The Reconnection on the Pandemic

An interesting view on the current "Swine Flu" Pandemic.   They tell you how to make it work for you.

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Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......
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My Dear Friends,

Your collective experience, and our relationship to it, is about to come full circle. If you will recall.....our very first transmission to you dealt with worldwide concerns about a dis-ease state known as "AIDS." Then, after some time passed, we spoke briefly to you about certain conditions known as Avian Flu and SARS. Now your world is witnessing the appearance of yet another MASS INFUSION of "New Energy," in the appearance of "Swine Flu."

As is the case with most Energy Activations, Swine Flu has moved your Collective Consciousness even closer to its "edge." Senses feel heightened, confusion gathers all about you, and many ponder openly whether this might be the "beginning of the end" for your race.

It is not. Terrorism, Economic Turmoil, Political Unrest, and Global Health Challenges are simply punctuation marks, heralding the END of a VERY LONG BEGINNING for Earth's Ascension back into full communion and ongoing interaction with the Glorious Multiverse.

Those who spread fear are also those who are experiencing it most deeply. Do not be distracted by the appearance of "bravado" in words or actions. The best defense is always a good offense! He or she who threatens and offends is also the one most threatened---although awareness of fear often remains buried, deep inside your unconscious mind.

Terror means ACTIVATION. The body gets hot, breathing accelerates, and a general clearing takes place---as a human psyche makes way for imminent change. A cool, calm exterior is NOT the "norm" for this period in human history. When it prevails, it's merely a REST STOP as you rev your Planetary Engine, prepping for yet ANOTHER LEAP into 4D and beyond.

Economic Turmoil symbolizes a Mass Shifting of Values. And Global Pandemic is a sign that certain walls and divisions within your physical world have been compromised---broken down----making it ever-more-necessary for individuals and groups to COLLABORATE and find COMMON SOLUTIONS to these threats that stand before you now. The word "immune" takes on a new meaning at this point. When examined closely......phonetically......the deeper meaning of this word becomes:
"I am IN you."

All these manifestations......the turmoil, the terror, the terrorism, the dis-ease, and certainly the decision to collaborate......ALL are reflections of SELF, seen from various angles and perspectives as this process unfolds. To imagine that ANY part of this is the work of one person, or group of persons, tends to negate the involvement and consent of ALL PEOPLES in these transformations that are now underway.

Though your natural inclination, up to this point, has been to CAST OUT and PROJECT SHADOW upon certain individuals or groups who appear to be the initiators of imminent change---NOW is the time for humanity to individually assume FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the initiation and dispatch of each "wave" of Planetary Rebirth.

We realize that this will require a HUGE STEP of Faith. So be it! Don't bother with how things LOOK or FEEL at this point. These times are very difficult. That's a given. Instead, notice what each process (ultimately) DOES! Notice where things tend to end up.

The word PANDEMIC means "involving the whole world." That is what these current energies are doing. Wake up, Break Up, Shake Up, or Make up! The time for decision is now. We love you, more than you can imagine. We are always here. (end transmission)

Channeled by Daniel Jacob.

Copyright, 2009, by Daniel Jacob. May be copied and shared for purposes of research and/or personal growth. All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.

Dennis Pauley's picture

"those who spread fear are those who experience it most deeply. What do you choose to experience? That is THE question. Thank you Berry for these thoughts. I am eternally grateful for your light influence in this lifetime.

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Dear Berry, thank-you for casting these 'pearls before swine' (flu)  As one, Rob.

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