkness differently. They see fear differently. It is not right. It is not wrong. It is not black. It is not white. It is not good. It is not bad. Those are the polarities that have confused humans up to this point. What we wish to ask you today is, how do you wish to see your world? These same darknesses can be viewed as opportunities for light. These same dark challenges can be viewed as the door opening to a whole new arena for you. These are opportunities for Lightworkers to shine their light in new energetic ways.

Darkness, Is Only a Lack of Light

Darkness is only a lack of light…if you block the sun with your hand a shadow results on the ground.  Artists look at those shadows and say, “Ooooh, I can do all sorts of things with these!” Photographers look at that shadow and say, “Wouldn’t this be fascinating to capture?” Many of you look at the shadows and say, “Oh. That is darkness and I only choose light in my life.” There are even times when you turn and run from darkness which is actually there to feed your spirit.  Dear ones, darkness gives you an opportunity to shine your light, your confidence, your knowingness, your part from Home in a way that you have never done before. Yes, it will be scary the first time but re-member that you are not alone. Look around you, dear ones. There is a huge family that is awakening to this energy at this time. This is no longer on the fringe of societies. Many of your belief systems include seeking out those who ch annel entities from the other side of the veil. For some people, that is a very dark and scary thing to do, because of their perception of it. Rather than believing that nobody has control over them unless they so choose and simply listening to the possibilities, they instead choose to take a position in opposition or in fear. We tell you these possibilities are no longer just being brought in by channels, by inspired writings or by visionaries alone. They are showing up in daily life everywhere and that is where the magic will happen.

You will not find that one day everyone has suddenly awakened from the dream , or see a lead story on the news about how the light came to Earth. It is going to be a very gradual process that filters into humanity very quietly from several sources to reach a critical mass, when it can then naturally reach the level of general consciousness.  It is different this time and if you look at these opportunities for light, you will find things that you never dreamed were possible in your own world today.  This is the reason we have been giving healing modalities; there are many more healing modalities coming to this Earth at this time. The good news is that all of them work. The bad news is that you will have to find out which ones work best for you. Nobody can do that except for you. So, why healing in the first place? In order for you to carry the light that you are going to do your work, it is important to release your own restrictions to that light. Notice wha t we have focused on with our work with you thus far. It is the healing and clearing of the energetic structures within so that you can anchor, as spirit, fully in the physical body. That is difficult, for spirits are not of the physical body. Your spirit is pretending to have a human experience right now and that is what we wish to finally bring you this day—that human experience. It includes light and dark. It includes sadness. It includes finding the beauty in the darkness.

Activating the Network of Light

Humans in general on this planet try to avoid sadness, difficulties, and dark energies. However, we tell you that most music on this planet has been inspired by these dark energies. Most of the beauty that you truly find comes from the shadows hitting light in a certain way. Finding the beauty in the darkness will be a key role as empowered beings and Lightworkers.  Finding those opportunities for light is now at hand for all humans. You have placed yourself in key positions all over the world to be there at the right time with the right energy. You have made it. You are here! The time is right and now we ask you to look at the darkness for all the beauty that it holds. Look at those restrictions, those negativities, the horrible things that are coming on your news. See them as opportunities for light, because these are the things that will catalyze your next incarnation here in this physical body. You are being re-born even now. That is what the re-wire process is about on many levels.

Keep in mind as you do this that you are not the physical body at all. Many of you push away those physical parts and deny those pieces of yourself in order to be spirits. We tell you, however, that in fact you have no problem being spirits. It is being human that is the problem. You are here as spirits to have a human experience and that includes light and dark, failure and success. Those are only labels placed upon your journey as you go forward, but they mean nothing when you get Home. The parts you will re-member are how you found beauty in the darkness -- how you found your part of your world to share. That is the piece you came to do and we tell you now is the time.

Third Earth Hologram

There is a total re-working of many events that will happen over the next seven to ten years. As a result, this hologram of light is overimprinting the original hologram of Earth. The Third Earth that you have created through your own thoughts and your own process has created a hologram that will now  overimprint the original hologram of Earth. As that begins to happen, organizations, gatherings of souls that are not in harmony with this advanced state, will start to fall apart and crumble. Some systems will not make it from one level to the next, yet that does not mean collapse. Much the same way we have shown you that as one system leaves another comes right in to take that place, so will it be with your economic systems. You simply have to keep your eyes open for the possibilities, because that is what will create it. When you expect a miracle, it happens.

We tell you that is more difficult to do because your ideas and concepts of miracles put limitations on spirit’s fulfillment of them. Many times when you say, “I want this so I need to be specific. I have to say exactly what it is I want, I have to mention the color, how much it will cost and all the details.” But  specifics are the old energy. You actually limit spirit’s fulfillment of your dreams when you are specific. Grab the essence of your heart energy around that creation and let spirit fulfill it for you, because it will fulfill it in ways that will grow with you and not limit you to your belief systems. Those are the possibilities that are starting to happen right now.

You are not accustomed to seeing the daily negativity in the news as opportunities for spreading light, so this message may be difficult for some. If you would simply step in that direction and look for those potentials and possibilities, you will find heaven being created on Earth as you speak. That is the new hologram of Earth, and that is where you are moving. You will also see many who will come to the forefront during difficult times,  who will specifically request to be the new healers with ‘the’ answers. Please understand that as you move forward you do not need leaders to lead you in the ways they once did. It is no longer necessary to have the types of leaders you have had on this planet. It is time for you to take power yourselves, in your own reality first, and then your leaders will see what you need for support. Those are the potentials and the direction humanity is heading at the moment. 

An Overview

As all of you change your evolutionary structure, you will step further into what you came to do and you raise the collective vibrations of humanity on all levels. That is what is taking place right now. We tell you, we watch you.  We see the times that you cry because you are lonely for soul family, and have few who understand and empower you. We see the times you think you do not have anything to say, and all the dreams you have of something important you came to do here. Yet you cannot see the evidence of it; you cannot see the support that is here for you. We see all the times when you cannot believe in yourself and we think what a wonderful human experience they are having. We hope you enjoy your human experience, but you must know that a soul never dies. You are immortal and each one of you can function on the soul level in a conscious state. 

You cannot be hurt in the ways that you think you can. To us, it is like sending you out in the backyard of Earth to play. There are certain toys you might hurt yourself with, but yet we do not restrict you from those toys. You go find yourself. You go play. You find your light. You find your darkness. You find a blend of a spirit being human. That is the most important part of the next stage of work—being fully grounded in your own physical being means that spirit is anchored in the physical being. That is hard to do because you are not born that way. The reality is, you were never born. You simply evolved from one energy to the next and took another form, because as you leave one form, you enter another. Since there is no such thing as time on the other side of the veil. The illusion of time only exists here, so it is possible for you to weave many paths as a soul pretending to be a human. Our only concern for you is that your beliefs and judgments may tell y ou something is wrong, and you would place a polarity label of right or wrong on that. You could not fall if you tried, and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard!

Dear ones, that laughter will bring you back to center always. It is the language of angels. It is how we speak to you through your own hearts. Re-member us when you see the darkness. Smile, and laugh. Jump into it because it is an opportunity for light.

You come to sit in these rooms. You come to have your life changed in some way to re-member who you are. As much as you feel during these sessions of our time together, we cannot have words or energy that can convey to you how much it means to us that you are there listening. That has never happened before. You are the empowered humans that are moving forward and we honor you more than you will ever know. Take pride in that. You are the chosen ones. You have chosen to pretend to be human. Enjoy the ride.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.


The group



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ChrisBowers's picture

"As long as you do not judge yourself there is no problem, for it is your perception of yourself that creates your reality"

"They see fear differently. It is not right. It is not wrong. It is not
black. It is not white. It is not good. It is not bad. Those are the
polarities that have confused humans up to this point"

"Finding the beauty in the darkness will be a key role as empowered beings and Lightworkers"

Jim's picture


Wonderful message  and thank you for sharing it with us. I'm a slow learner in many ways and need to hear the same message many times  through many different voices. I would lilke to learn more from this source.



fredburks's picture

Awesome piece Berry! Thanks so much for sharing that. I'll be passing it on to many others. When we become comfortable with and even embrace the shadow, our experience of life is radically transformed. With much love and gratitude, Fred.

andrey's picture

Thanks for posting this. Beautiful message to embrace the darkness as wonderful opportunity for growth.

Much love,


UrsulaD's picture

Thanks for posting this, Berry.

We sometimes get so involved in this "game" we are playing that we forget our eternal heritage. We take ourselves and our issues too seriously and we forget to laugh.

Dear ones, that laughter will bring you back to center always. It is
the language of angels. It is how we speak to you through your own
hearts. Re-member us when you see the darkness. Smile, and laugh. Jump
into it because it is an opportunity for light.

Let us remember to laugh more in 2009 and to see our journey here as an opportunity for growth and fun.

Love U

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