Morning Messages ~ Playing the Hologame

Greetings All and Happy Juneteenth! Thought this might be of interest to some of you.

Love, B

Message 46 ~ Playing the Hologame

The third dimension is time and space, where the physical and the non-physical intersect. So imagine you are a being of Light consciousness and you decide to enter this third dimension, this game board, this hologame, this life, which has certain rules and requirements. The first rule is you must enter the game under the veil of forgetfulness, you must enter unaware that you are a divine being of Light.

Before you step into the game of third dimension you plan your strategy. You set your goals and your trials; you select the talents, strengths and abilities you will develop. These will not be totally veiled. You select which aspect of the game board of life you will participate in, the family group you will be a part of. You preset the conditions from your highest awareness and highest consciousness. All of these arrangements and conditions are taking place in non-physical pure consciousness.

Once all this has been preset, your goals and the desired experiences that you would like to collect, there is an
excitement to be joining this third dimensional hologame on planet earth called life. To enter this dimension, you acquire a game piece called a physical body, which is much like a computer. You must honor the rules of the game in order to play in physical form.

The game board is set in space and time and your awareness is veiled in forgetfulness.

In the beginning of the game you believe you are the physical body. The final condition of the game is a wild card, so to speak, that no matter how well you planned or how well you preset your conditions of the game while you were in your non-physical form, this part of the game is only revealed once you have committed and taken on the physical body. These conditions, these aspects, are an unknown. They are your challenges. It is these aspects that offer the most opportunity, the most growth.

The challenges could be in the beginning, the middle, or end of your personal game. They will appear as the most difficult aspect of being in a physical body. They might be a mental, emotional, or physical challenge, or a combination of all three. They will offer you the quickest way to your preset goals.

The goal of this game is to be able to totally remove the veil of forgetfulness to your awareness of your most divine Light magnificent Self and to laugh and celebrate knowing who you truly are.

Today we invite you to play full out. Enjoy all the wondrous gifts that this life game offers.


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I thank you, Bodhi, for sharing this site with us many months ago. I subscribed then and am always uplifted when the next edition arrives in my mailbox. Like this one, each message carries a message of truthful guidance, in a clear, every-day language that includes the playfulness I love to see/hear in messages of this sort. I heard and accepted this message as truth a very long time ago, and do so appreciate this reminder. Makes me want to just get on with it! Quit complaining and feeling sorry for myself, and simply continue my journey, knowing that that divine part of me that dwells within DOES remember, and is always there to help with the best choices and decisions.



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Yes, these games we play. So sad, that so many of us take it all too seriously and forget to have fun along the way. After all, a game is to be enjoyed!!

Thanks Bodhi

Love U

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Dear Bodhi,

I also thank you for sharing this. Love,Mary

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Let the games begin! ("so I'm the tardy one?").

Have always wanted a good description which included a very Conscious, proactive personal intent we are responsible for!!!!

I am making a copy of this to have with me for those inviting occasions to share it!

The only question that still lingers for me is, "What growth, if we are (our One True Self) already perfect and complete?"

For now I will simply go with the fun of experiencial knowledge as the primary goal - just havin' a good time in a very Cosmic sense over billions of years. Wow, what a weekend retreat!!!!!

Thank you me dear dear brother for all da gems you doth lay befo us!

As Wayne and Garth would say, "Game On!"

Love, Chris

There goes all my drama.  I guess I'll just sit back and watch mySelf with a good sense of humor.



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