the opening of a vast new timeline...

Today's Angel Message

Archangel Michael and all the angelic host, for the Creator of the universes


On this day, the seventeenth of September of your time, we wish to inform you of the opening of a vast new timeline.  Your world has been positioned by you to merge and end all previous timelines on December twenty-first.  No efforts to predict the future on those timelines have been successful, precisely because they will end on that date.


Your Creator has decreed an entirely new future for you, one which you have been given glimpses of, but have not been truly able to see as yet.  Other occurrences have been and are being manufactured right now in order to keep you distracted from this knowledge.  We tell you that nothing can deter you now from manifesting the future you have spent eons in creating through prayer and effort.  The futures that each of your souls have chosen is assured.


There will be a great deal of noise made to attempt to distract you, but those attempts will now be futile. As much as separation and darkness loves to think itself powerful, it can never prevail over the will of Creator.  This time/space “reality” is rapidly approaching its “sell by” date.


There is panic in some quarters as it becomes obvious what is happening.  Those who have taken pride in knowing that they understood things which they have hidden from you are now realizing that it is likely they have bet upon the wrong horse.


Many momentous things are happening and will continue to happen between now and the end of this year.  None of them, except those which occur in your inner world, are necessary for you to place your attention upon.  We know this will be very difficult for you to understand.  But it is what has built and will continue to build your new lives.  Your outer lives are reflections of the inner, not the reverse, as you have been taught.


You, my dear friends, are the creators of your circumstances.  What has happened is that enough of you have become aware of this to overcome the effect of the relatively few who used this knowledge to control you.  Let that be.  Do not give it your attention, unless to wish forgiveness and compassion upon those souls.  Keep your attention and intention focused on getting yourselves ready to be your best selves ever.


We know many of you converse daily with your highest selves.  We wish you now to invite those most powerful and loving beings to live as and through your physical selves.  Ask for all the fragmented pieces of yourselves that your previous traumas split off from you to return home and be whole again.  Voice to yourselves many times each day now the words “I AM,” and follow them with your highest understanding and desires.  Make it so, dear hearts.


Let’s get this party started!  In love and friendship, we wish you, as always, good day.


Channeled by Ron Head


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Considering this information.

Many momentous things are happening and will continue to happen between now and the end of this year. None of them, except those which occur in your inner world, are necessary for you to place your attention upon. We know this will be very difficult for you to understand. But it is what has built and will continue to build your new lives. Your outer lives are reflections of the inner, not the reverse, as you have been taught.



That was very interesting, Kev.  Thank you.


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   spoke of these timelines coming together also. I like the point in this post where he says,,,,none have been able to predict what happens once they converge,,,it makes a lot of sense,,,,,and explains all those futile attempts that have been made at predicting the future.....Once they merge,,,a lot of crazy things could happen,,but i believe the end result will be a better, more beautiful world,,,as love is the driving force behind this,,,Love bubbles to all,,,,T

We know many of you converse daily with your highest selves. We wish you now to invite those most powerful and loving beings to live as and through your physical selves. Ask for all the fragmented pieces of yourselves that your previous traumas split off from you to return home and be whole again. Voice to yourselves many times each day now the words “I AM,” and follow them with your highest understanding and desires. Make it so, dear hearts. 

-->  Soul Fragmentation created multiple timelines.  This is what I believe is happening... we are reuniting our own souls and collapsing timelines that no longer need to be (as the soul involved is no longer there). 

--->  It is about to get a bit dicey... hold onto your hats and center on that surf board because it is going to be one heck of a ride. 



September 12, 2012

Fall Equinox Reaches a Melchizedek Principle, an Accumulative Solar Factor that will reach a Quantum Energy for the Capacity of Light to be Accelerated on the Planet.
This is an Ascension Dynamic, a plan to Amplify the Creation Dynamics on Earth.

tr. by Sean, ed. by Sandra, M.

JKM 9-12-12 The Creation Principle of the Accumulative Factors of the Living Geometries of Light of the New Earth-Fall Equinox 2012

Judith in Denver and Sean in Salmon Arm 5:30 am PST

We open to the Source of Creation, the power of the Infinite Oneness and the wisdom of the universe, with the intention to receive any message that is from the highest source of light.

This message is given from the consciousness that is a soul consciousness of the Ascended Masters, through the ascension planes.

There are areas of consciousness now, on the planet, that have evolved into a frequency of Oneness and are actually generating harmonic frequencies into the Earth's hologram. These source areas are areas where souls of light are called to co-create with the elementals, the cosmic forces and the collective power of their light bodies. They are the first regions that reach a capacity to fully utilize and integrate solar powers and the cosmic frequencies.

The energy systems in these areas have developed crystalline geometric structure through which there is an amplification of conscious intention and collective focus on the principles of universal law, through communion with the water elements and the dynamics of the Earth's elemental systems. This means that the energy generated from the collective field of the souls, the ascension beings that are of the 131313, their collective frequency, Bringers of the Dawn, has actually developed the capacity to harmonize with the emerging hologram of the 5th-dimensional Earth.

These are areas which may not be defined purely by what you would think of as spiritual centers. It certainly includes the spiritual centers. But they are areas where humanity is gravitating towards the higher principles of community and co-creative energy. These are areas, through the sacred geometry principles of light, that have been awakened and utilized with the soul groups that are using the sacred geometries of light and actually putting them to work, actually working with the geometric formulas.

These formulas have become the formulas for peaceful co-creation, and have formed lenses in these regions where there is sufficient collective energy to feed the light into the new hologram, to receive the cosmic frequencies and the DNA from Creation Source, the new DNA codes, organizing into light structures through sacred geometry principles. This creates the holographic lens for the 5th-dimensional Earth.

These areas are well developed energy centers and, of course, involve the individuals who have focused on spiritual centers, honoring the principles of One and unity through diversity, sovereignty. Those particular energy centers are amplifying the energies generated by the living blueprint of the 5th-dimensional Earth.

As the old paradigm hologram plays itself out, those centers, which are centers of higher amplification of cosmic frequencies, radiate energy into the collective. This creates, through the principles of quantum harmonic resonance, geodesic crystalline energy forms that are truly the seeds of light for the New Holographic Earth.

In the area where the Earth is still restricted in the quality and vibration of the energy, there are certain souls of light which may or may not define themselves as spiritual beings but live by spiritual principles. Those souls of light, their DNA is calibrated to psychically connect to these geodesic seeds, which gives space for the expansion of the sacred light geometry principles.

The souls of light on the planet that are the beings who have agreed to cooperate with the ascension principles of Creation for the Earth have matured through the test of their faith. Through their practice of light principles, they have matured.

As you approach alignments, such as the fall Equinox of 2012, when the cosmos, itself, bursts forth with energy that are powerful frequencies of Creation, and the sun generates the solar principles of Solar Genesis, these systems are prepared, because you will gather individually with your collective conscious groups in the non-physical reality, and collectively in groups, such as ceremonies that are coming in these next days. Those quantum energetics accelerate the propensity of velocity of the quality of light on the planet.

All of this is organized in crystalline structures through the harmonics of sound and light frequencies, through the whales and the dolphins. As they came in the beginning, the cetaceans carry the language of light for the manifestation of the manna, the manifestation of the power of Creation, and the Creation languages, that manifests the New Earth Principles, manifests the Creation Principles of the emerging Earth in the birthing through the birthing waters, through the womb of the Great Mother Principle.

This means that all that is born of light these days is directly channeled through the Great Mother Principle, and that the whales and the dolphins will be sending intelligent communications, whale songs, dolphin codes, to all conscious beings. These intelligent communications give instructions on a super-conscious level for the New Human to develop the skills of co-creation with the Universal Oneness.

This power enhances the capacity for balance, harmonic relationship and the creative principles of the highest aspect of human consciousness.

The purpose of this message is to acknowledge this phenomenon and to offer the opportunity for the ascension workers on the planet to consciously engage with this system.

Those of you, who have developed communication skills with the whales and the dolphins, now is the time for you to open your psyche to the supreme intelligent frequencies that the whales and the dolphins will be sending to humanity through you, as transmitters of light.

Certainly, you have developed the ability to work through the water element of the planet because it is through your communion with water that all Creation is enhanced. Because Gaia is a water planet and Creation first emerged from the water principle, and now that very water principle is the core energetics, the core energetics, for the birthing of this new light which opens now in these days of light and begins its process of quantum acceleration.

Waves, waves of such intelligent energies, such as you have never experienced before, will be transmitted through your field. It is important to hydrate yourself. It is important to connect to water sources during these days of light. Think of the way that water receives the sparkling energy of the sun. How beautiful it is when you see the ocean or the lake turn golden with the light of the sun. That is the holographic mirror and the principle that allows you a space of visualization for the receptivity that is opening now, with these Creation energies.

Prepare for a new emergence. But also prepare that there will be a new demand on your energy body, requiring each individual to be sensitive to the power that is moving through your physical body. Be sensitive to your body's needs at this time.

There is an accumulative solar principle through the solstice gates on the planet. Please do not rush through this sentence. It is an important sentence.

Throughout the Ages, the centers where the ancients arranged Equinox and Solstice alignment calendars, those are the essential points on the planet because there is accumulative solar principle. For example, Stonehenge, built as a great cosmic generator, has accumulated fractals of solar frequencies, every Equinox and Solstice, every one, from the moment of inception.

This Fall Equinox reaches a Melchizedek Principle. Don't just think of Stonehenge. Think of Chaco Canyon. Think of Malta. Think of Giza. Think of every single stone circle where the solar calendars were set, every temple in any country, South Africa, Mexico, Peru. It's not necessary to list all these places, but now imagine that that is an enormous calibrated device that has an accumulative solar factor that will reach now, in this Fall Equinox, a Melchizedek Principle. That means that each of these solar codes form fractals of light, that are living geometries.

An accumulative factor has to reach a quantum energy at some point. And everything in the universe is primed for this opportunity for the capacity of light to be accelerated on the planet. This is purely the Ascension Dynamics and a system that was guided by the highest conscious intelligence of Universal Oneness, working through many realms and dimensions, to create this quality, this particular quality NOW, to amplify the Creation dynamics.

Thus, what is given is given of love through the principles of Infinite Oneness, and this light shall not perish upon the Earth, but to generate, to be bountiful, fruitful and abundant.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

The date itself indicates one of those Gregorian triggers of our calendar, 9, the number of completion, and the 12-12 being the master Melchizedek code.

Laurie Reyon is going to be down with the incredibly intelligent group of dolphins in Panama with, of course, Grandma Jojo with the Metatron Principles. I think of the gathering of these grandmothers at Flora de Mayo's. That is this weekend.


There is panic in some quarters as it becomes obvious what is happening. Those who have taken pride in knowing that they understood things which they have hidden from you are now realizing that it is likely they have bet upon the wrong horse.  --AA Michael through Ron Head 9/17 Message posted above


September 17, 2012 1:58 PM

Hezbollah supporters wave flags and hold up Arabic banners reading "At your service God's prophet, America equals terrorism, and America does not equal freedom" during a rally in Beirut Sept. 17, 2012, denouncing an anti-Islam film that has provoked a week of unrest in Muslim countries worldwide. (AP Photo)

(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - Diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut have started to destroy classified material as a security precaution amid anti-American protests in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa.


The leader of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah called for sustained protests in a rare public appearance at a rally in Beirut. Already Monday, rioting demonstrators battled with police outside a U.S. military base in Afghanistan and the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia as violent protests over an anti-Islam film spread to Asia after a week of unrest in Muslim countries worldwide.


A State Department status report obtained Monday by The Associated Press said the Beirut embassy had "reviewed its emergency procedures and is beginning to destroy classified holdings." It also said that local Lebanese employees were sent home early due to protests by the militant Shiite group Hezbollah over an anti-Muslim film produced in the U.S.


The turmoil surrounding the low-budget movie that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad shows no sign of ebbing nearly a week after protesters first swarmed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya in the eastern city of Benghazi. At least 10 protesters have died in the riots, and the targeting of American missions has forced Washington to ramp up security in several countries.

In Washington, a State Department official said there was no imminent threat to the heavily fortified Beirut embassy, which is about an hour away from where the nearest demonstration is planned.


The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss security procedures, said the decision to "reduce classified holdings" was routine and made by embassy staff.


In Libya, the ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi destroying classified documents with Sean Smith, the Foreign Service information management officer killed with Stevens in the attack Tuesday, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports.


After Tuesday's incidents, the State Department ordered all U.S. embassies and consulates around the world to review their security postures. As a result, a number of missions decided to destroy classified material, the official said. It was not immediately clear which other missions besides the one in Beirut had taken that step.


The official stressed it was normal under circumstances such as those of last week for embassies to reduce the amount of classified material that they hold. Classified documents are also routinely culled as part of normal embassy operations.


Earlier Monday, the State Department renewed its warning to U.S. citizens to "avoid all travel to Lebanon because of current safety and security concerns." It said U.S. citizens "living and working in Lebanon should understand that they accept risks in remaining and should carefully consider those risks."


The new alert, which superseded a May 8 warning, said the potential for a "spontaneous upsurge in violence remains" in Lebanon and that Lebanese authorities are not able to guarantee protection if violence erupts quickly.


The warning also noted that the Fulbright and the English Language Fellow programs that gave grants to American scholars to live and work in Lebanon during the academic year have been suspended "because of the deteriorating security situation and the increased possibility of attacks against U.S. citizens in Lebanon."


Protests against the movie turned violent for the first time in Afghanistan on Monday as hundreds of people burned cars and threw rocks at a U.S. military base in the capital, Kabul. Many in the crowd shouted "Death to America!" and "Death to those people who have made a film and insulted our prophet." They also spiraled out of control in Indonesia and Pakistan, while several in the Middle East were calm.


Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon's powerful Hezbollah group, has rarely been seen in public since his Shiite Muslim group battled Israel in a month-long war in 2006, fearing Israeli assassination. Since then, he has communicated with his followers and gives news conference mostly via satellite link.


On Monday, he spoke for about 15 minutes before tens of thousands of cheering supporters, many of them with green and yellow headbands around their foreheads -- the colors of Hezbollah -- and the words "at your service God's prophet" written on them.


Nasrallah, who last appeared in public in December 2011 to mark the Shiite holy day of Ashoura, said the U.S. must ban the movie and have it removed from the Internet and called for his followers to maintain pressure on the world to act.


"This is the start of a serious movement that must continue all over the Muslim world in defense of the prophet of God," he said to roars of support. "As long as there's blood in us, we will not remain silent over insults against our prophet."


He called for a series of demonstrations this week to denounce the video.

Hezbollah supporters wave flags and hold up Arabic banners reading "At your service God's prophet, America equals terrorism, and America does not equal freedom" during a rally in Beirut Sept. 17, 2012, denouncing an anti-Islam film that has provoked a week of unrest in Muslim countries worldwide. (AP Photo)

Hezbollah's rallies seem aimed at keeping the issue alive by bringing out large crowds. But the group also appeared to be trying to ensure it did not spiral into violence, walking a careful line. Notably, Hezbollah held Monday's protest in its own mainly Shiite stronghold of Dahieh in south Beirut, far from the U.S. Embassy in the mountains north of the capital or other international diplomatic missions.



For the group, anger over the low-budget movie that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad provides a welcome diversion from the crisis in Syria, which has brought heavy criticism on Hezbollah for its support of President Bashar Assad. But stoking riots in Beirut could also bring a backlash in the tensely divided country.


The movie portrays Islam's Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a child molester. Protesters have directed their anger at the U.S. government, insisting it should do something to stop it, though the film was privately produced. American officials have criticized it for intentionally offending Muslims -- and in one case, acted to prevent it being shown at a Florida church.


A number of Afghan religious leaders urged calm after protests broke out in several parts of Kabul.


"Our responsibility is to show a peaceful reaction, to hold peaceful protests. Do not harm people, their property or public property," said Karimullah Saqib, a cleric in Kabul.


On the main throroughfare through the city, demonstrators burned tires, shipping containers and at least one police vehicle before they were dispersed. Elsewhere in the city, police shot in the air to hold back a crowd of about 800 protesters and prevent them from pushing toward government buildings downtown, said Azizullah, a police officer at the site who, like many Afghans, only goes by one name.


More than 20 police officers were slightly injured, most by rocks, said Gen. Fahim Qaim, the commander of a city quick-reaction police force.


The rallies will continue "until the people who made the film go to trial," said one protester, Wahidullah Hotak, among several dozen people demonstrating in front of a Kabul mosque, demanding President Obama bring those who have insulted the prophet to justice.


Several hundred demonstrators in Pakistan's northwest clashed with police Monday after setting fire to a press club and a government building, said police official Mukhtar Ahmed. The protesters apparently attacked the press club in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province's Upper Dir district because they were angry their rally wasn't getting more coverage, he said.


Police charged the crowd in the town of Wari, beating protesters back with batons, Ahmad said. The demonstrators then attacked the office of a senior government official and surrounded a local police station, said Ahmad, who locked himself inside with several other officers.


One protester died when police and demonstrators exchanged fire, and several others were wounded, police official Akhtar Hayat said.


Elsewhere in Pakistan, hundreds of protesters clashed with police for a second day in the southern city of Karachi as they tried to reach the U.S. Consulate. Police lobbed tear gas and fired in the air to disperse the protesters, who were from the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami party. Police arrested 40 students, but no injuries have been reported, said senior police officer Asif Ejaz Shaikh.


Pakistanis have also held many peaceful protests against the film, including one in the southwest town of Chaman on Monday attended by around 3,000 students and teachers.


In Jakarta, hundreds of Indonesians clashed with police outside the U.S. Embassy, hurling rocks and firebombs and setting tires alight, marking the first violence over the film seen in the world's most populous Muslim country.


At least 10 police were rushed to the hospital after being pelted with rocks and attacked with bamboo sticks, said Jakarta Police Chief Maj. Gen. Untung Rajad. He said four protesters were arrested and one was hospitalized.


Demonstrators burned a picture of Mr. Obama and also tried to ignite a fire truck parked outside the embassy after ripping a water hose off the vehicle and torching it, sending plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky. Police used a bullhorn to appeal for calm and deployed water cannons and tear gas to try to disperse the crowd as the protesters shouted "Allah Akbar," or God is great.


"We will destroy America like this flag!" a protester screamed while burning a U.S. flag. "We will chase away the American ambassador from the country!"


Demonstrations were also held Monday in the Indonesian cities of Medan and Bandung. Over the weekend in the central Java town of Solo, protesters stormed KFC and McDonald's restaurants, forcing customers to leave and management to close the stores.


German authorities are considering whether to ban the public screening of the film, titled "Innocence of Muslims" because it could endanger public security, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday. A fringe far-right political party says it plans to show the film in Berlin in November.


Iran's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called on the West to block the film Monday to prove they are not "accomplices" in a "big crime," according to Iranian state TV.


Such an appeal falls into the major cultural divides over the film. U.S. officials say they cannot limit free speech and Google Inc. refuses to do a blanket ban on the YouTube video clip. This leaves individual countries putting up their own blocks.

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Why doesn't CBS news mention the title of this 'anti-muslim' movie?  Does it really exist?

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   what I was thinking,,,,that sure was a long story,,,and not even a mention of the name of the movie


Shedding the Chrysalis: The Countdown Begins
by Lauren Gorgo On 9/18/2012
September 20, 2012
In The 5D Report Before we get into the meat of this beefy article, the Pleiadian High Council would first like me to mention, rather, reiterate (from the last report) that we are coming into another round of significant evolutionary change. My feeling is that they are referring to the second of seven Uranus/Pluto squares happening this week (9/19), the equinox (9/22), in addition to the intensifying pressure of the cosmic contractions (10:10, 11:11, 12:12) leading up to our collective birth in December (12/21).
These new energies that we are now facing daily are not only affecting each and every one of us on the path to higher consciousness, but they are also beginning to really effect the ways in which the people of the whole world function… in noticeable ways.
They explain it like this:
The new energies are here now to serve those at the forefront of humanity…lets call it ‘the 5D energy.’ These inevitable and unavoidable forces of light are beginning to infiltrate the world at large in a much more physical way than before. By this we mean that those who were seemingly unaffected by the intensified photonic frequencies in the past will now begin to show signs of increasing volatility, just as those of you reading this are undoubtedly noticing the almost comical speed by which time is flying by you. Indeed you are approaching the sacred zero-point where the rapidly increasing compression of time forces itself to collapse as a linear construct.
Moreover, the new frequencies you are now able to perceive and participate with are much more in-line with the new (5D) human prototype than the old (3D) human prototype. This means that those of you who are nearing the completion of your cellular transformation will be subject to the many benefits of transfiguration, while those who are wired to the old harmonic will begin to experience the deterioration of their reality system much more swiftly. This is not to say that these energies will bring undue harm, only that many more will be prompted to look within for answers to the building pressures forcing change.
Just Be Love!
More than anything I am getting the message for the coming weeks that the role of the new human is not one of saving, healing, or altering external circumstances, but to uphold a sense of order (neutrality) for the new paradigm.
I’ll be the first to admit that this is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to loved ones. There are, and will be, more and more unexpected events/changes in the lives of people we know and love that will at once be brilliant, catastrophic, amazing, devastating, and all divinely ordered.
It’s in these moments that we are called to put our mastery in action because it can be tempting…especially for you healers out there…to try to “save” our friends and family from the purifying fires of hell. Yet, deeply we all know from travailing our own individual versions of hell, that this is ultimately necessary and that even though the fire can get ridiculously hot, we never get severely burned…long as we are “thinking with our hearts.”
The heat is definitely getting cranked up and so we are urged now more than ever, to stay in neutrality and radiate the light of (universal) Love…and mostly because falling out of Love has more consequences than before.
As we become more adept at carrying the (528Hz) Love frequencies in every cell of our being, we also put forth and maintain an energetic equilibrium that is vital to our new-human health, and also to the integrity of the new (planetary) grid…the system that feeds and sustains us as new earth beings.
If we fall prey to the energies around us… that is to say, if we become emotionally entangled or attached to the rumbling drama of the falling world (which will be getting louder)…then we are not only at risk of becoming destabilized, but we also become a major contributor to this outworn reality system.
What we are meaning to convey is that many of you are beyond powerful now in your capabilities as new-human avatars, which means that the slightest intention wields great universal support. If that energy is put to misuse…for example, inadvertently applied to the emotional unrest of the dismantling world…this would, in fact, reinforce its capacity to derail you ten fold. -PHC
In other words, where we put our energy/focus is much more powerful now because, as the PHC said in the last report, the energetics that once served the 3D world are fully “flipped over” and in position to serve the 5D world. So as we enter into more tumultuous times on the planet, our focus on Love becomes a much bigger deal.
In fact, our focus on Love as the precipitating force behind the core structure of change will increase the possibility of making it so. At the risk of redundancy, the PHC remind us again and again that now is the time to take the bigger view, to remain firmly planted in the truth that Love is the foundation for all change. The more we are capable to do this, the more we can significantly reduce planetary suffering on all levels.
Note: In the event this information invokes a somber tone or if you’ve been feeling a general sense of anxiety or foreboding looming about, I want to be clear that whatever changes are in store, it’s likely not just one event that will topple things over. Though system changes continue, and will no doubt increase in succession, the series of shifts that will take place on the micro and macro level will likely be a chain of events that will ultimately restructure major parts of society. Like most things, we will probably notice most of it in retrospect.
We are sharing this strictly to effectuate change at the light-work level, to those who are capable of putting forth great (scalar) waves of Love…which will be greatly effective over the ensuing days. The tide has turned in your favor…the conscious few rule the governing direction of planetary energy now .-PHC
If your wondering how to put this information to use, to literally effectuate change in your life, in the world…and even at the universal level…the unseens say what they always do: Just Be Love.
So just for giggles I asked…how, specifically, do we just Be Love?
By which they replied:
You Be Love by refusing to fall into negativity or fear. It’s as simple as that. Each time you override a thought of fear with Love, each time you expand your view, each time you remember that All Is Perfect And Well, you have won. Remain as a pillar of Love, call on Love, breathe Love in and out. That is all. When you do this with intent to spread Love you multiply the flow of adamantine particles which are controlled only by Love. Similar to negative ions, these sacred particles release enormous pressure on earth and humanity by easing tension and soothing strain. We can’t think of a better way to change your life and the world. ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s Free Version Only on the condition that the content remains complete, in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely. *

The Innocence of Muslims movie is what the News articles are speaking about.  The link is below.  It is easy to find by simply googling "The Muhammed Movie".

The whole movie has not been released just a clip or trailer depending on the youtube or google movie clip you happen to watch or view.  This is what "they" say all the violence is about.  It is a 13min 15 sec clip. --Fairy

Innocence of Muslims is the Muhammad Movie by Sam Bacile that caused Muslims to kill United States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens. The anti Islam video claims Islam is a lie and Mohammed was a pedophile. Reviews of the Muhammad Film have ranged from "Disgusting" to "the riot laugh of the summer." All rights to Sam Becile or whoever made this film.



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