Now I understand Trump

Fred, I really appreciate the link you put in the newsletter to Bentinho Massaro. I love this guy! I Have signed up for the Academy lessons.

I was watching one of the videos on youtube - and it explains the Trump phenomena.

Bentinho says that everything outside of ourselves is our creation. I've worked with that before but somehow it got through this time. He was having us project whatever we wanted him to be onto his image. He could say anything he wanted but what we heard would be our projection of our own particular vibration! 

I had to stop right there because it hit me like a brick! That's what people are doing to Trump. They are projecting their own images, doubts, fears, anger onto him and creating what seems to be an answer to their needs. They don't hear what he really says at all, just wait for him to stop and then cheer. He understood that early on when he said that he could kill someone in front of them and they'd still love him.

I am really feeling that Bentinho has pulled together a way of teaching people to look, not at what is, but at what we want to create. I am loving his videos - I'm done with focusing on what is wrong. Now I will focus totally on the new world I want to create.

Another interesting thing he said on Fred's link was that above our heads there is a network of all the different possible realities and we choose with our vibration which timeline or track we want to take. They are all leaving the station now and we have to choose. When you consider that the WWW is the same, invisible, above our heads, and connecting us all, then the image he presented seems very logical. I have been looking for a way to change timelines so I join the ones who want to move to 5D. Now I have found it.


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Bill Maher brought up the Trump thing last Friday night.  Bill grew up in New Jersey and Trump in Queens.  Bill said that people from Jersey and surrounding areas have seen the Trump type all their lives, boisterous and full of it, making grand gestures while trying to sell their BS.

He can't believe that anyone could be taken in by what appears so blatantly obvious to him.  I am in Bill's camp. I did not grow up in New Jersey or Queens. but I have seen this kind of personality and was definitely under the impression that most people had run into this very old and tired ego type.

Strange times man.  There was a day not so long ago when someone like Trump would have been laughed off the stage, even tarred and feathered if one goes back a little further in time.  How bad does establishment politics have to get before someone like Donald Trump becomes attractive to enough people to create a social phenomenon like this?  Apparently we have our answer...

The Mad World of Donald Trump (Full) | Documentary - YouTube

Another piece of the mysterious puzzle occurred to me.  When Obama was running for president and then became president it felt like such a relief after having to stomach GW for eight years (I have since been somewhat disappointed with some of the policies of Obama, but not for the reasons expressed on fox news or right wing hate radio).  Now a similar experience is happening for all those who have so relentlessly loathed Obama for eight years, and Trump is their presumed relief regardless of what he says or does.

His supporters are primarily right wing fox news hate radio Obama-haters who are understandably "fed up to here" (hand under chin image) with establishment politics in this country and would take just about anything in it's disgusting place.  And look out if their guy loses, or worse, if the GOP establishment steals it from him at the convention!  It is a perfect storm for frying pan to fire politics.

That said, sadly, all our choices this time around are somewhat grim....

The good news is, sometime in the not-so-distant future, when the dollar tanks after losing reserve currency status, manufacturing jobs will return to the US because we will be on the verge of 3rd world conditions.

USA USA USA usa usa usa usa

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That said, I love the larger point of you post Pam, as you said so well,

"I am really feeling that Bentinho has pulled together a way of teaching people to look, not at what is, but at what we want to create. I am loving his videos - I'm done with focusing on what is wrong. Now I will focus totally on the new world I want to create."

with this one small caveat:  I think it would be prudent to remain mindful of what is wrong to have some ideas towards what to focus on for positive solutions.  For example, the topic of climate change and possible solutions is being discussed recently in another forum post.  One could not discuss real time solutions if they did not acknowledge that something's wrong, that something adverse is happening and mankind is responsible to some degree.

Another way to see it is in the context of polarization.  Being too polarized to the negative or positive ends up in the same place, the outside whirlwind of the tornado (to use the analogy).  I have to think we want to be in the calm center of the tornado as much as possible while considering a way to proceed.

I say that, but I find myself in the whirlwind perimeter of the tornado as much or more than anyone, ha

Tricky disciplined mental balancing act for sure!

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Millions of Americans Now Claim Donald Trump Does Not Exist

Millions of Americans Now Claim Donald Trump Does Not Exist

By Richard Heinberg /

On May 13 the American news media reported that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had recruited U.S. Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota—a major oil drilling state—to help him draft his energy policy. Cramer has said he does not believe in human-caused climate change and that he therefore opposes efforts by the Obama administration to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Perhaps partly in response to Trump’s and Cramer’s climate views, surveys now suggest that millions of Americans doubt Donald Trump’s existence. On its face, this belief appears to fly in the face of abundant evidence—including Trump’s image on television and in newspapers, accounts and recordings of his speeches, and large buildings with his name emblazoned on them. Nevertheless, polls show the “Trump doesn’t exist” crowd is growing in numbers and in confidence.

Some Trump deniers appear to have adopted their views for strategic reasons. Mary Hartford of Nashville, Tennessee argues that, “If evidence of climate change can be denied, so can evidence of Trump’s existence. I believe this is a matter of personal choice. I’ve heard that several actual scientists take this view, so it’s fair to say there is no scientific consensus that Trump is a real entity. Until the matter is settled to my satisfaction, the question should be left open.” Hartford insists, “We choose our own reality. Trump has chosen to inhabit a reality in which climate change does not exist. We choose a reality in which Trump does not exist. It’s just as valid.”

Trump has chosen to inhabit a reality in which climate change does not exist. We choose a reality in which Trump does not exist. It’s just as valid.

Others are more genuinely skeptical of Donald Trump’s reality and say that the reputed evidence of his existence is due to a giant conspiracy. Asked why such evidence doesn’t convince him, Ima D. Nyer, a spokesman for the organization #ThereIsNoDonald told this reporter, “All of that material can be and has been doctored. Research has shown that none of those buildings with Trump’s name on them is actually owned by a real person named Donald Trump. And the birth certificate for Trump that’s on record is obviously forged. What else are we to conclude but that it’s all an elaborate hoax? Whether there ever was a person corresponding to the mythical Donald is an open question, but we’re convinced that the candidate going by that name is nothing but a lot of video images of an actor photoshopped over a series of backdrops including rallies, debates, and interviews.”

There may eventually be practical fallout from the “Is Trump Real?” debate.  Doubters insist that school children should be taught that Trump’s existence is “controversial,” and that inclusion of the candidate’s name on ballots across the country should be subject to legal challenges.

When asked why anyone would go to the trouble to create such an elaborate fraud, Nyer of #ThereIsNoDonald said, “The punditocracy just loves this illusory figure it has created. Their fictitious Trump has sold more newspapers and has generated more advertising revenue than any other person or event in the past decade. Inventing Donald Trump was the smartest idea they ever had.”

Even some religious groups doubt Trump’s existence. Carl McCarthy of the Southwest Synod of the Evangelical Brotherhood of Seekers says that a kind and loving God would never send someone like Donald Trump into the world to sow so much division and enmity. “Given the choice,” says McCarthy, “I’d prefer to believe that Trump is a figment of humanity’s collective imagination.”

Asked to speculate which (climate change or Trump), if real, would do the greater amount of harm to the Earth and its people, McCarthy chose not to answer the question directly. Instead he replied, “Believing that climate change exists and that Donald Trump also exists is just too much for my fragile psyche. The implications are just too depressing for words. One of them had to go, and I chose the one for which the evidence is flimsier—Trump, obviously.”

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This is a small excerpt from the journal I am running while on "The Rite of the Six Moons" journey.

Emotions - Water - West


EMOTIONS can be like a turbulent sea or worse a perfect storm, yet later that same day the same sea can turn into a mill pond. A strong vessel, WAKA, on the surface may be tossed around violently or later becalmed; those within the Waka might be safe although they are bound to the shifts in the seas moods. However the creatures that dwell beneath these waters have calm and stillness, with only the currents to carry them on their journeys.

So be always aware of your emotions, yet also take heart that beneath the turbulence there is always calm.

So often our emotions rule our thoughts, take care out there ................. Cool


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Nice I like that !   I am going to check that link out . thx man





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Cute, I hadn't seen that before!

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