Seven Days of the new Earth each month (OK 24 hours might do it!)

Dearest all, I put this idea before you. The idea is not fresh, in recent weeks this idea has attempted to break through many postings but here goes,

For one week each month we hold our vision to the world we want to live in. Let us see in our mind, our collective consciousness, discuss amongst each other the blue prints, spiritual building materials, what we need to create the new Earth. Let us start a forum that holds the idea, the meditations, the channellings inspirations of a new world, the sort of world we want to transform to...I think you get the idea..

What this would mean. For one week each month (perhaps 24 hours is all we could manage collectively) we do not participate in debating about democracy in the TT, we restrain ourselves from the various defensive positions we might hold about a particular topic, we do not project our egos onto others, we do not gossip, game play, intrigue, and so forth. We could have all that back at the conclusion of the cycle.

For a short period each month we stay focussed on the new Earth, not the old.

We know how bad things are, we can easily imagine the worst aspects of ourselves and see how these manifest through secret governments etc. I know the arguments, knowledge is power, democracy is only as good as the voices of protest she protects and so forth. But what is democracy and knowledge for if it does not lead us into enlightenment? We can endlessly gaze into the mirror and observe our beauty/ugliness but let us put the mirror away for a short period each month and hold the highest vision for a new Earth. What do you think? As one, Rob

PS my apologies if this idea has come up before in another forum I still haven't read through all material, but at least the idea can be put back into the forefront of our minds .

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Count me in !              Love,Mary

What do you think...first of month, or new moon( I've heard this is a time to make dreams reality) or .....?

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Hi Mary, I need to take advice on that.  I wish I knew more about astrology to max the potency of intention but what you are saying sounds good.  Do you know when the new moon is?  Perhaps we could try it out next new moon, as one, Rob

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Is the next new moon.I'm no astrology wiz....just something I've been told. I think that focusing the intention is the key.I do like this idea! Love,Mary

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Thanks Rob, this is a great idea. I am going to visualize us holding this concentration every day, all the time...
Since we are all one, and multidimensional, and linear time is an illusion anyway, there shouldn't be any problem with schedule conflicts... Smile
All love, all the time, every time...

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Count me in Rob, that is a really great suggestion.

As Bodhi says, the intention is everything, but if we are going to suspend any kind of non-loving comment on the Portal, then we will have to fix on an actual time, like the 15th of every month or the first week of every month, or whatever.

Love U

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Hi all, being a Saggitarian, I hadn't thought through the sychronising
aspect that Bodhi so rightly points out.  Should we be be synchronised
in time in our thoughts?  should we compose a meditation that we can share?  Who would've thought sharing could be so tricky!  Is it too early for the 5th of May? input welcome...and thank you all for your one...Rob

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All the time, I AM ready now. It is why I AM here on line, and in the WORLD now. It is still May 4th 6 45am where my body stands.......but as bodhi mentions time is a box we can get out of.  Death and taxes are the only for sure.....and i even doubt the death/end thing. So I will point my intention to a new way on this new day. May the wrongs right themselves, may the light overcome the darkness,may we have PEACE.        I gladly add my power to yours.

How about sunup?  Time not as important as unity to me.  I will join as you like.   Love,Mary

  If someone wants to work out the times let me know and I will chant a mantra. Hope its not when I'm in a crowded market though. Wink


Hey Rovin,

Count me in, it sounds like a great idea. I will keep watching the post to see what time you come up with..

With love


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Hi all, I'm looking back through my archives of Earth Rainbow Net newsletters.  Somewhere, someone suggested 12:12PM as being a suitable time to hold the highest possible image of Earth.  Can anyone remember this?  I'm also trying to find AA Michael's meditation for the new Earth but alas, I can't find it.  I think I need a new filing system, the Enigma encryption in reverse jumble order held to the ninth constant in a hexidecimal matrix just doesn't seem to work anymore.  In short 12:12pm GMT on the first new moon each month.  For 24 hours, we collectively stay focussed on the new Earth, as one, Rob.


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Dear brother Bluessucker, welcome to the bandstand!  I'm calling 5 fingers down, 12/8, slow shuffle.

I've been down so long, being down don't bother me..

I've been down so long, being down don't bother me.

My dear Gaia's calling me into her sweat harmony.

Ornette Coleman called this idea of collective unconscious 'harmelodics' for soon, As one, Rob

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I think this is a wonderful idea Rob. I am all for it. Somewhere in my jumble of accumulated stuff, I have that AA Michael meditation you mentioned, but like you I have not found it yet. Lot of other stuff too.

I think the new moon is a good time for this. There have been a lot of global meditations that were wave or rolling. Since we are spread around the globe, perhaps this would be a thought. In each time zone, to do the meditation at a set time which would be relayed to the next zone etc until the whole 24 hours was included in the process.

Love and light to Us,




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Coincidentally, I found this on Celia Fenn's site too which I thought was wonderful.



These beautiful affrimations were composed by Tammie Stair from the channel that Archangel Michael gave for January. They carry a beautiful vibration and are helpful for those times when you feel out of balance.

Relax, breathe deeply, play some soft background music, and then read each affirmation, preferably aloud.


I request to be in balance with Spirit .

I wish to be connected to my Heart ,

and let every breath I take pass through it

and radiate Universal Love , Joy and Peace.

I know that "All is One" and I live in Harmony and Respect with all life .

I walk my path in confidence, following my Heart's guidance.

I request to re-connect with the Love and Joy at my Heart's core

that is the essence of Who I Am .

I Release all fear and all judgment,

I release the hold of the mind and the ego .

I Surrender to the flow of Spirit in my life,

let me feel the Joy and the Love in all that is .

I Know that all else is illusion.


I request to be balanced with the element of fire ,

to feel a sense of Motivation and Enthusiasm for all life.

I am filled with energy and light and I feel Joy.

I release all anger and panic ,

as I find it easy to forgive and let go.

I will not fall into judgment to justify my lack of movement and growth.

I Release to the fire all that I no longer need in my life,

and I ask that the transformative power of Fire

reconnect me with my Passion and Joy

and to ignite that spark of Light that is within me .


I request to be balanced with the element of water

so that I may demonstrate qualities of Nurturing,

Caring, Gentleness and Sharing.

I feel Trust and Acceptance,

I will live in Grace and Gratitude, with Calmness and Serenity.

I feel Unconditional Love at all times.

I request the element of Water to reconnect me to my Grace and Serenity.

I Open my Heart to the flow of water,

that I might feel the essence of Nurturing, Love and Gentleness,

deep in my Being,

and that I may live in Grace , Calm and Peace.


I request to be in balance with the element of Air ,

So I may feel Optimistic , Hopeful and Centered.

I will be Flexible in my responses to life's challenges,

and I accept the process of change and growth with Joy.

I see change as a blessing,

no matter how it may appear in my life,

for I perceive the inner blessings.

Let the element of Air allow

for Movement, Shifts,

and cultivate Flexibility of Spirit and Trust

in the processes of Spiritual Evolution and Growth.

Let me hear others, and they will hear me.

I Ask that Air teach me to be flexible and graceful

and to bend with the wind like a reed,

so that I may gain inner strength and resilience.

I Ask Air that I may soar like an eagle on the spirals of wind

and see the Truth that is my Truth and the Love of All that Is.


I request that my Earth energy be in balance.

My life is Structured and Ordered

and I experience physical Abundance and Joy.

I feel Secure and Safe on Earth,

and I trust that what I need will be provided.

I enjoy being in my Body, and I feel Health and Vitality.

I honor and care for my Physical Body with love and nurturing.

I honor my physical environment,

and I will live with Simplicity and Grace and Beauty.

Simple things give me pleasure.

I request to regain my Earth balance with the Earth elementals

and ask to be re-connected to the Earth that is within me.

I Ask for the aspect of "grounding" in my life,

so that I may manifest and create in a grounded way,

and that I may enjoy life in a physical body, to the fullest.

And So It Is !


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"What this would mean. For one week each month (perhaps 24 hours is all we could manage collectively) we do not participate in debating about democracy in the TT, we restrain ourselves from the various defensive positions we might hold about a particular topic, we do not project our egos onto others, we do not gossip, game play, intrigue, and so forth. We could have all that back at the conclusion of the cycle.

For a short period each month we stay focused on the new Earth, not the old."

This is exactly what I, and probably many of us, dreamed TT would become as we grew and struggled to find our way. We CAN make a difference! And by involving ourselves in some actual, committed activity will also draw other like-hearted people to join with us.

May I make a couple of suggestions? First to keep it simple at the beginning: we can make changes as we go if necessary. Rather than get back into the difficulty of choosing a specific time, which seemed hard to do earlier, I like the idea of one local day,one 24 hour period, each month to be conscious of what we post on TT as you point out above, Rob. This would serve to focus and heal ourselves as a team. Then I believe it would be easy to expand this practice to one week/month, or whatever. I can imagine fewer fora being started during this day of focus, but each one of them might proceed for many days after (we tend to like long-lasting threads Wink).

Second, It seems to me we could be side-tracked from our intention here if we become too involved in trying to agree on a specific time of day and/or a specific prayer or affirmation. Rather allow our different manifestations of our oneness be expressed throughout one day as it moves around our earth.

Thank you, Rob. Your suggested action carries so much energy.
Loving all of you,

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Thank you for not only staying engaged, but engaging all of us with this perfect exercise to help us exorcise erroneous thought patterns that keep us in spiritual comas.

We could call it, "Concentration Camp Wawaweewa"!
In honor of the real "New World Order" we seek on our journeys through ourselves.

At meal time no one feeds themselves - they are fed by the person next to them and all the tables are round.

Love, Chris

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I love the idea, and the loving suggestions that accompany it.  I agree with JoyAnna that choosing a particular time and day for this could confuse the issue, but I'll wait to see if we can come up with something.  Meanwhile, I already try to spend some time each day doing something very like what you've described.  On the first of every month I set aside half an hour for breathing sacred love.  During this time I hold the TT and the world in that special place in the heart.  I make a special point of devoting time to any relationships that have been difficult or have gone down the tubes, and any enemies I may have made.

This strikes me as a specific for the type of ego-disease we're prone to develop.  I'm finding as I read Tolle's book, A New Earth, that I don't fully agree with his assessment of the ego.  While he's correct about the need to tame the ego and the need to develop the ability to step outside the ego, I'm finding it hard to accept that the ego is a bad thing per se.  That's like saying money is bad, when what we really mean is that our attitudes about money may lead us into error.  Hopefully one thing we've learned, or are learning through our TT experience, is to step aside from the ego and simply be.  And to set aside a time for NOT projecting our egos but projecting idealism instead, should be a useful and constructive exercise.  I'm interested is seeing this idea develop.


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I'm right with Bodhi on this one that we can do this all the time. I invite us all to hold to the intentions of our community values all the time, not just one week or one day a month. In fact, everyone agreed to do this when they joined the TT. Though we may falter, let's do our best to be the change right now in this and every moment. With lots of love, Fred

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Hi all, yes I think we can accomodate everyone here.  I agree with Fred that yes of course we should hold these values at all times.  I'm thinking of something a little more nuanced where we can share an image of the new Earth.  The info that came through from FFG and Berry re Celia Fenn has had a profound impact on me.  Particularly the concept of 'holographic' time.  Essentially, as Bodhi points out, linear time has essentially collapsed, so, I was thinking of a symbol that we could focus on to increase the feeling of unity within the group that exists outside of time.  Distant lovers will focus on a star in the sky that they can share.  Perhaps not as romantic but the signifier of 12:12 might be a cue that we can share at any time or at 12:12 am or pm.  I was meditating on the idea of a common script we could share and I got two things from my guides,1, talk to FFG and 2. a short affirmation could be 'I Am the light of the new Earth.' (Tricia)  I was thinking of birthing imagery, as we act as mid-wives for the birthing, or also comming through strongly for me from the Celia Fenn material was the idea that collectively we are a channel for light into this dimension, a holy grail, in fact the holy grail.  so in short, on the day of the new moon we unify focusing on the symbol of 12:12, imagining golden light pouring into the center of the Earth as our spirit bodies ring the Earth projecting golden light from our heart spaces into the center.  Of course we share sending and receiving sacred love for one-another but perhaps this is an extra thing we can share, as one, Rob

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May light shine bright! 12:12 New World. Will be there next new moon with you all. Love,Mary

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Yes. As my ET walk-in friends, Savizar and Silara, used to say, "The Universe rearranges itself to accomodate your picture of reality."

Perhaps we can have a forum where we each post our vision/version of the how the world will be as the old structures dissipate and the new emerges from the millions of star seeds that have been sown. Topics I envision include: energy, education, community, consciousness, ecological enhancement, multi-dimensionality, contact & commmunication with our galactic siblings, what it means to awaken, how we resolve disagreements, how we integrate with our shadow, etc. Each new moon and perhaps, a lot more often than that, we all, individually and collectively, focus on our vision as clearly as we can see and en-feel it.

Caroline Casey ("The Visionary Activists Show" on Thurs. at 2pm) has said, "We will defeat the tyrannts by showing them a greater pleasure than they have ever known." The joy of our interconnected, co-creative reality creation.

The four laws of the Universe ("Handbook for the New Paradigm," free at, ) are:

1-The Law of Attraction

2-The Law of Conscious Intention

3-The Law of Allowance

4-The Law of Balance & Harmony

As we come together, creating and holding a new paradigm for human consciousness consciously choosing balance and harmony among ourselves, with the Earth and with all other beings--allowing all others to choose to join us or not, allowing the old structures to dissipate, as they must--the Universe will most naturally allign with its self-evolvement and we will attract more balance harmony and more of our family. Since it is just the way this Universe works, let us come together and work with it.

May many fine blessings fall at your feet, in your hands and in your hearts,


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Dear John I love your ideas!  Would you be interested in starting us off?  I must admit I'm I very interested in your ET walk in frieds and any perspectives they may have.  Interestingly I had the opportunity to channel 'Kiron' (Pleaidian I think, I should ask) who said almost exactly the same thing, that the universe rearranges itself to accomadoate our picture of reality.  It makes sense then to articulate as clearly as possible what our picture of reality is.  I imagine that there will be many cross over areas of agreement and maybe some really interesting diversity as if we are building a brand new house and allowing each person to decorate their room.  I will begin working and meditating on this straight away.  I can imagine an ocean of perfect waves where creatures of the sea and humans can exist one, Rob.

lightwins's picture

I will do anything and everything I can to help this get going. I was just about to say, I am not sure how to organize this when an idea of how to begin arrived. (--what an amazing grace!) I'd like to suggest that we start with the areas of concern or interest that we have about what's been going on on this planet. Perhaps we can take the foci I listed earlier as a starting point and expand and clarify from there. Once we have a relatively stable, if open-ended, list of what we want to include in our visioning, each can become a thread that we spin together and, then weave into the tapestry of our emerging vision. Ultimately, I think we should be going for a clear vision and a fairly well sketched outline of the new paradigm which we can represent in a symbolic image such as each of us in a shimmering light body, with multidimensional golden light pouring from our hearts, connecting each of us with all of us, with the earth and all her creatures and with all our galactic family. (I'm not at all attached to any of these details--these are just ieas for us to begin to co-create from), etc.

(This is a principle that I learned from General Semantics--et cetera. Etc., appended to any statement or declaration, simply acknowledges the limitation of language to represent understanding and the limitation of understanding to represent reality, etc.)

I last saw Savizar and Silara over 20 years ago; I do not know what became of them.

Rob, what do you think of these ideas; how can we practically make it work and not be too cumbersome. I believe we should make it reasonably comprehensive but keep it as simple and accessibly "generic" as possible....

Blessings & good night,


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John and Rob.

These ideas are wonderful. I look forward to seeing the embryo grow.  I am going to let the concept rippen in my inner self for a while before I attempt to make any suggestions, but this seems to be such a healing and uplifting endeavor.

Love and Light,


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Count me in!  So many of us have been directed toward this so strongly recently!  What a perfect affirmation!  I can't thank you enough Rob, John, FFG, Berry, Mary, Dave, Tricia, Jez for staying on point, so well focused on a brilliant concept for co-operation with what's happening right now!!!!

Something you said Rob about us becoming the channel, as One, made me think of something (I think it was) Doris said in a post about the broken crystalline structures that had been the channels on this planet and now it is we who must become the fill-in replacement conduits for that same energy to facilitate alignment with that wonderful reality that must have slipped our collective mind for sometime. This is very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Chris

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This sounds like finally getting around to our purpose for being here. I want to understand how you envision this working. Surely you don't see each one of us submitting our whole concept of this new world. That would require a long dissertation from each of us. As John said, if the forum is broken down into the various threads, we would each contribute our own visualization on that aspect. Periodically, we could summarize each thread as there is more submissions come in. Then, some of our graphic artists, could begin to create the visual interpretations … Is that what you meant, John?

This is the most positive, purpose-focused suggestion we've had on the portal so far, in my opinion, of course. How do we get started?

Love and Peace to all of us and everyone everywhere,

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Oh, yes, and our musicians can create New Earth music to inspire and illuminate our creation!


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I like your idea. If we initially distinguish and label all the threads that we all think are important and relevant and then begin our individual download-ing onto which ever threads we have input to contribute and then, periodically, (once a month?) one of those engaged with that particular thread can propose a summary which the others can modify or contribute to until there is a general concensus. To keep this all from becoming too unwieldy, the summaries can be saved and the preceeding dialogues can be archived in some accessible but, removed-from-the-ongoingness-of-the-thread, way. Etc. (I think we'll need Andrey's help with organizing this forum of many threads.)

Also, because I know we all created and think in individual and sometimes very unique ways, those who are inclined to express their vision with art or music should feel free to begin as soon as they are so moved to create music, songs or art  and refine, modify &/or create afresh at any moment; I believe these multidimensional, less linear, more right-brained contributions will be profoundly inspiring and will trigger and inspire the rest of us in our visionary co-creativity. Etc.

Speaking personally to all of you/us, this is just about the most exciting thing within my field of awareness, and my sense is also, that this is true for all of you as well. In truth, the process we are embarking upon is the culmination of my life long path of conditioning, its out-growth, awakening and dedication to the awakening of our species. I am effulgent with passion and gratitude and I cannot thank you all enough for having taken on the challenges of your incarnations, for all the determination, perserverence and love that you each have developed and express and for successfully bringing your piece of the puzzle to our collective endeavor. I am so grateful that I am not alone in my vision, that you, each and all, have your own version of the same vision and we are now beginning the great work for which we came here. May we all complete this spiritual journey together, now or soon!

May each of us be blessed with an inclusive clarity of vision and expression, and may we fullfill, at last, what we have come here for!

Thank you,


I am appreciating all of what I have read and even though the website configuration for all of this seems confusing, I am experiencing the challenge to really define a multifaceted and expanded vision.

I will not only be sitting on the cushion with this, I will carry the space created by the vison with me in my daily life. It may take some time before I have any input...or maybe not.

Great Opportunity to us All,


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Berry's post 'A gift from the Secret' reminded me that the world was/is perfect and beautiful and abundant and loving and nurturing.  I know that many of you know this, but what is slowly dawning on me is that it is my conscoiusness which is being rebirthed to one that can harmoniuosly align with the perfection that has always existed but for the places it hasn't within myself.  Therefore, in envisioning the new Earth I really need to envison the new 'me' that is capable of coexisting with such beauty, that is capable of peaceful, mutually beneficial co-existence with other souls that have aligned themselves with the consciousness of the Divine Earth.  I am comming to realise that the new Earth will take care of itself as her consciousness has always been as one with the Divine Creator.  As I open to the golden Light that passes from the Creators heart though me into the Earth, it is so for my benefit, that I can 'become' in that moment as one with Earth and Divine consciousness.  Sorry for processing my stuff in front of you one, Rob.

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Rob, I agree that first and most fundamentally our work is in transforming our own consciousness but that consciousness of ours is not separate from the world we experience as manifest around us. Our manifestating experience is the external complement that co-arises with our sense of self, moment by moment--they are the conceptually distinguished "inside" and "outside" of the singular awareness of now. And they are both transformed by the same, intentional, visionary process.

We see the harmony and balance we aspire to for each and all; we consistently envision and en-feel how that is; we allow Universe to re-arrange itself to accommodate our newfound picture or reality without micro-managing or sweating and fretting about the details; and, to the best of our current capacity we remain gently focussed in a soft and open way on the  actual, emerging, present moment.

In my experience the practice is perfect, and, little by little, by successive approximations and occassional major reorganizations, everything transforms ...

Elizabeth, thanks for the Intenders of the Highest Good site. You are such a wealth of goodness and light.

Blessings all,


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So, aren't we all saying the same thing? If we engage in the process of envisioning our individual concepts of the New Earth (for want of a better term for this discussion), aren't we changing, growing, flowing with, allowing transformation of the Earth? while at the same time within our inner selves? In order to perceive and express a different vision of the world in which we currently live, it would be necessary to delve deeply within ourselves to discover our most precious values and what parts or traits of self block the manifestation of same. It seems to me that this proposed activity can support both.

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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A very old Gnostic principle states, "As above, so below, as within, so without."  (and vice verse)     I think that that covers it. If we find that we are creating Newness within ourselves, evolving to higher energy, it will be reflected in the world/reality outside of this self/selves.  And on the other side of it, our whole galaxy* is moving into a higher energy state, thus, as above so below......we will follow the flow of creation.  The important part is to become aware of the change which we/One is moving into. 

We are co-creators with All That Is, and we a each a holographic point in the Totality of All That Is.  Nothing changes in any part of the hologram that is not reflected in the Whole. Nothing changes in the Whole that is not duplicated in each point of light within the hologram.  How did those Gnostics Gnow that those thousands of years ago?



 *Actually,  a large portion of the galaxy in which our solar system exists is moving into higher energy, other bands are returning to lower vibrations.




--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Dear Rob!
You said, "Therefore, in envisioning the new Earth I really need to envison the new 'me' that is capable of coexisting with such beauty"
I just wanted to post that again!!!! Did that go to the core of anyone else's being too???
Perfectly said me man!!!!
Love, Chris

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Thank you so much for the Intenders link- I subscribed and expect to grow thanks to your wonderful sharing of info.


ChrisBowers's picture

I so love the practical way you approach a subject John!!

You said, "and, to the best of our current capacity we remain gently focused in a
soft and open way on the actual, emerging, present moment"

This made me think of two things:
Ramtha "appears" to tell it like it is. Ramtha makes no apologies for knowing what is about to take place during this time of transition on Earth. Not everything that happens will be easy to interpret as "good", and yet transition to preparation for ascension is very good, in spite of some possibly horrific details our 3D bodies don't care for along the way. The real test of our faith in all we have come to understand about the truth of our being will be how we behave while starving to death like much of the rest of the world right now. I don't say this to be an alarmist. It behooves us to be mentally prepared to uphold our very real values when the going gets rough (if it does), and to disregard all we see happening in the world right now, just because its not happening to us yet, is paramount to buring our heads in the warm sand of serene denial.

The other thing you made me think of is "fluid intelligence". For us to truly understand and successfully practice fluid intelligence within the realm of Unconditional Love, we would need to be sure of just how unassailable our "Being" really is, and proceed to give "linear thinking" a rest sometimes (like Fred has mentioned on occasion).

I do so love this discussion and the similar one going on on Rob's forum..... Oh, by the way Rob and John and Co., I have an idea for how to proceed with an archiving process that will save Andrey from having to come up with anything new in the present forum construct! I will post it shortly on Rob's forum....

Love, Chris

lightwins's picture

Chris, what form is Rob's and how do I get there?



lightwins's picture

My dear friends,

I'd like to sugguest we start, now, by brainstorming and then selecting the topics or threads we want to weave into our new paradigm tapestry. And to get things going, I'd like to throw into the mix the things that have occured to me that seem relevant and/or important and then the rest of us can offer alternatives, modifications and/or additions; or, incase I am not clear, ask what I'm talking about.

So, here is my initial list of topics I envision today: energy, education, community, consciousness,
ecological enhancement, multi-dimensionality, contact &
commmunication with our galactic siblings, what it means to awaken, the illusion of dual-unity, media and its use in both facillitating the shift and consolidating and integrating the changes, systems and process thinking, how
we resolve disagreements, how we integrate with our shadow, etc.

Please massage this list in whatever ways you want and let's gradually resolve what's central for us.

Once we have established a relatively-staable list of threads and begin to explore together I'm sure we'll start seeing the significant elements or themes in each thread and the various ways they interlink and synergize.

(This process is so much fun for me and sooo cool! Thank you all.)


JoyAnna's picture

John, you did just what I was thinking about –– beginning a list of threads for the forum. While the philosophical discussions are wonderful, I would also like to see a format begin to take shape. I will start a word processing  document to create a list of all the suggestions, for a few days, and then post the list for further massaging. I am so excited about this project!!!!

Maybe I'll begin a list of special quotations like you pointed out, Chris.

I need lists to functionWink


maryc's picture

And also for me most important is focusing on the beauty,to give that my power.....any thing you give attention to gives it power.For me this is my key.....dream the best. Know that for all the war on---------- is focusing your power on what you don't want. Know that wonderful deLIGHTful things are happening everywhere! Love to you all, Mary

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Here is a possible idea for creating an ongoing chain of threads without them getting too long.

The forum could be called Green Room 1.1 (and then 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc.)

As the forum approaches a designated length, it gets turned into a PDF to be kept by all that wish to archive the set in their own library, as well as an attachment to be placed on the next stage (1.1 PDF linked at the beginning of 1.2, and so on....).  This would save Andrey from having to come up with something new, and would put the participating group in charge of housekeeping and keeping the ongoing forum front and center on the home page with consistent posting from each of us, complete with preceding archives in each new "release" so to speak.  I can make the PDF's if need be, and send them to Rob who is the obvious choice for initiating the forum idea.

Here is the "Green Room" rationale:

The original ancient "Green Room" was a place specifically intended for being a space where performers prayed and meditated (to draw upon the very universal Conscious energy we all mean to draw upon ourselves in this forum idea of "quantum" spontaneous performances expressed, as per the going thread at the time, in "free energy" artistic fashion) prior to their performance on stage.

Well, there it is!  What think ye all???

Love, Chris

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I don't know what I was thinking John - its this forum (post is below)
Love, Mr. Dizzy

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