Niara, Extraterrestrial Emissary Reappearing Finally

Hello TT,

I'm sorry to have disappeared for so long.  My partner, Zack finished the TT course and came onboard... things were kind of touch and go with he and I for a while there, and I'm never sure if I'm on solid ground with him actually.  But I've turned my attention to other things.  For now we are still together and seem to be doing okay.  And I am less attached, in a good way.

1) I've spent over 8 weeks figuring out how to post and market my art online.  I create something called "lightsculpture".  Very beautiful and you can see them at .  They are for sale at links at the innervistas livespaces site.  There has been finding the right venues and working the social networking sites like Plaxo Pulse and MySpace and others, still a bit to do on this but I'm finally able to come up for air.  Part of the reason for really pouring it on was wondering if Zack and I would be staying together, and wanting to create a way to make more money to be on my own.

2) I've been really energized about the Galactic Federation predictions about showing up in October, likely the 14th.  Since I consider myself and extraterrestrial emissary for Star Nations of the Light, I've busy with my Durango Exopolitics blogs and email newsletter and since so many beautiful channeled messages are coming through to us I wanted to create a way to reach back out to these benevolent ETs in a tangible way.  I designed a beautiful bumper sticker (also now on tee shirts and a coffee mug) for people to buy and put on their cars or wear... etc.  I spent some time working with Jeff Peckman of the Extra Campaign (Denver ballot initiative for an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission - ( ) and 20% of the profits I make will go to support his work.  My Durango Exopolitics local meetings are picking up more and more members too, as the word gets out.  I find more and more people interested in things ET.  I also just wrote a piece for the local paper about the October 14th predicted event.

3) I visited southern California on a whirlwind trip to see CalEarth eco-domes to see if I wanted to pursue creating an affordable housing project here in the 4 Corners area for people here.  Affordable housing is much needed, and these are affordable, beautiful, sustainable and energy efficient.  So one of my next projects is a proposal to local area builders, organizations, realtors, sustainability groups, etc. to get a development of these things going.  I hope to get mine built and have open houses so others can see what's possible.

4) I have a book to write, about my experiences with ETs, the gov't, etc.  I've been compiling an outline, and will be getting down to the actual writing soon.  The dvd project on this is also in the works, with my friend Victoria Liljenquist doing the filming for me.  ( )

5) I have two speaking engagements on ETs coming up, one at the local metaphysical bookstore, one at a new conference here in town in November, and I'm meeting with one of the major planners of the Aztec UFO symposium about setting up their speakers and being one of them this next March.

And now the economy is in crisis... I've wondered about whether my art will even sell.  But my spirit guides tell me to continue doing what I need and want to do and what creates joy, and not to focus on the economy crisis.  So that's what I'm doing.  I imagine a whole new world opening up.

So, lots happening and much of what I do is at the computer (LOTS of computer time), so I may not still be on the Portal here too much, though I'll do my best to check in when I can.  I feel like I'm doing my dharma and I feel great about it.

Breathing Love with you all,


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Dear Niara,

Best of luck on your venture,talks,art and Zack. Will enjoy having a look at your stickers,your lights are beautiful.


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I appreciate your post here...  I've been so busy lately with Durango Exopolitics material and the October 14 prediction of a large ship or ships appearing.  From what I have experienced and what I know, this will be an incredibly important event if it takes place as predicted.  I want it to with all my heart and soul... that's why I designed the art for the bumper sticker at the CafePress shop, which I blogged about here on the TT Portal.  For me, it's personal. And if it doesn't happen exactly on the 14th, it's bound to happen soon.

Breathing Love,


"Love is all there is."

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Thank you for this post, Niari. I had to go to their website and have a look. They are absolutely beauiful homes. "Moon Cocoon" is from their website.

Best of luck in your art endeavors and thank you also for sharing some marketing techniques.

Love, Light, Life and Laughter


Stock Plans approved in Hesperia City and San Bernardino County.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your post.  I can share more of my marketing techniques once I stand back and figure out all of what it is that I've done!!  Laughing

The eco-domes are especially wonderful to experience in person.  If one can fall in love with a structure, I have.  I'm kind of waiting out this week to see what happens in the world and to rest myself a bit, then I'll launch into some of my next ventures.

Breathing Love with all of you,


"Love is all there is."

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Your advice is right in line with that of my spirit guides... Thanks for affirming them!



"Love is all there is."

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