Spectrum Vision

The latest Beacons of Light channeling from Steve Rother and the group...

"There is one soul having 11 experiences of being a human in every one of you. There are actually 12 dimensions because you have one point of perception—which is also a dimension—and 11 different experiences of the soul."

Fascinating stuff... Would love to hear more if any of you know about this...



Spectrum Vision ~ Open Your Eyes ~ Beacons of Light April 2008

From Steve:

In this months message the group gives us a look ahead to what we will see as we
begin to experience Multidimensionality. This leads us to a new tool that they called
Spectrum Vision and how to expand our vision to see the much larger picture that
includes our multidimensional selves.

From the group:

Greetings from Home.

Walking with Your Eyes Open

ones, you have moved so quickly that you do not even get to see your
own shadow any more. The evolution of humanity is moving so fast, that
by the time you formulate your rules, they change.  This is confusing
for most of you. You wake up and focus on your daily routine, and there
is nothing routine about being human. Dear ones, open your eyes and
walk in consciousness every second that you think about it. Every
moment you wonder if you are getting bored when you are not engaged or
not excited about life. Open your eyes and look at the physical body
you are in. Just like the baby who tries to focus on its own
hand--wondering if that really is its own hand--the reality is that you
will wonder the same thing because you are not of this physical body.
You are so large, so huge, that you encompass immense areas of the
physical Earth. You are going to find that out in the near future
because all of humanity is ready to take a huge leap in evolution where
many things will begin to happen even more quickly.

have a choice as to how you experience what lies ahead. There is no
right or wrong choice.  As you move into this higher vibrational level,
you will realize that the concepts of right or wrong do not exist in
the same way you thought they did.  There are no black and white rules.
Instead, there are only choices and you have lots of opportunities to
work with.  You have been asking. “How do I walk forward with my eyes
open? How do I work in this area to see what is taking place on this
planet?” You are quickly reaching a trigger point and strange things
will begin to happen as multiple dimensions begin to open for all of
humanity. We have spoken about multidimensionality. It is not that you
are now becoming multidimensional; you have always been
multidimensional. You are reaching a level of collective vibration
where you will begin to see things that have been kept from you up to
this point.  This is the thinning of the veil.

The Central Sun is a Prism Dividing Light into 11 Rays

of the ways we will share with you is to imagine a beautiful crystal.
You can call it a prism because all crystals divide and refract light.
So imagine this: A single beam of light begins a journey from Home.  It
is a beam of energy from All That Is.  As this beam of light begins its
journey, the first interaction it has is with this crystal.  This
crystal we will label the Central Sun. It is the first place of origin
from Home. The Central Sun is the place where infinite energy is given
the illusion of being finite.   Now imagine at that point that the
light becomes a human being and begins a human existence.  In that
realm, when the light hits that crystal it spreads out into eleven
different rays of light. There is one soul having 11 experiences of
being a human in every one of you. There are actually 12 dimensions
because you have one point of perception—which is also a dimension—and
11 different experiences of the soul.

have shared with you these ideas before so that you could begin to
grasp the concepts.  Science fiction writers have already taken this
idea and extrapolated all kinds of wonderful material for their
audiences.  But in the future this will be a reality that everyone
deals with on a daily basis.  So your questions now become: “How do I
use it?  How does it work in my daily life?”  Let us give you some of
the images of what we see that are ahead for you.  Please understand
that we are giving you a view from the top of the bus—the double-decker
bus. We are sitting on the top of the bus and sharing with you what we
see a bit further down the road. We can see farther than you because of
our perception, but we cannot tell whether or not your bus is going to
turn. That is your choice in every moment. Let us assume the bus does
not turn and this is what is ahead.

The Hundredth Lightworker

will wake up one morning and everything will feel a little bit
different.  One morning it will be the strangest scenario, because all
the crazy ideas that you have been afraid to speak will suddenly be
known by everyone, everywhere. All of the things you thought were
outside the box are now known. It will be like the Hundredth Monkey,
but we will call it the Hundredth Lightworker. Once that critical mass
is reached, it triggers an awakening process that goes throughout all
of humanity very quickly, spreading through all eleven dimensions of
time and space simultaneously. Hundredth LightworkerWhen
the hundredth Lightworker experiences multiple dimensions, all of
humanity suddenly has learned a new action: how to function as a
multidimensional being. With that new area, you have capabilities even
though you may not yet know how to use them. In the beginning, it will
feel strange. It will be scary, but at that critical level when
everyone gains the knowledge at once, it will be part of your daily
lives as well as your common knowledge. Experiencing multidimensions
will not be just in the metaphysical arena, and it will become so
deeply engrained that everyone will know about it. Learning to use it
fully and get past the fear will take some time to develop.  You will
also start to develop belief systems large enough to hold this truth. 
This is the main reason we have asked you to begin developing a
flexible belief system.

From that point
on, the way that you live life will change. Your normal way of learning
anything is to put yourself into situations where you come face to face
with the problem you wish to master.  The challenge is that most of the
time you turn and run rather than master the situation.  This causes
you to recreate the same set of circumstances, so that you can attract
the same problem in a different relationship to have another
opportunity to master it. Can you imagine how valuable it would be to
jump out of that life entirely for just for a moment, and jump into a
different reality where the same lesson was playing out differently?
 In this alternate life you have a different name, a different family,
usually a different job, etc.  Even though it is the same soul it is a
different reality that is playing out due to different choices being
made.  There are friends all around you and you know them very well,
but they do not exist in your daily life. You go to work in the morning
and you have a different job. You find yourself in a totally different
reality. Can you now see how valuable it can be to jump into that life
to gain a new perspective on the repetitive patterns in your life?  You
see, both lives share the same soul and therefore the same life
lessons.  Here you can observe the same repetitive patterns taking
place in an alternate reality.

Spectrum Viewing

seeds for this shift are already planted.  All you need to do is turn
on your TV or watch a movie to experience that. These are the seeds
that will eventually grow into your reality triggering a critical mass.
 By being able to take a piece from one life and walk over to another,
you will be able to see the same, repetitive patterns from a totally
different angle. That will be a huge advancement for every individual
and humanity at large. This will speed the natural evolution of
humanity more than any one item that has gone before.  It is headed
your way like a freight train moving very, very fast. That is why we
talk about multidimensionality so often now. It will cause confusion
and fear on your planet when it first arrives. Those of you who already
have the knowledge will be naturally catapulted into teaching.  You
will be the ones who alleviate the fear. You will be the ones who
simply hold the energy and play with it, rather than being afraid or
thinking you are going crazy.

There is
another tool that you can begin using today.  It is called Spectrum
Viewing, as it allows you to develop the widest angel from which you
can view anything. Imagine taking yourself out of a situation, then
finding a place within the same soul.  You know inside who you truly
are, even though they are calling you by a different name. It is still
you. If you can observe your experiences there and come back, that will
give you a much wider view of your reality and a much larger
perspective. That is what we call Spectrum Viewing. It is a naturally
occurring event that will happen to all of you as you start raising
your vibration and find yourself slightly pushed into other dimensions
of reality.  Spectrum viewing is developing the habit of seeing
everything from the widest angel possible.

Multidimensional Dreams

of you are already in preparation for spectrum viewing in your dreams.
You know what dreams are like, and  dreams have interpretations and
visualizations. Many of your dreams actually have parts that are meant
to trigger something within you. You even have dreams to choose from as
you fall asleep, and now one of them will be that you can literally
pull yourself out of a reality and bring yourself into another one. 
Although it will happen in consciousness in the very near future, for
the time being you will experience this more and more in your dreams.
You will wake up mid-sentence and may not remember what you were saying
or who you were saying it to.  However, you will come back with all the
memories and concepts about how things are different. Especially when
you look at your own growth, persona, personality and the evolution of
your soul from the multiple perspectives, that is when you start to see
the larger picture.

Any one of you can
take the last ten years of your life and say, “If I only knew how it
would end up, it would be okay.”  You go through a difficult situation
such as the loss of a loved one, a job change or a relationship ending
or beginning. At the time you may think it is a horrible thing
happening to you or a difficult situation and you feel the struggles
associated with it. What happens is that there is a gift you received
as a result of the experience. If we asked you whether or not you would
go back over the last ten years and change anything, would you change
it?  You would not change it because you know there is something you
would be getting out of it; you would never shift the energy of what
you have learned from those gifts. If you could know that ahead of
time, it would be much easier to play the game of being human. That is
what Spectrum Viewing is all about.  It is seeing the big picture where
you can see great potentials in everything that you call negative.  In
every experience you have there are tremendous things that you will
gain from it, but usually all you see is a negative experience.  There
are incredible gifts that come right away as a result of these negative
experiences.  That is Spectrum Viewing --  it is an attitude and a gift
you can develop today. You do not need to wait for it.

for the highest view.  We see the cameras in the room.  If you can
imagine that your life is behind one of these cameras, do you not
understand that it is possible for you to pick the camera up and
experience the view from a different angle?  You are not used to doing
that.  You are not used to saying.  “This is my reality.  How do I deal
with it?”  Well, let us look at it from a different angle. That is what
will start the Spectrum Viewing of looking at things from multiple
angles. Because eventually you will be able to look at it from several
of your own experiences, and from multiple dimensions of your own life.
You have access to that now you just do not know how to go there.

Reaching Critical Mass

any type of new thing comes to humans, it does not enter your world
until a certain percentage reaches a critical mass. That is when it
comes through all the energy of everyone and goes into the collective
superconscious or whatever you wish to call it. It goes through the
hearts and minds of every person on the planet. That is about to
happen. It has started, for there is already a blending of the physical
and metaphysical sciences.  There are connection points that have never
been there before. The veil is thinning exactly the way you have asked
for it to thin.  You are ready for it. What will happen is that those
of you who open the door first and step through will hold the door open
for the others, and explain what is happening and what to watch for.
 We will not give you all those tools or give you all the answers,
because you have those answers already.  Re-member, you are the
teachers. We hope to do nothing more than trigger your questions and
your awareness that there is energy shifting right now on this planet
that will change all of humanity in the blink of an eye.  The
interesting point is that it will never show up on CNN. You will never
hear, “This is the day the Earth changed.”  It will happen so magically
you will automatically assume that you always had it. You will not be
able to re-member a time when you did not have it because that is the
way reality works.

Reality - You Think it is Real

is a bit of a joke to us, because we love to watch the human perception
of reality. It has caused you more challenges than anything else. The
problem is that humans keep thinking that reality is real. It is not,
but you are getting there. You are starting to peer from behind the
veil, you are starting to see things and you think it is magical, you
think it is into other dimensions and it is, but it is also practical.
It is who you truly are and the magic you perceive is your own
reflection.. You are beginning to see your true nature. You are
discovering multiple facets of your own core personality of the soul
and that is beautiful. That allows you to stand in your own energy.
That allows you to find your true passion. That allows you to find your
purpose for being on this planet. You will live and walk in through
your ministries in your daily lives more than you will stand at a
pulpit, or more than you will stand on a stage and speak. It is about
your daily life that will now take on these attributes. That is very
exciting. We cannot wait to see what happens.

Blind Humans See Only Variations of Light

are pulling aside the veil. You are starting to see things from a
totally different perspective, from this broader Spectrum Vision that
allows you to see the bigger picture. You must understand that in the
human form, you have eyes that pick up vibrations and variations of
light. That is how you process things as your vision. It is only the
differences between the light that make it visible to you; that is why
we say variations of light. As you bring this energy through, as you
start seeing things and process them in there, those variations of
light will start to widen. You currently believe through your sciences
that there is an electromagnetic spectrum. Within that field only a
very small percentage is known to be visible light.  What you see as
visible light is less than 1% of what is truly visible to you with the
eyes you currently have. To put it bluntly, Humans are basically blind.
That blindness is part of the veil that allows you to play the game. 
Now that the veil is thinning, your vision will begin to widen.  The
veil has put blinders on you that have only allowed you to see within
certain vibrational ranges. That is the veil that has kept you separate
from your different expressions of the soul. That is also the part that
is starting to change because as you evolve vibrationally, these
blinders begin to widen. At the very beginning, they are just odd and
strange things that happen.  Trust us.  There will be books filled with
strange things that have happened more so than ever before. Skeptics
will say that you just made that up. We tell you that in a way you did,
  because you are looking, and when you look, you will see.  All we are
suggesting to you is that you open your eyes and walk consciously with
a smile on your face. Walk with the greatest possibilities of expecting
a miracle at the next corner, because you will create one after
another, after another.  What you look for you will see because when
you look you create it.  It will start unfolding in just that fashion
and if you expect the highest possible vision -- if you expect to see
every part of this -- it will start unfolding you this afternoon.

24 Hour Challenge

challenge you to prove this to yourselves. Those of you watching this
broadcast or reading this, allow yourself to have an experience of
Spectrum Vision today. Some time during this 24-hour period, you will
be shown something if you ask and set your intent. Prove it to yourself
today. Open your eyes and enjoy the beauty that we see. Understand that
you live in a garden, a universal garden that holds the beauty of Home
in a very unique way. Enjoy the beauty that you have created right in
front of you. That will exist in all eleven dimensions of time and
space. The gameboard is the same, for it is only the slight vibrational
ranges that keep you separate from yourself. Now it begins. May you
have the highest vision to be able to see yourself from many aspects
because that will give you soul confidence. That will give you the
knowledge that you are walking through the highest vibration possible
with your soul and you will enjoy the journey.

is with the greatest of honor that we ask you simply to treat each
other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Know that
it is a game and play well together.


The group

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Smile.....and the world(s) smile with with us . Espavo means hello and good-bye.....a deeper level means Thank you for taking your power! Thank you! Love Mary

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First time I read or heard of the concept was when I read, "You are not a body" in course in miracles.  That wonderful book of directions was my first glance at the liberation this forum eludes to.  What I get from all of this is one more very wonderful pep talk as we approach a very cool shift in consciousness and understanding.  I can't wait to see the almost instant effect all of this understanding and the resulting conscious intent will have on bodies and this 3D world we are frolicking in right now.  As I was reading, I had the mental image of walking into the movie theatre, sitting down, and looking forward to the movie!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!!!!!  Let's get dis pawty stawted sativa mon! YUMYUM!!!!!!

Chris (aka Chakramon, eyeree eyeree)

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