My First Day

Howdy all, well I have survived my first day at TT

The most memorable part of this day is my resonating with the Wingmaker material.

More later..

Closing with Love, Bryce

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That truly is a great start!

Just to let you know- your comment on the Wingmaker's Art page, brought the forum up- so I read it and went on to re-discover the W's website- I am resonating too.

Clearly you were meant to be here & I think it is great to have you here!



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Howdy Cathy, great to hear you too are resonating with the WingMaker material. I read somewhere from Fred that a high percentage of new members have mentioned the WingMaker material as one of their strong interests. Perhaps Fred's comments in a thread "We are the WingMakers of the future" has some merit. The drawings are the keys to absorbing the non-verbal information that the future WingMakers wish us to have.

Closing with Love, Bryce

The bridge to higher consciiousness is made from Love, Compassions and Oneness.

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Howdy all... I have been reading and reading and reading sooooo much since I got here. I knew there was a lot here but the forums were something that were unknown to me before entering the portal. The conflicts in the forums were a surprise to me but I look forward to sharing my knowledge in the new forum categories that are being created by JoyAnna.

My WingMaker exploration continues to be my main focus at the moment. I am beginning to understand my purpose to be here and why TT was formed in the first place. There appears to me to be a large percentage of TT members that also have a great deal of interest in the WingMakers. We are definitely in the Onion Phase, peeling back each layer to reveal the next exploration. What fun!

Closing with Love, Bryce

The bridge to higher consciousness is made from Love, Compassion and Oneness.

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