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Sacred greetings! Namasté and ajo!


I've started a new project which I wish to pursue with consultation. I'm starting my own website devoted mainly to mentoring indigoes and spreading many, many of the ideas that brought us all here, today. The site will be at There's nothing there yet, not even an Under Construction sign. I don't really want the site to be about me, although one part of my idea is to have galleries of my own digital artwork which people can take for free to use on websites, in email, however they like. My hope is that this will bring traffic and even advertisers to the site.


I did this in the 90s at the long-gone Different portals led to things like social issues, mens issues, health and nutrition pages, spirituality, sexuality, etc. This will be similar. It occurs to me that I'm doing something somewhat analogous to what Fred has done in building this portal. I don't have any illusions that it will be as amazingly well-organized and focused, but it'll reflect the same passion and the topics will be similar.


A little money came my way, which I used to buy the domain name and tons of tools and space. Now, I'm over my head! As a webmaster I'm a total amateur, but what I'm consulting with my friends on is how to use this resource for the greatest good.


Love to hear YOUR ideas!




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Hi Dave,

Sounds like a great project. As I have some experience in putting things like this together, don't hesitate to contact me for ideas. We've largely used drupal to build this portal. Drupal is an open source software development group that has many wonderful things designed free to support social networking. You take care and have fun with it! 

With sacred love flowing,

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In 2003 I started my own Web site, "The Azcar Connection" with the hopes of getting people to share their own experiences in a dialogue format much like to are describing. I financed this entirely on my own and there was no charge for posting by others. Over two years I had just five contributors, then it just dropped off to zero. I didn't want it to become a commercial site so I refused all inquiries about selling advertising and products on my site.

I was on page one with Yahoo so I was certainly getting visibility. My Daily stats showed I was getting hits everyday but in the end I realized it was just spam that was being dumped on me. I would not let it become a commercial venture so it just didn't seem to have anything to keep people interested. In many ways it was a good experience, I just finally realized that I didn't have a format that others wanted to participate in. For that reason what ever potential it might have had was never realized.

Sorry I don't have more ideas to give you with this, I just have my own failed experience to relate to.

Carl Azcar

All the best with this, and God bless your efforts,

Carl Azcar

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Gosh, I have spent hours and hours and done everything five times, and it still ain't just right. But the basic skeleton is there. Please drop by and let me know what you think. It'll be a work in progress for a long, long time.

I have so many ideas for this, but first I'm trying to cram a semester's worth of programming class into a few afternoons and evenings....and nights....and early really, it's fun. Please feel free to suggest anything!



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