Message from The Group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Is Heaven Up?

We visit you this day with an overview from what you call Home. We think it interesting that humans think heaven is up. That concept comes from when humans were very young, when your parents nurtured and cared for you.  You remember your parents leaning in from above you, as they were picking you up from your crib.  Even as you began to crawl and walk your parents towered above you.  That shared memory in the collective of humanity is what makes you think heaven is above you in the sky.  We tell you this story so that you can understand how humanity has evolved over time, through reaching different points of critical mass. It is happening again now.

We are not here to tell you which way to turn, nor to tell you whether anything you do is right or wrong because there are only personal choices for each and every one of you. Instead, it is about your empowerment. It is re-membering who you are as a spirit.

Ceiling of Evolution

One point we wish to share is that there is a part of you that exists at Home, no matter what you do here on Earth. You come in and take one of these physical bubbles of biology to play the game of pretending to be human. In order to do that, you have to also pretend to be separate from each other. It is such a wonderful game and you humans have become so good at playing it. You actually think you are separate from each other, when in fact you are not. That is fascinating to us. You walk around pretending to be separate, but you are actually connected to others with all these attachment cords. When you feel something someone else feels it, too. Of course, you share thoughts and feelings because your energetic structures are part of one another. Yet you place yourself in a little cocoon, pretending to be separate for the duration of your stay here on planet Earth.  You do it so well, but that separation is beginning to go away. That separation is what has been keeping much of your own evolution at a certain level, at almost a ceiling of evolution on planet Earth. Now the separation is dissolving and that is creating much change on your planet. Some of these changes may appear in what you currently consider to be a negative way, but fear not for all change leads to advancement.

It is no longer possible to hold secrets on planet Earth. How beautiful is that? It is a direct result of all of humanity having better communication with their higher selves, and that is what you have started to emulate from Home right away. So far, there has only been a little inkling in your heart that determined whether something did not quite resonate with you.  Now that humans are starting to listen without all the filters, you will learn how to fine-tune this new guidance system. The Pineal Crystals are already starting to activate. You are beginning to activate the crystals now. This process is moving very, very rapidly now throughout the Earth. In a relatively short period of time you will be able to feel as if you are inside one another’s heads, almost as if you can look through their eyes and see from their perspective. Can you imagine holding a secret at that point? Not possible, dear ones, and that is what humans are becoming accustomed to right now.

The CORE Personality

There is another point we wish to share to help you understand what is ahead. Each one of you has what we call a core personality. Your sciences in the area of psychology explain that the personality of a person is an accumulation of all experiences they have had in their lifetime. That is exactly correct, but it is not limited to just one lifetime; it includes all 12 simultaneous dimensions within each of your past lifetimes. After you complete an incarnation on planet Earth, you go Home and review each experience that you had. You examine each one, sorting through your original intentions and releasing those you completed. You set aside those experiences that you received a gift from and those you have not, placing them back into your energy matrix to ensure that you will bring them in the next time you enter a physical body. When you incorporate and release experiences, you incorporate them into something we call the core personality, the personality of the soul. That is actually the true personality without any hampering of your human thought patterns or belief systems. That is very magical and it is what is taking place now as humanity is evolving, particularly over the next two years. You are all going to start returning to your true core personality and that is very beautiful. What you will find is a confidence in who you truly are.

Ah, dear ones, this is such a difficult life for you to lead. You have basically taken off your wings and pretended to be human. You cannot even re-member who you were or why you came here. Yet you struggle, bump into one another, search to find people who are going in the same direction, and try to find your way in the dark. You have done very, very well. In the moment that you find a place, a door, or a path that works, you turn around and show it to other people. You open the door and hold it open so others can find their way, for you are truly beings of light. You are the predecessors of light on planet Earth. You have been here to plant this energy and open these doors so that when people start to awaken from the dream, there is one part they will not have to deal with. That is the final piece we wish to address today.

Love - Fear Quotient

There are times when light on this planet will be in many different forms. We have a slightly different definition of light than do most humans. Our definition certainly differs from how your scientists describe light, as a ray of light with various rays and focuses. They put electromagnetic waves over here, radio waves there, television waves here, and the visible light spectrum is a tiny little part of all those waves. We include all of that and more in our definition of light. Our definition of the purest form of light is love. Love is how you feel it in your bodies, hearts and souls. What is happening is that you now have an opportunity to spread more light on this planet than you have ever had before. Please be aware that with light come shadows, and with shadows come fear.  Fear is the opposite of love. Many of you believe that hate is the opposite of love, but hate is an emotion. Hate is a reaction. Hate is a fear-based belief system which we call BS.  The balance of fear and love is now shifting on planet Earth, thanks to the work that many of you have been doing.  

You carry love, and when you express your light, it not only flows through you to fill you up, but it also flows around you to help others. Spreading light gives you a confidence within your soul, helping to re-mind you of who you truly are. The absence of light creates darkness, which is how we define fear. Humans feel darkness in their souls through fear. We have spoken of fear many times, for it is actually a lack of information; it is only possible to be afraid of the unknown. Once you fill in that information, even if it is incorrect, you lose the grip of fear and get to deal with what really is. We illustrate this concept by sharing a story with you. A woman wakes up one day and feels a lump in her breast. She is very concerned, for she quietly wonders if it is cancer like her mother had. She thinks, “No, I am stronger than that. I will not worry about it.” That woman could be in great danger, because that fear of cancer can easily create that dis-ease where there was none before.  Fill the vacuum with knowledge and relieve your mind. Even though she goes to the doctor and finds out she does have cancer, the fear is gone so now she can deal with it.  She could also decide that she does not agree with the doctors, but at least she would have the benefit of that knowledge and it is enough to fill the vacuum.  Now she can start to heal, find the gift and start to release. This is often the hardest part for people to understand.

Fear is an Opportunity for Light

Then we come to rooms like this. There are thousands of you who are watching this broadcast—the Lightworkers on planet Earth. For you, dear ones, fear is an opportunity for light. Fear is calling you into work. Fear is an opportunity for you to be of service on this planet now, and that is what you do so beautifully. You bring love. You bring light. You bring information where there is none, so you can release this entire process of fear.  We ask you to carefully watch the words you speak.  If they can be construed as fear-based in any way, re-word them to more accurately communicate.  Many will also become very sensitive to fear-based messages, motivations and actions in your own world.  Fear can not control you when you are aware of it.  Become aware of fear-based movements, as this is the typical manner in which humanity has been controlled for eons of time.

As you move out of the field of duality you will experience less of the light/dark, love/fear, good/bad, right/wrong, and up/down thinking.  These opposites are now being balanced by a new connection to your own higher self. This is partly being facilitated by the crystals that are forming inside your own physical body, for they are going to help you. That which could have been very negative is now being adapted by the most adaptable beings throughout the universe…human beings. You are changing it all in the blink of an eye.

Help from the Other Side

All eyes of the universe are upon Earth, for this was the one game that was never expected to make it. This was the one game that had no predisposition—that had no guidance system built in. It was the game of total free choice and here you are leading the universe, about to evolve into a spot where you have never evolved before. We tell you it is so incredibly beautiful. You have come to visit us. You have come to see yourself through our eyes so we may reflect your beauty and help you to re-member Home, to re-member that part of you. What you are not aware of are the huge gatherings on this side of the veil to watch you, and honor you. For all those beings who stepped aside for you come in and play this game are on your side are working behind you.

There are sports on your planet that you love to play. You play football with teams all over the world. At the end of the season your teams go to the playoffs, all competing for the number one spot. A team that loses now becomes the other team’s champion. They want the team that was good enough to beat them to go all the way, just the same way that all those same beings on the other side are trying to help you do what you came to do. They are part of you and you have access to that help.


Humans have been manipulated over and over, and over again on this planet. It has happened in almost every government, religion, and corporation. The way you can most easily be manipulated is through your own fear. Start finding ways to break through even the smallest pieces of your own fear, and you can no longer be manipulated on planet Earth. That is starting to happen in a big way, but is going to take every one of you working together. A single soul cannot stop the manipulation. However, that is no problem because you are all part of each other and you are starting to let down those boundaries, honoring that within each other. Can you imagine a planet with beings that have evolved beyond the need for fear? That is true empowerment, for when you empower anyone else outside of yourself you are also empowering yourself. You are empowering and creating a space for that to happen. When you overcome this place of fear and start looking at the opportunities for spreading light, you become a magnet. As if magically, others will come to you with their fears and you will be making a difference on this planet. That is what you have come to do and we are here to help re-mind you of that.

We are so honored you are here, for we have been talking for a very long time and now you are listening. We are so honored to be here and see the most beautiful angels on the gameboard of planet Earth. Enjoy the ride, dear ones. Do not worry about the destination for there is none; it is all about the journey, so enjoy wherever you are in that journey right now. Embrace it, love it, laugh with it, cry with it, feel it and ride it out, because when you get Home you will tell all the beautiful stories of your journey on planet Earth. We will all sit around the fire with you and laugh…and make smores.

Dear ones, your whole world is changing. You have known this and have written about it for eons of time. You have known there was a big shift coming. Everyone postulated as to what exactly that looked like, and tried to find how you could speed it up. It is here, happening today, and it is continuing. All the dreams and aspirations you had once hoped for in the year 2012 are here today. We cannot wait to see what you create in 2012 because you are so excited about it, but first you must find which day you are going to play that game.

Connect in any way that you can, dear ones, and touch one another often for that is something that is only done on planet Earth. It is a way to help you re-member who you are, and for others to re-member who they are. It is a way to give your gifts freely and with a tremendous amount of love. Know that we are with you every step of the way, for we have never left you. Know that we love you, as we spread our wings just to reflect your magnificence and to help you re-member who you are. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived.

We leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another and play well together.


The group

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"You bring information where there is none, so you can release this entire process of fear.  We ask you to carefully watch the words you speak.  If they can be construed as fear-based in any way, re-word them to more accurately communicate"

"This was the one game that had no predisposition—that had no guidance system built in. It was the game of total free choice and here you are leading the universe, about to evolve into a spot where you have never evolved before"

"Can you imagine a planet with beings that have evolved beyond the need for fear? That is true empowerment, for when you empower anyone else outside of yourself you are also empowering yourself. You are empowering and creating a space for that to happen. When you overcome this place of fear and start looking at the opportunities for spreading light, you become a magnet"

"Enjoy the ride, dear ones. Do not worry about the destination for there is none; it is all about the journey, so enjoy wherever you are in that journey right now. Embrace it, love it, laugh with it, cry with it, feel it and ride it out"

What a perfect message!!!  And very complimentary to read along with Elizabeth's new post concerning the swine flu fiasco manipulation agenda...

Good Greetings:

Last months message from the Group through Steve Rother is about "NO MORE SECRETS!"  So the ethereal template is already there.  We are now doing it here on this plane.



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I have begun to post these messages because out of all the channeled information out there, these are among three or four for whom I have a great amount of resonating feeling.  I always get a lift from these messages and they are always timely and encouraging, without all of the doom and gloom which seems to be the favorite theme these days, and also without the "deus ex machina" concept of rescue from those galactic friends.  Not that I doubt they are there watching and protecting, but they are also not there to wisk us away at the last moment before some cataclysmic occurance.  They are there to guide and direct us to be the change we want to see/be. 

I will continue to post these when they are given to me.  Also those I get from the Reconnection, and although I haven't seen anything from Kryon recently, I will check to see what is the most recent messages from them.  They are also of tremendous value.




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Thanks for posting that message. I have copied it to my computer so I can print and read it at leisure.

I agree with you about messages promising someone/beings coming to "rescue" us. We are these beings and it is time we rescued ourselves. I don't read those messages either, nor the dire predictions of doom and gloom. It is up to us to take up the power we have as co-creators and to create what we envisioned before we incarnated at this time.

With love


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Thanks Berry and Ursula for your wonderful posts.


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I really need to start checking these forums every morning before I go to work, its only 7:00 AM but my day is already looking good!


Thanks for the inspirational words.



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Just received Tom and Judi's latest, and this part of it resonated well...

"We suggest you shift your perspective regarding chaos and view it not as an inconvenience and a difficulty, but rather as an evolutionary catalyst. How such events affect you resides in how you view them."

"What we mean by this is that there is a tendency for human consciousness to get stuck in a rut, to anticipate what things are going to be like, and to take actions based upon those predictions. And for most people, when the reality does not match expectation this creates great internal travail, and yet by the very nature of Chaotic Nodes your predictive abilities collapse in the midst of multiple probabilities."

For most persons, chaotic events generate a fear response, since the stability that one counts on to predict appropriate action has seemingly disappeared. And while fear is certainly an understandable response, it is only one of many possible responses. Thus, we encourage you to train your mind to jump out of the habitual rut of self-limitation and expectation, on a moment's notice, whenever confronted with unexpected events."

"From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located."

"Thus, two people in the same location experiencing chaotic events can have vastly different emotional responses. Whereas one person might be paralyzed with fear, anger, and resentment, the other person might experience the moment as humorous. He or she "gets" the cosmic joke, which is the sudden and unexpected realization that the reality everyone experiences as "real" is nothing more than the fabrication of their own minds."

"When chaotic events disturb the status quo, a doorway briefly appears, an opportunity if you will, to jump upward in consciousness, to wake up from the dream spell. But waking up from the collective dream only occurs if you are prepared to step across the threshold."

This seems to be so perfectly pertinent to events we may be about to experience as we move through these amazing times of evolutionary change and collective conscious shift....

Oh, the question posed, is heaven up, made me think of some interesting scientific theory that has come post quantum physics.  Dan Winter's Implosion Physics and Nassim Haramein's work.  Dan Winter sees everything manifesting in the physical world as infinitely moving toward center, a center it can never reach due to the irrational number of the Golden Mean Phi spiral of 1 to 1.618 (with numbers following that never repeat themselves as in the other irrational number, Pi).  So one could easily intuit that Heaven is inward, even though they would most likely still be dealing with an illusion, but maybe an illusion that is much closer to Reality.

Nassim Haramein (similar to Winter's work) sees a black hole at the center of everything, including every atom.  So in both theories based upon some very interesting applicable mathematics that reveals itself throughout physical nature, we have everything that manifests in this physical realm spinning and spiraling inward infinitely.  Nature being the excellent communicator that it is is apparently telling us something about "Heaven", that "it" is not 'out there' somewhere, but 'in here' everywhere....

I would imagine that some status quo scientific circles will continue to become more and more uncomfortable with new discoveries that point away from a pointless random universe with no meaning, toward One that clearly reveals intent and design that would take more faith to deny than to accept....

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