Next 12:12 New Moon synch meditation

New moon July 3rd 3:23 EDT Same premise as two earlier meditations,
envision the new Earth in as much beauty as you can muster. Don't hold
back. See the beauty of your own soul and its interaction within
divinity. Thanks to MaryC who states, 'I Dream a beautiful World.' as
one, Rob.


   For the reminder Rov. 

   Holding the space always,



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Dear Rob ,Tricia and All,

Dream beauty,dream Love.


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Dear Ones,

I looked at the wrong calendar page! Correct info is  10:19pm EDT July(which is 2:19am july3rd PDT).

Universal time is same as GMT which is a 24hr 12:12 GMT would be daylight hours. Rob, What say you?

I am sorry for the mistake.  Love,Mary

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Hi All, I laughed heartly reading the discussion re time.  For something that doesn't exist it sure causes us some probs.  I think Berry might be the ultimate expert on this but I reakon we go with July 3 and focus on 12:12 (12 minutes past midday) GMT.  I'm being selfish here because that puts it at 22:12 local time, perfect for me.  Perhaps, another way of doing this is to dispense with the idea of time.  Perhaps on the day of the new moon when you have some time to focus in, see each member of the TT as joining hands forming a circle around the Earth (we have V-Long hands!) and projecting divine light from our heart space into the atmosphere of the Earth.  As the atmoshpere becomes charged, we can see deserts greening,  the flooded Earth drying out, the harmonious  existance of all living creatures and human kind.  All creatures and humans living in the peaceful abundance and harmony of a revitalised, healthy Earth.  In short, if you can find time at 12:12 GMT, do it.  If not, we are as one in group consciousness an all moments so link into TT group consciousness.  As one Rob

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Rob, you have touched on a practical if esoteric truth.  Time is not relevant in spiritual matters.  Outside of this 3rd density there is no past or future, only the Sacred Now.  So if we as a group focus on a particular space/time-time/space such as the moment of the new moon in our own geographical location (12:12 is great) with the intention that we are joining together with all of our other brothers and sisters, it will be as we intend. 


I do distant Reiki and Reiju with individuals across the World, intending that they receive the energy/healing force at  a particular time, for them.  I am doing it at 8pm CDT , Dallas.  They on the other had are recieving it at 2am, wherever they may be in this wide earth.  Time is an irrelevant issue when we are dealing with spiritual matters!

So I say that for this exercise, all those who intend to participate, focus on the Universal time (UST) and join in whenever you are able, knowing that outside of this density, we are all joining together as one outside of time.

In the love and light of our one infinite Creator.


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Dear Ones,

Thank you for giving the final word on the time question. I like the
spiritual way with time. MUCH EASIER.  Love,Mary

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