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It's a cloud pyramid! There is so much design, order, and beauty in the natural world that it boggles the imagination. In the face of this, why do we worry so much? :-)

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I searched google images with that image(you click on the little camera icon and follow the directions) and then I searched Lenticular clouds after that....

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I didn't think this was a real photo until I searched and found Lenticular Clouds.  (Looks like Brian and I were simultaneously on the same wavelength, ha, ha.)

So here's an explanation and a bunch more photos:


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That was cool Noa. I once flew to Utah in winter and the many mountains on the way were snow covered sparkling in the sun. But it startled me when I began to see lenticular clouds over many peaks. I had never seen even one before-just in a picture or two and I had thought it was extremely rare. Arrived in Salt Lake City and if you haven't seen it, it's a flat valley ringed by snowy peaks on all sides. Just so beautiful. It was hard to take in for a boy from the Garden State.

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I love those things.


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