Seven Days of the new Earth each month (OK 24 hours might do it!)

Dearest all, I put this idea before you. The idea is not fresh, in recent weeks this idea has attempted to break through many postings but here goes,

For one week each month we hold our vision to the world we want to live in. Let us see in our mind, our collective consciousness, discuss amongst each other the blue prints, spiritual building materials, what we need to create the new Earth. Let us start a forum that holds the idea, the meditations, the channellings inspirations of a new world, the sort of world we want to transform to...I think you get the idea..

What this would mean. For one week each month (perhaps 24 hours is all we could manage collectively) we do not participate in debating about democracy in the TT, we restrain ourselves from the various defensive positions we might hold about a particular topic, we do not project our egos onto others, we do not gossip, game play, intrigue, and so forth. We could have all that back at the conclusion of the cycle.

For a short period each month we stay focussed on the new Earth, not the old.

We know how bad things are, we can easily imagine the worst aspects of ourselves and see how these manifest through secret governments etc. I know the arguments, knowledge is power, democracy is only as good as the voices of protest she protects and so forth. But what is democracy and knowledge for if it does not lead us into enlightenment? We can endlessly gaze into the mirror and observe our beauty/ugliness but let us put the mirror away for a short period each month and hold the highest vision for a new Earth. What do you think? As one, Rob

PS my apologies if this idea has come up before in another forum I still haven't read through all material, but at least the idea can be put back into the forefront of our minds .

JoyAnna's picture

Hi Chris,

I think I like your suggestion, especially the PDFs linked to the next part of the thread (1.1
PDF linked at the beginning of 1.2, and so on....).
So would this be done for each thread of the greater Forum? i.e. 1.1, 1.2, etc. would be for Energy; 2.1, 2.2 etc. for Community; 3.1, 3.2 etc. for Consciousness, etc.; depending on the list we end up wanting to discuss?

Is this what you have in mind? It sounds like it could keep the  various threads in a more managable form and length, This would be wonderful since we hope the idea will grow and continue as a major project for the Portal.

The idea of naming the project "The Green Room" has potential. I didn't realize the purpose of the green room was for prayer in preparation for the performance. I always thought it was simply a place for the participants to be on call and gab before and after the show. It will be interesting to see what other suggests are contributed. Shall I start another list?


ChrisBowers's picture

That's the beauty of the PDF idea.  It will accommodate any way we wish to proceed, and we can continue to link the preceeding archived files right there in the latest edition forum.  The rest is simply up to us keeping the forum alive and running for as long as we..........

Love, Chris

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What and inovative idea, it must have come from Infinite Intellegence.  I am completely in favor of developing this method.  And I think that Joyanna should be our coordinator.  She seems to have wonderful organizational skills.  Thank you dear Joyanna for your suggestions. I am a computer illerterate when it comes to manageing data so I am thrilled that the talent has been provided.  Thank you Creator.  I am also thrilled with the ideas that have been created on this thread and can see where we are most joyously coming together as a family of spirits with One Unified Intention.  I LOVE IT! 

Thank you all for being a part of this new creation of Love and Light on the Portal and moving more certainly toward Transformation.


In the Love and Light of our One Infinite Creator,


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--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Howdy all... I have just joined the Transformation Team this morning. I have finished my personal info if you want to get to know me better. WOW, your New Earth project is awesome and I too want to participate in it. Interesting that I have just finished the online New Earth Presentations by Tolle and Oprah and find this thread immediately :).

Love Bryce (cocreator)

The bridge to higher consciousness is made from Love, Compassion and Oneness.

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Welcome Cocreator! I love Eckhardt's universally acccessible way of articulating the clearest, highest truth.

Joyanna, I'd like to add a topic item to our list: authenticity and spiritual bypass.

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This is John's suggestions to begin the list of threads:

New Earth Project Threads

  • Energy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Community
  • Consciousness
  • Ecological enhancement
  • Multi-dimensionality
  • Contact & communication with our galactic siblings
  • What it means to awaken
  • Illusion of dual-unity
  • Media’s use in facilitating the shift, and consolidating/integrating the changes
  • Systems and process thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Shadow integration within ourselves
  • Authenticity and spiritual bypas

A great beginning. I can add to it as you suggest.


JoyAnna's picture

This long list is what I have come up with so far. Now it’s your turn to work it over and make suggestions and changes.
So far, I can see these four main areas of visualization, with the various topics that might fit under or within them. We might want to add other broad areas and/or other sub-topics.
For right now, lets add topics or divisions and then later we can combine, reduce, rearrange etc. This is the brainstorming stage. We will need to refine it later, but for now, lets try to get as many topics covered as we feel are important. We want the fabric we weave to be lush with beautiful colors.
Chris, do you think it is about time to PDF everything up to this point and link to this post as a new starting point? I’m eager to see how that will work.
Everyone, is this heading in the right direction?
The thought came to me that for this first attempt, we should concentrate on visualizing our 3D existence rather than what it may be like after the Transition or Ascension. Seems we need to clean up our own mess before trying to imagine what will be in another dimension.
Thank you all for letting me be part of this experiment. I am so excited about it.
Loving you all in our new world,

New Earth Project Threads

Project Structure:

  • Name
  • Summaries
  • PDF links
  • How to display in Portal
  • Systems and Process Thinking
  • “Amerocentrism” in our perspectives

Personal Necessities in 3D

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Employment or Occupation

Social Interaction

  • Community
  • Government and Laws
  • Ecological Enhancement
  • Media used to facilitate and consolidate the changes
  • Contact & Communication with our galactic siblings

Philosophical, Spiritual

  • Consciousness
  • What it means to awaken
  • Multi-dimensionality ?
  • Illusion of Dual-Unity ?
  • Shadow Integration within ourselves
  • Authenticity: Face and embrace all of our selves and all of life.
  • Spiritual Bypass: Spiritual jargon used to avoid assimilating offensive/tragic aspects of self/world.

Creative Expressions:

  • Arts
  • Music
  • Literature
cocreator's picture

Howdy all, I approve whole-heartily. While there may be other categories to add, I think it is more important to get this started. I am a new member just joining yesterday and this is the kind of thing I expected to see here. I have read ALL of the old threads and it is time for this team to rise above the conflict. I am anxious to share my perspectives, so bring it on!

Closing with Love, Bryce

The bridge to higher consciiousness is made from Love, Compassions and Oneness.

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I do like this forum- have watched it develop wonderfully over the past week and I can see mostly where your outluine comes from .

I thank you deeply for creating a beginning list (ok,I admit, I am addicted to lists!!) It looks quite good as a starting point. I like the way your mind thinks!

Could you please explain “Amerocentrism” in our perspectives -this is not clear to me. (I apologize if someone spoke of it and I missed it)

Seeking clarification..........Cathy

ps- to everyone else who has contributed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart-this is what i joined the Team for!!!

JoyAnna's picture

Good question, Cathy. Didn't think I would get away with that one! I made it up. Since the vast majority of folks on TT are still coming from the USofA, I wanted to remind myself and others, that we are talking about the entire earth with its many differing cultural aspects and histories.

Bryce, I love your eagerness. Past experience suggests we take just a tiny bit of time to get ourselves lined up at the starting gate and draw a road map before beginning the trip. I don't think this will take much time. Please keep that hat on, if it is your thinking cap, and make a few suggestions.

Love to us all,


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Hi all, it seems we are well underway, great. I thought I would post this in case some of you haven't seen it yet. I got it from the ERN website. In some ways, this is barely comprehensibleto our curent conscioussness but I thought that out roadmap might consider this as a destination, purportedly 'from a future Gaian' someone who may have benefitted from our work. As one, rob.


Future Gaian Speaks

I come from a future Earth. Our world has been totally purified and
everything is in total harmonic balance. Lush green forests lie where
once there were deserts. Rivers and streams glisten with clear, pure
water teeming with life. The mighty oceans are not such a mystery to us
as we can live in chambers below the surface of the water.We
telepathically communicate with the intelligent life forms that live
there. Many of our kind communicate with the whales and dolphins
learning technologies of consciousness that can aid both our species.
The planet Gaia is totally honoured and respected as a living,
intelligent, co-creative entity. All of our kind have their own unique
connection to the planet. We have a new level of connection. We no
longer consider ourselves separate to her. We now realise we are an
intricate part of her consciousness.

Gaia's dream has been accessed by our kind and all are expressing their
unique part of the dream. We live on a planet that is ecologically
balanced and harmonious. The planet is heavenly with stable, pleasant
weather patterns and gentle climates. This enables all life to blossom.
Food is in abundance and all the needs of the whole are brought forth
from Gaia.

We are all in alignment with the love that is permeating this planet.
Many of us communicate with the Devic kingdoms helping us to work in
harmony, gardening Gaia. All of us are free of mind and have our
Spirits totally grounded within our physical bodies. We have all
regained our connection to the ALL THAT IS.

We all love and live within the realm of universal love. We grow and
learn within this realm of existence. We live in communities which
house many. We spend much of our time outdoors due to the pleasant
weather conditions. We all live in peace and harmony. We work and live
as a whole evolutionary synergy. I live in a crystal structure, made up
of sheets of harmonious crystals geometrically formed to harmonise,
balance, and accelerate energies. This transforms the occupant whilst
inside. They are beautiful to behold and help to anchor the love energy
into the surrounding countryside. They are very simple and spacious.
The structure of the building and the light reflections created please
the senses. Inside is a reflection of the outside, containing large
plants, indoor waterfalls and pools.

Large cushions are used for seating and sleeping. There is a small area
for the preparation of food but we live off the energy of Spirit. We
only partake in high raw foods and fruits. We have a bathing area used
for cleansing, sexual pleasure and relaxation. A large round pool is
submerged into the floor. On our bodies, we use only natural rinses
that contain herbs and essences that are in harmony with our energies.
The main feature of the house is an organic, telepathically linked
intelligent computer. It controls and regulates the lighting,
temperature, atmospheric and energetic conditions. It telepathically
links to produce the music that you have in mind. It is responsible for
maintaining the home. Cleaning is made simple by a new invention that
magnetises all dust and dirt particles and filters them back outside.
This then minimises cleaning duties. We bathe often and take pride in
our beautiful ritualised bathing ceremonies. We fully utilise the use
of water when bathing and employ the help of the elements to heal us.
This beautiful abode is a complete embodiment of my vision of 'Heaven
on Earth'.

I do not live far from the central structures which house the communal
activities. Beautiful crystal citadels sparkle at the centre of this
incredible pattern that our homes create across the landscape. There
are places of learning where all can be both teachers and students. I
study technologies of raising consciousness. I also explore
off-planetary energies that can be balanced within our system to aid
our evolution. I study the mind and use mind technologies to travel to
other worlds and meet other levels of consciousness. I channel other
dimensional energies for those in my community. I also teach
technologies for consciousness expansion. All my work is operated on an
intuitive level with those with whom I am in synergy. There is no real
authority. It has been a long time since we have needed laws and
punishment. There are places of art with visual and audible expression,
bringing creative joy to all who enter. All are encouraged and guided
to creative expression, bringing creative joy to all who enter. All are
encouraged and guided to a creative expression that reflects their
divine pattern.

We have found advanced technologies which enable us to provide all that
we need without polluting or degrading the Earth. We have a limitless
source of energy which allows many manufacturing places to be fully
automatic. This allows all of us to follow the vocation that we love.
No one does anything that he or she is not ecstatic about. Our needs
materially are simple. We dress in light energetically empowered
clothing. These clothes allow us to remain centred within our being,
and we use colours to express our energies. Much clothing and jewelry
is created by those who excel in such crafts. Amazing jewels can be
created by using light and the co-operation of the mineral beings. We
do not have disease in our society as there are communal centres of
healing. These centres balance by using colour, sound, and water to

There are great places of knowledge that are connected to all the
organic computer systems. There are great communal baths and swimming
facilities. All the recreation you could imagine is provided. There are
great halls which allow us all to gather together to share and
celebrate. All buildings are aesthetic and energetically correct which
helps to express the beauty of the planetary design.

The animal kingdoms are in harmony and balance with us. They may choose
to come and communicate telepathically with us, but there is no killing
or captivity. ALL is in harmony. There are great parks and places of
beauty. There are marble fountains and pools, great crystal sculptures
and grottoes of natural beauty. These places provide people with
breathtaking sights and sounds. On the perimeter of our community are
the manufacturing structures. Dotted around in correct energetic
placement are the dwellings for people. Some are in small communal
patterns and others are singular points of light.

Transport is not needed as teleportation is available for all because
of our advanced technologies. We can travel to anywhere on the planet
and may visit other such centres of light. We have much contact and
communication with extraterrestrials. We balance and advance together.
I have an extraterrestrial master who shares his knowledge with me on
mind expansion and in return he learns about my level of consciousness.
My life is complete and free. I grow in joy, trust and ecstasy,
traveling back to the Source in love.

I wish you all luck on your journey.


From a future Gaian

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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It is probably getting close to the time we archive this forum and link in the new one. Just need everybody to decide on a name and agree that it is time to proceed. I still submit the idea of "New Earth or Green Room 1.1" (and then 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, always complete with linked archives of previous stages/segments right there at the top of each new release). One thought about how to proceed philosophically/practically/pragmatically. We all have been receiving guidance much more frequently of late and there is obviously a reason for receiving such messages! So as we contemplate conditions/solutions in this present 3D physical world we still "live" in (I use the word "live" lightly in anticipation of all the ways we are not really living fully as per our spiritual/metaphysical potential) and talk of solutions, may we always leave plenty of room for expressing the hopes and dreams of a new world that so many of us have been receiving information about lately and for some time. We have disregarded quality info for far too long in this crazy world of repeated history and we will spin our wheels again if we fail to coherently account for and apply to the best of our ability all new info we are all receiving concerning (for lack of a better term) the new heavens and new earth coming as we approach ascension. It is my firm belief we will "get there" just fine, but not necessarily without some big scary bumps in the road along the way. Let's be realistic and lucid dreamers, aware of an exciting time of change for the better, but also aware of how things really are here, right now, on this earthly plane, and how we got here. I hope this is making sense. I will attach a PDF to this post to display the ease in setting up our forum(s) idea this way.....

Live, Chris

Berry's picture

I'm no parliamentarian, but I move that we accept Chris' suggestion of New Earth 1 and archive this baby.  All in favor say Aye!


--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Sounds like a great name for the File, Chris.

Rob, thanks for starting this forum and for posting the New Gaian information from ERN. I remember reading it and it is good to be reminded of that.

What wonderful input from all. It might be an idea to start visualising the New Earth as in the above post. Seeing that is what is going to be, that is what we should be building on to make it happen?

It already is and we just have to call it into focus.

Love U

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  1. What do we want this particular forum to accomplish? My impression, and what guided my suggested list or outline, was not to replace the entire TT Portal, but to help us each to focus on our individual vision of what it would be like to live in a healed 3D world. Then, later on, we would integrate or weave all these visions into one fabric for each of the topics. Even later, we could take all these fabrics and make a beautiful quilt to express the Team Vision of our new earth lifestyle.
  2. What I would like to see here is that each person searches deeply within themselves to come up with his/her vision of EACH topic that would bring joy and contentment. This imagining will serve to help us transform our own vision of the world. The transformation must take place within each of us to have any energy.
  3. Yes, there is so much information and inspiration coming in to many of us now. (I am trying to say this delicately.) As wonderful and helpful as this is, to me, it’s only useful if it transforms the reader. So, I suggest that we don’t post complete transcripts of these messages. Some are quite long, and many of us may not have time to read all of them. Instead, if you come across a channeling, post, or other important information, I feel it would be far more beneficial to all of us (and you!) if you will summarize how this new information changes your own vision of a specific topic. Then, of course, if you include the Link to the complete message, others can study it further. Remember that we suggested that each of these topics would be summarized now and then as we weave it all together, so please have compassion on the person who will do the summary!!!
  4. Please, before we all jump in and begin posting on this topic, can we take a tiny bit of time to make sure we are in agreement as to what we want to accomplish, and how best to go about getting there. In order to draw our map, please make your suggestions toward these suggestions and the previously posted:

    Project Structure (Name, Summaries, PDF links, How to display in Portal,

    • Systems and Process Thinking
    • “Amerocentrism” in our perspectives

  5. Maybe the approach I am proposing does not appeal to everyone. Maybe there will be several such projects on the Portal with different emphases and approaches. Should we split this proposed project up into different forums?

With Love for us all,


ChrisBowers's picture

My first rule in life (a rule I break sometimes) is "Keep it Simple Stupid". Whatever the overall intent of this ongoing experiment, maybe we can just get started with an initiating subject so we can get used to the archiving process and how it works to make all files readily available to anyone and ends the cumbersome ordeal of long forums. The construct accommodates any forum idea or ideas that wish to run in a very available archive while having the most recent forum thread front and center. All that is really left to do now is to pick the first subject and then watch it all form into an archive library that does not ever turn into a myriad of forums lost in a jungle of inactive forums. Usually, by starting something, we allow the process to reveal a need for alterations in the original idea. That's been my M.O. that has worked well in the past.....

Love, Chris

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I'm thrilled with what I am seeing here. I'd guess we'd agree with Joyanna that we must change as the process unfolds lest this become a mere intellectual exercise. My inclination at this point is to take the elements we have gathered so far and the threads that have been proposed and meditate, letting the intuitive sense reveal my current, clearest vision of our  new paradigm

As far as a name goes, I'd be inclined toward something that communicates the inner/outer, above/below reflection that is so central to the vision (as I see it). "New Earth-New Consciousness", "A New Paradigm for Humans on Earth", "Human/Earth/Heavens", "The TT Vision", "Our Vision of A Planet That Works For Everyone" And, even the name can be an evolving part of this process. Someone, who hasn't yet joined us, may have a name that we'll all go, "Well, yeah, that's obviously what this should be called."

I too am impatient to get rolling with this but I do think that organizing it well at the beginning will save us lots of hassles later on.



Interesting that Ken Wilber's discussion today was about Integral Civics. There is one area that stuck with me when I was reading this thread...

   " is essential that we live up to a new standard of global citizenship, in which some sort of civic engagement becomes as intrinsic to our personal practice as any meditation, study, or physical exercise. These inner-focused practices must be allowed to come to fruition and find full expression in the world, or else we begin to swallow our own light, rather than sharing it with those who need it most."    Ken Wilber May12,2008

I feel honored to participate in this vision and once we get going...I feel that outreach beyond TT will  keep the vision  alive.

Thank you all!


JoyAnna's picture

Knowing that this might grow or change with us as we go I make a motion that we vote between these suggested Forum names: Discussion is now open in support for any and all.

  1. New Earth Project
  2. Green Room
  3. New Earth-New Consciousness
  4. A New Paradigm for Humans on Earth
  5. Human/Earth/Heavens
  6. The TT Vision
  7. Our Vision of A Planet That Works For Everyone


 I like the two first ones that are not exclusive.


--- Post removed at author's request ---

Hey Guys,

I haven't been typing but I have been all sounds great.....

I like "The Green Room: A NEW EARTH PROJECT"...


With love


rovin's picture

"The Green Room: A NEW EARTH PROJECT"...

lightwins's picture

"The Green Room--A New Earth Project"

Let's go for it!


lightwins's picture

I was just reading Berry's beautiful post "Universal Principles" and I realized there is a distinction that I believe will be important for us to keep clear as we proceed with this forum. It is the recognition that our vision of "The Green Room: The New Earth Project" as existing is distinct from our vision of the process of how we get there.

I think it is important that we keep these two foci separate because of the structural nature of the process whereby Universe rearranges itself to acommodate our picture of reality. Of the four phases, Attraction, Conscious Intention, Allowance and Harmony and Balance, Allowance is the most difficult because we all, usually have ideas about how the Universe is supposed to get from where we are to where we want it to be. Allowing the process to unfold in ways that contradict our pre-conceived notions without getting in and mucking things up requires of us a significant faith and trust in the principles of co-creation.

And, on the other hand, each of us has spent the better part of a lifetime, studying and gathering and creating tools and processes and skills specifically to transform our own consciousness and facillitate the transformation of the consciousness of others. I'm not saying we should jettison these riches--I truly appreciate when we share these with each other. I am suggesting that we should keep this forum dedicated to our vision of the new paradigm and continue to share transformational "tools" and anything more than the barest outlines of process in other places within the portal.

What do you all think?


Berry's picture

So it is , it is so. Amen

Berry's picture

Just a reminder that tonight, Monday June 2 is the new moon.  It is another opportunity to start the wave of love and light across our globe starting at 12:12 GMT.

--- Post removed at author's request ---

maryc's picture

I dream a new improved Lovefilled world 12:12 Tonight. Love to all,Mary

lefty-dave's picture

Greetings JoyAnna...I like this idea as well...

I would like to donate one of my tunes to this endeavor....on my, posted above,    on the States of Mind album...I have a song called Magic in the Air ...that I think fits this topic perfectly...

I am, however,  too computer illiterate to post it here...

so go take a listen please and let me know if you concur !



JoyAnna's picture

You all are like a team of wild horsesLaughing. Notice that I just opened the new forum even while you are still posting to the old one. Now have at it, and let's see what happens.

Wit tons of love and prayers for our succes at this visualization experiment. That No. 1 topic is the place to continue discussion of our format.


Berry's picture

Dear ones,

As I mentioned before, I chose, rather that doing my ritual at 12:12, I chose to focus at 13:30 Local Sidereal Time.  This is a time frame based, rather than on the position of the sun in relationship to the Earth, on the core of our Galaxy.  You can google the information, and I have given you information previously.  Dr.James P. Spotteswood did much research on this phenomenon and discovered that the during the  period of time equal to less than a solar hour surrounding LST, a person's psychic energy was amplified radically. 

So, last night, on the New Moon of June, I did group distant Reiki, meditation for our new Earth, and Reiju for a friend in India who is my trainee in Reiki.  I want to quote what he related to me today about his Reiju experience.


Shantanu said:  Yesterday's Reiju was a very calming affair. I seemed to lose my consciousness and drifted to an absolute void/zero/empty space and remained there for sometime before I received a jolt of some sort and returned back to normal. I had a good sleep later.

I have to comment that although he has had calming and peaceful experiences with the Reiju sessions, he has never reported the above.

As for myself, I also experience a very profound and at the same time peaceful and uplifting experience.  I seemed to experience also, some very delving  and revealing dreams during the night which I believe were directly resultant of my doing my meditation and workings on LST 13:30.

I look forward to future monthly joint meditations and hope that some of you will join me on the 13:30 time line.

In the love and light of our one infinite Creator,





rovin's picture

Hi all, in an attempt to make this the longest thread in history I thought I would acknowledge an extract from the intenders of the highest good. I had not read this before I started this post but this is obviously an important idea in the subconscious and directly confirms the intention of this thread. As one, Rob.

The Bridge ~ Step 39 ~ The Ninth Intent ~
Share Your Vision

I create my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about
it. I share my vision.

If we truly desire to create a better world for ourselves, we
would need to do something different than what we've been doing.
We'd need to think different thoughts and talk about different
things. At present, our thoughts and words are dominated by ideas
that keep us separated from one another, beliefs that we are
limited, and outcomes which have little or no value to us
personally, or to Humanity at large. It's as if we have all the
tools we need to create a paradise on Earth, and yet, these tools
sit idle while we remain confused about what we really came here to

Fortunately, as we've seen from the stories in this book, many
of us are breaking free from our urge to conform to the old ways of
doing things, and we are bringing others of like-mind along with
us. Soon, enough of us will be thinking and talking about that
which truly serves us - and we will create a better world.

The next time you find yourself grumbling about the way things
are in the world, and you feel powerless to change any of it, take
out a notebook and start writing about what your ideal world would
look like to you. Describe, in detail, anything that comes to mind.
You might choose to depict your ideal environment, the way you'd
like people to act toward you, your perfect neighborhood, your
ideal personal life, etc. Write down the final outcome, not the
steps it takes to get there. Leave those up to God.

Write as much as you feel like writing and then, when you've
finished, take a mental snapshot of the visions you've written
about and imprint each one indelibly in your mind.

And . . . the next time you're in the company of friends who
are expressing their concern for the way things are going lately,
instead of commiserating and feeling disempowered, share your
mental snapshots with them. Do just as you'd do if you'd brought
along your picture album from last summer's vacation. Point out all
the little things they might miss, and, above all, tell them that
their thoughts have the power to create a better world, and let
them know that when they're envisioning their ideal world and
sharing it with others, they are bringing it to life.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action

My intention for todays is: I intend that I am sharing my visions
of my ideal world and knowing that, in the sharing, I am
consciously contributing to the creation of them.

maryc's picture

Dear Rob,

I thank you for sharing this. The joy of creating,or noticeing the perfection of our new world. To join in making new choices,rather than reinforcing what we do not want.  Good reminder. Love,Mary

ChrisBowers's picture

Very inspiring and so true!!!!!

Adyashanti said something similar when he said,

"Don't fight for what you are against, that can only create conflict which serves to strengthen the chaos and "evil" you wish to put an end to."  "Express and serve what you are for (like Gandhi did when he said, "I am not against the British - I am for India")"  I know I butchered that quote from Adyashanti a bit, but you get the point.

Love, Chris

Chris, You picked up on the Big One.  When we choose we are divided and life is whole. To choose one thing over another is to deny one. How can this be?  Life is whole.

When I take this within, why would I choose one aspect of myself over another. One is a shadow and another a goddess?  One to be a secret and another to be put on a pedastal?  I feel so strongly about the total and constant uncovering of all aspects of ourselves and embracing all 'fractals' with equal equanimity that it truly has become my peace project. As within - so without.



ChrisBowers's picture

Ditto on loving the sometimes difficult lesson of "giving up" emotional investment in "being against" some illusive "thing", an illusion that keeps us virtually drowning in a dream of falling, a coma of perceived darkness, when actually the sun is shining and we need only open our "Conscious eyes".

So it is, so shall it be, so shall it Is!!!!!
Let it Be, Be it so!
So Be It!!!!!!
So, BE IT!!!!!!

Here's to the relearned Art of Being for,
since being against is a universal/spiritual/cosmic non-starter!

Allow me a quote from the introduction of "The People of the Secret" (a book I just began reading)

"We live in a narrow, subjective little world, like a man with a bad cold who cannot smell anything less powerful than an onion. We remain wrapped in our silly, subjective little meanings (personal emotional investments), and hardly even begin to suspect the vastness and multiplicity of this extraordinary universe in which we find ourselves. It is as if we were hypnotized, trapped in a world of dreams."

"Now although poets recognize this interesting truth about the universe in their "moments of vision", they still fail to act upon it. The "light of common day" returns, and they accept it as inevitable, instead of cursing it for a liar and a swindler. Yet every time the "glimpse of meaning" returns (made me think of "Comfortably Numb"), they recognize that something can be done about it. It is possible to wake ourselves up."

"How? First of all, by careful self-observation. So many of our responses are purely mechanical, and if we can learn to recognize these, and even resist them, we can begin that process of self-control which is synonymous with freedom."

Love, Chris

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Thanks for all the stimulating conversation! And by the way, there are a number of people on our team who enjoy the work of Adyashanti, mentioned by Chris. Lynn Marie works fairly closely with him. Great stuff!!! Much love and warm wishes, Fred

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