We're a Very Knowledgeable Family

"I know. You know I know. I know you know I know. We know that Henry knows, and Henry knows that we know. We're a very knowledgable family." - Lion in Winter

"Vahtodo?" is an Indian subcontinent expression ("What to do?") that serves as a touchstone to get started.

We've been exploring and learning in the Transformation Team course.  Assuming we all passed the Transformation Team final exams, we know that:

1. The current monetary system is grossly injust and frequently manipulated to the advantage of the ruling elite.

2. A shadow government appears to be in power and has a penchant for starting wars for fun and profit.

3. Extraterrestrials visit Earth regularly and have energy and propulsion technologies that are truly out of this world and could be of great benefit to humanity.

4.. blah, blah, blah-- you know the drill-- peak oil, global warming, economic collapse, FEMA concentration camps, GMOs, WTO, DOD, etc. etc. etc.

But, the Very Big Question for each of us is:

"For what purpose did my soul choose to incarnate in this place and time and am I dilegently and joyfully pursuing that purpose?"

If you can honestly answer yes, then just stop reading and don't waste anymore time on this-- go to it!

But, if you, like me, feel that way too much of your energy is going into a kind of pretending that everything is "normal" and "going through the motions" while many of the people around us are asleep or worse-- "asleep at the wheel" and you're not really sure how to connect your way of living to a rational and reasonable response to all that we know, then please walk with me a spell here.

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Denial is not a river in Egypt!  (It is, apparently, the bedrock of our current culture).  I highly recommend that you visit and read the essay linked to at the bottom of this post.  When we go out into the world and try to tell our friends and family members about all the things we've become aware of, have awoken up to, we will almost invariably run into some variation of what the author has aptly dubbed the "Panglossian Disorder" (named after an unreasonably optimistic character in "Candide").  In the full essay, the author catalogs a variety of subtypes that is incredibly insightful and helpful for analyzing the dysfunctional thought models that are keeping our society trapped in current dysfunctional ways of living on the planet.  I'd love to know what you all think about this essay!

Do You Have a Panglossian Disorder? or Economic and Planetary Collapse: Is it a Therapeutic Issue?

I have spoken elsewhere about the label “Doomer,” and I’ve come to
believe that this frame is outdated. Instead, I would like to suggest
that we must stop asking ourselves, given the lateness of the hour, why
there are those pessimistic about the future, and begin asking,
instead, why there are those still blindly and enthusiastically
optimistic about it. Could this be a disorder, in itself? Here’s my

Panglossian Disorder: “The neurotic tendency toward extreme optimism in the face of likely cultural and planetary collapse.”

read more at: http://www.peakoilblues.com/blog/?p=132

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Dear Cirq,

I will say yes and no to your question. I do not quite believe the 4 truths that we got with the course.....What I got was a look at alternative truths than that which we have been fed all of our lives.

Look at my 4 mistaken notions post. I believe that what we put our attention on makes it stronger.....not say no to drugs...say yes to life. I try to spread my love,honesty and integrity as it grows.....In that way I AM doing what I came to do. I will gladly talk to you. We are all more powerful than we know.


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Dear Cirq,

I allow you your way of thinking.


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Link to maryc's "4 mistaken notions" post: http://portal.transformationteam.net/blogs/3284

I think you're quite right.  We do need to find ways of withdrawing our attention from the problems and putting our attention on the solutions.  We need to be constructive and pro-active instead of oppositional and reactive.

The "truths" that we "have been fed all of our lives" are often toxic ones and deeply embedded.  I believe that what you name here is what Daniel Quinn called "mother culture" in  his book "Ishmael".

I think it can be difficult to fully realize the knowledge we're gaining instead of just knowing it.  If we just "know" it, but still repeat behaviors that are responses to mother culture out of habit and inertia, then we haven't fully done our work of walking the talk.

Chellis Glendining wrote a book titled "Hello, my name is Chellis and I'm in recovery from Western Civilization", connoting that the mother culture of Western Civilization is a powerful addiction that can most effectively be addressed in a twelve-step program similar to alcoholism.

The Shamanic way of knowing sounds good and right to me, but also distant and something I'm not sure how to attain.  During the Tsunami in SE Asia, animals knew the wave was coming and went for high ground.  Also, the aboriginal people of the area, knew and went to high ground.  It's the "civilized" people who perished because they'd cut themselves off from this way of knowing.

How can we cultivate that in ourselves?

Perhaps we are a 12-step group come together to help eachother move beyond the conventional norms?

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Dear Cirq,

Thank you for the link to my 4 mistaken notions post. I am a true novice at computer! I welcome dialog...I feel mySelf a balance here at the portal. I have not read these books,so cannot validate this for you. I ask you to feel the knowing without logic. Ego blocks truth.I guess some call this faith.......believe what you know to be true...until proof appears.As I more and more use faith in my knowing....I see these hunches verified. As I rely more on experience.. magical things happen. I gently try and share this.....it is a great responsibility to realize the impact we have on the world. Thoughts are things.....I wish to fill the ether's with beautiful things.


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Yoiks!  I'm sorry if it seemed like this was a reply to you, Mary. Not at all. Not at all.  I am sharing the link to the Panglossian Disorder because I think you and others here on the Transformation Team will understand the problem described there and perhaps be able to offer me constructive suggestions for how to deal with friends and family who "suffer" from this proposed disorder.  Anyone who's been through the Transformation Team curriculum probably doesn't have P.D. or they'd never have persevered through the course!

The "Panglossian Disorder" is something I'm struggling with because I do feel that my lifestyle is not in alignment with the knowledge we've been receiving and contemplating in the Transformation Team process.  I am saddened that when I try to talk with friends and family about it, I often come up against various kinds of denial mechanisms that basically rationalize keepin' on keepin' on with business as usual.  In effect, they tend to nudge me toward accepting a more conventional lifestyle as "good enough" even though my sense is that it isn't-- at least not for me.

But, when I focus on intuitive knowing, as you suggest, I know that I've felt drawn to places like the Breitenbush Healing Resort near Detroit Oregon ( http://www.breitenbush.com/ ) where they have their own hydropower off-grid and geothermally heated structures, organic food and detoxifying hot springs, plus a very supportive environment for spiritual practice and development.

I was also very impressed as a child when my grandmother took us to visit an artist (Raymond Barger) in Bucks County, PA in his old farmhouse surrounded by his sculptures.  I loved that he'd found a way to live his art and have a beautiful life.

I also like the Greater Earth community near Taos, New Mexico where I took a workshop on building Earth Ships from Michael Reynolds.

I still have some idealistic connection to being here in Eugene where I can buy 100% windpower for my electricity, but I don't feel Eugene is self-sufficient enough yet to weather the coming changes well.  Still, I contemplate that maybe this is where I need to be.

I'm at a transition point since my youngest son (17) has decided to live with his mother full time for his senior year (has been 50-50 up to now) and wondering if now is a time for me to go elsewhere to bring my life more into alignment with what we know or if staying here in this community makes more sense.

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Sounds like a fun discussion!

Two things (among many) have really stayed at the forefront of my thinking lately during this global hyperspeed learning curve of synchronicity of the past few years.

One is, everything that is real and true is/was already real and true long before I consciously came along to claim what I think/believe to be real and true. This is my favorite piece of logic to help me maintain fluid intelligence and remain at the ready to learn and/or unlearn at the drop of a hat if the data is there, and I don't mean proof - I mean data - proof is such a relative and quite presumptous term because it naturally presumes that one has a complete understanding of the so called natural laws of the universe, and we have just begun to understand the infinite possibilities available in an abstract state of infinite potentiation just waiting "there" for focused conscious intent to be applied to "the Living and Vibrant Field". A literal and purist desire for proof too easily disregards one of our best gifts as entities bearing the Living Light - subjective intuitive resonance. Who woulda thunk it! Some would call it intellectually irresponsible, but it turns out to be an absolute must for a more balanced and wholesome approach to attaining knowledge and wisdom more efficiently.

The other thing is the mental discipline of just plain being/remaining "available" - being prepared/ready to be available.

So much that you said reminds me of many things said so well in the Ra sessions - the Law of One, so here is the link where you can download all five books in PDF format, take book one and two, and then call me in the morning, LOL


Seriously, by all you have said, read (if you haven't already) books one and two and see if you don't see what I mean, then lets kick this discussion up a notch....

Ain't Life a Trip???

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. you said,

"In the full essay, the author catalogs a variety of subtypes that is
incredibly insightful and helpful for analyzing the dysfunctional
thought models that are keeping our society trapped in current
dysfunctional ways
of living on the planet. I'd love to know what you
all think about this essay!

I might Lovingly and humorously call this "the inertia of "stinkin' thinkin" haaaahahaha. In any case, to technically learn "what it is" and then attempt to tell the trapped mind how to escape the "stinkin' thinkin'" will many times create a very common scenario where one is led to retreat even further into one's own personal entrenched stinkin' thinkin'. This world of disparate entities going in all directions will not be cured by a mind "convincing" the other selve's minds, but by the heart being lead in ways (at times) that have seemingly little to do with addressing the alleged/presumed core problem, but begins to reach the heart of the other self. This, in turn, begins to free other selve's minds to willingly receive new liberating data that plants the seeds that become the orchard of new knowledge later on. Every one of us has had seeds planted by various sources that got us to where we are right now... We wont get there by tricking their minds, but by touching their hearts which will, in effect, open windows of opportunity in their minds, wouldn't you agree???

To attempt to lead someone or usurp their free will is negative polarity service to self (STS)

To assist one in their personal search while honoring their free will through the discipline of nonintervention and regard for Unity is the Law of One and is positive polarity service to others (STO)

It is not a matter of right or wrong, but more a matter of personal choice between two paths.....

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dear cirq,

may the transistions/changes before you be gentle and life affirming. i am glad that we had dueling posts,not dueling thoughts. i will read essay today.


  Everyone here at the portal may have become tired of me saying...Meditation, meditation, mediation...

  Watch the mind like watching a kitten at play.  Its very empirical, study the way of the mind, not the content..analyze the resistance itself. Follow it and know its pattern and then the resistance can be transcended. To try to convince your mind or others minds about some conspiracy theory, you are at the level of the mind that created the resistance, the problem itself.

Mindfulness is never boring...HA HA

Namaste,   Tricia

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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David Wilcock could well be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and is the provider of divinecosmos.com where the Law of One study guide, which I assume was developed by him, is hosted.  I decided to check out his videos first.  Seems like a very interesting fellow:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxQLiy7AHx8 (part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bz9YPriDLo (part 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfr_Hj9LOac (part 3)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq11frQ3R9A (part 4)

Have you seen these before?

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I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation when I was 15 and have practiced off and on (okay, more off than on while I was doing the computer career and parenting thing).

I have been seeking guidance and practicing what I think is close to the intuitive accessing of the internet that David Wilcock speaks of in the Project Camelot videos above.

My internet free-association path... while critiquing Dr. Sala's analysis of the TOPOFF4 risk in Portland last October I posted on OpEdNews that I thought people should take his analysis with a grain of salt because he's an Exopolitics person (at that time I thought people who believed in UFOs were nuts).  He replied that I could ignore the evidence if I wanted to.  Of course, I didn't like that because that's supposed to be MY argument-- I accuse others of ignoring the evidence.  So I asked, "What Evidence?"  After the sixth person mentioned the Disclosure Project press conference video, I watched it and was blown away.  I watched everything I could find about Dr. Greer and the disclosure project.  I read 1400 pages of Dr. Greer's 3 books this Summer.  Reading about Dr. Greer on Wikipedia, I saw that he'd attended Maharishi University of Management (the University founded by the Guru who brought Transcendental Meditation to the Beatles and the western world).

So, I also started monitoring OpEdNews.com for UFO stories and came across Fred Burk's "Big Picture" essay re-posted by Rady Ananda which lead me to TransformationTeam.net

Now, I'm exploring going to live/work at MUM in Fairfield Iowa.  This is hard for me because, except for 2 years, I've lived in Oregon since 1969.  So I have serious roots and a relationship here. Plus my sons live here in Eugene.

The cool things about MUM are they have scheduled meditations twice a day, vegetarian meals and I could work my way through a PhD in Management and/or Computer Science, perhaps while pursuing the project I've long dreamed of working on.  I have to make some follow-up calls next week to scope that out.

I think I'm getting serious about this possibility, but I'm not completely certain if the choice represents an escape/running away or a true following of my path.  It's scary.  I suppose I'll know if/when I go to visit them by how it feels there.

I'll keep y'all posted as I figure out "Vahtodo" :-)

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Thanks fairyfarmgirl!

Once I installed a solar hot water panel on my former home in Portland.  Hot showers, even long ones, can be done responsibly and can be very good for the soul.  I like my hot water geothermally heated at Breitenbush Healing Resort, but then there's the gas to drive there.

It may be a guy thing or perhaps a computer person thing, but because I've developed the logical analytical side of my mind more than the intuitive side, I've come to trust it for "figuring things out".  This can be a handicap.  As they say, "If someone happens to have a hammer, all problems start to look like nails".  Not all questions are best approached analytically (I listed "analysis paralysis" as my profile weakness for good reason, sorry to say).

I suppose the challenge is for me to become aware of this (as I am while writing back to you right now) and to begin to start making small decisions intuitively and see if I can come to trust that mode more.

Hmmm....  thanks again.

Great Cirq,

You are definitely on an integrated approach.  There is another option you may want to check out that includes that sharp analytical intellect of yours with an all quadrants...The I, the We, the It (empirical) and the Its, as well as all levels of development in a great package that includes the inner space, the cultural space, science, and technology in training for business, politics, technological pursuits, and on and on!

Check it out : The Integral University at the  www.integralinstitute.com  and most of it centers around Boulder, CO which offers lots of mountain hiking and skiing and fantastic and extreme kayaking... yipeee is vhatodo!!!


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Yes, I have panglossian disorder and I'm loving it!  Probably a symptom.  I am supremely optimistic about the now, about the future, about the past.  For me. there is only perfection and divinity in each moment.  At least that is what I attempt to understand in the face of apparent darkness and disorder.  What can I do about the apparent darkness?  Shine my light, pray, meditate and most importantly change the way I think about the moment, I have a choice to see the darkness or divinity.  I do not seek to contend for to do so only empowers the darkness, as one, Rob.

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Concerning decisions to be made, there are no mistakes in this 3rd density illusion of infinite catalyst for the sole and harmless purpose of progressing toward bigger and better things to come in octave after octave of upward spiraling spiritual/metaphysical evolution and experience. You will weep with joy every time you get even the smallest glimpse of how utterly safe, loved and nurtured you really are, for you are part of this One thing that is completely safe and loved and nurtured that began and is still contained by and in one single thought!

Concerning whether one wishes to see the darkness or divinity, the Law of One would have you understand inviolate indestructible Unity by seeing Divinity and Creation in the darkness and shadow, to go right up to the demon or "the great Satan hisself" and hug and kiss that thing you thought you were so darn afraid of or that  you disapproved of, or whatever - this concept of "shadow" or "darkness" or "evil" is the very gateway to an even greater Light experience awaiting us! We hold ourselves back with our entrenched concepts of shadow and darkness and evil! This house we are in is not divided against itself and can never be diminished, not even by our entrenched illusions, but the gift of free will and confusion is inherently ours to do with as we wish for as long as we wish, but the end result shall be the same - you shall return home to the source to sit around the campfire, so to speak, and share stories of your adventures and hear stories of others, and laugh and cry and wonder why you waited so long to give up all those entrenched notions of nothingness.

Even that which we would be inclined to disapprove of under normal circumstances in this 3rd density illusory matrix of stimuli for learning is part of and wholely representative of the One, Creator and creation. It is inevitably our path to complete liberation from entrenched notions concerning temporal illusions meant solely for training purposes.

And you think this is something, wait until you are conscious of your 4th density experience that is coming your way relatively soon! Try to imagine a world where the notion of war is akin to the notion of stepping in dog doo, a world that is 10,000 times more harmonious than this 3rd density yellow ray world, a world where all you want to do is be a part of some loving/nurturing action constantly, so much so that you find it hard to prepare a simple meal for yourself because you are like a child that impatiently wishes to get back to what it was doing. A world full of innocence and naivete with the highly-developed skill of subjective intuition that does not demand "physical" proof which will finally be completely understood to be an utter and literal non sequitur after learning how things really work and how many infinite ways things work differently concerning "natural laws" and "physics" throughout Creation as per the particular whim of the co-creator designer of the particular designated galaxy or universe or solar system.

Its time to start dreaming real big folks, for the planet Gaia we are nurtured by in this 3rd density existence is almost finished with its own transfer to 4th density and will be a nurturing place for the evolution from 3rd to 4th for some time as 4th density creation (on this particular planet) begins to understand that new existence. The process is well under way and many Wanderers have come to help us, and many many 3rd density entities have been incarnated here because they are ready for the harvest, and many indigo incarnates are coming in with new types of bodies that are bodies better equipped (cross between 3rd and 4th density) for the harvest and transitional evolutionary period of time on 4th density Gaia. Please forgive me if I got a bit off topic, but we are now smack dab in the middle of the end of this transition and we all do well to keep our eyes and ears and fully functioning fluid intelligence wide open during the coming days

Even if things should appear to get a bit seemingly crazy or apparently scary, just remember that that is a personal entrenched worldview that must ultimately be abandoned for the sake of understanding how safe you really are, in all your endeavors, here at the finish of 3rd density existence on planet earth. She is moving into 4th, 3rd density yellow ray and 5th density blue ray will go kind of dormant, and the planet will begin to develop and evolve the nurturing process for 1st, 2nd and 4th density green ray which is abundant love and harmony to a fullness and degree that would make you weep right now for just getting a momentary glimpse.

Do not lose heart and love everybody and everything, for all are a part of Unity and Creation and practicing no judgment and loving and nurturing ways will prepare you well for your next leg of the journey in 4th density. Note: many will want to continue on in a 3rd density existence for a while longer, which is their "god-given" inherent right as per the distortion of confusion and free will, but that new 3rd density experience will not be here. No worries though - there are myriad of 3rd density planets in an endless array of ever-expanding opportunity for discovery at everyone's own pace in a Creation that is infinitely expanding in all directions. This thing is so much bigger than any one of us could imagine right now....

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Hi Rob, I think I take your point is something like "extreme optimism", even if conditions don't appear to warrant it, beats useless depression any day.  There is certainly truth to that.  I struggle to live up to my prescriptive "balance and laughter" personal contract.

Some people find it nearly impossible to talk about problems like global warming, peak oil, government cover-ups, etc. without feeling depressed and overwhelmed.  More and more, I find that such discussions are liberating for me because I really do have a passion for addressing these problems and attempting to bring my personal habits into alignment with a more positive outcome for humanity and the planet.  That implies responsibilities on physical, social, inner psychological and spiritual levels.

As someone interested in TM, I've been exposed to and mostly accept the findings that meditation, particularly by groups can have measurable benefits in the physical world such as individual health and reduced violence in the "neighborhood".

And yet, I also believe that is not enough.  I feel a desire to be part of a large self-sufficient community that helps each other build EarthShip or Monolithic Dome homes, windmills, solar panels, organic farms and cottage industry for simple, sustainable living.  This stuff excites and enthuses me.

I sometimes call this place I envision "Where I Come From" because I want to be able to talk about it like a real place or home that I could return to someday if I could remember where it is.  Also, the vision represents "Where I'm Coming From" in a conversational/perspective sense.

I seem to have pushed some buttons by bringing up the topic of "Panglossian Disorder".  I find the essay to be liberating in that it gives me a way to think about the unspoken ends of conversations when I've tried to work out "vahtodo" with friends and family and understand where they're coming from.  I don't know if there's a better way to talk about another person being in denial.  Again, I don't think it applies to people in TransformationTeam.Net because you're all people who've read and survived the online course materials.

The "Mitchell" lesson is probably appropriate to a fair critique of "Panglossian Disorder"-- We are responsible for how we react and feel about the circumstances of our lives, but not so much what those circumstances are.  We have a choice of being joyful or despressed in each moment and, clearly, being joyful is always preferable.

Cultivating the strength to be joyful in difficult situations is the trick.  Doing so without resorting to some of the Panglossian Disorder mechanisms is best, if possible.  Because there is some physical world work that needs to be done.

When I started this whole thread with the "Knowledgeable Family" quote, I meant to say that I felt that's relevant because now that we've all completed the online TT course we are indeed a very knowledgeable family, so to speak.  And my thoughts go to the idea that "Information is the difference that makes a difference"-- the difference between what you knew before and what you know now that makes a difference in your actions-- what you would have done before versus what you're going to do now.  So, I ask, "Now that we know all this stuff, what are we going to do about it?"

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Funny you should mention kittens concerning how to meditate and/or understand the mind better Tricia! We have made a space available (that is a separate earth berm type structure) for fostering groups of kittens with their mother, one mother/litter at a time, as a kind of halfway house while they grow to an age they can be spayed/neutered. Right now their is mother with 5 kittens running around in there.

Now one might think that that would be a sacrifice and a bit of a chore to keep up with that kind of arrangement, but I beg to differ! It turns out to be a window right into heaven itself by just being there, watching them play in such a realm of honesty and innocence that you get spontaneously transported into their heavenly world that knows nothing of the apparent troubles in the so called "outside world".

They are such a perfect gateway to understanding much of what the Law of One teaches us about Unity and how all things are very much a part of this One thing, even the kitty poop, LOL

There are few experiences that can deliver like the experience of being around a bunch of playful animals! Makes meditation all but automatic and expedites the process in a way one might not imagine, but might be surprised to discover from the experience itself.

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Hi Cirq, thank-you for your post.  For me, the what to do aspect comes from multiple sources but I best relate to the Ho'oponoopono idea that ALL healing begins with self.  What you don't like in someone else, their actions or their propensity to manufactue chem trails, HAARP trials, whatever, see that ugliness in yourself first and own it, and then bring light to it, perhpaps in Jung's terms owning your shadow.  I  am also influenced by the Law of One material which is about seing the onenes of all and the Divinity of each moment.  The Mirror  that 3D consciousnes provides offers opportunity to rectify the self, as we all take responsibility for the heinous actions we begin to heal the world with light.  My ego really wants to a be warrior and right what is wrong but I have come to know that there is n wrong only opportunity to rectify to the distortions I have created.  Thanks again Cirq, as one, Rob.

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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and even a bit less work than you mentioned in your post above!

need only to rectify my perception of "alleged" distortion, in that all things are of the One, of the Creator. Can you imagine looking upon everything and seeing only Love and Unity, while at the same time another looks upon the very same thing and sees its own shadow and freely/consciously decides to judge the shadow in a vainglorious attempt to determine just what "it" is?

Therein lies the beginning and end of all illusion, and the gateway to understanding Unity...

Just want to respond to your post Chris, not to derail the topic but...  At the ranch we've learned to not get hooked too long watching baby horses, kittens, calves and lots of spotted fawns chase each other in endless hoops, a game with no beginning nor end...Life's essence.   Once we start watching all chores just take a back seat and we must be on a schedule you know.

Thank you for your generous stewardship of these pouncing bundles of fur...Namaste


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Dear Rob and Cirq,

I find a cheerful happy outlook makes magic happen! It is not my place to talk people into my way of thinking. I intend to set example by my actions. I focus on truth,not fear.I slip in facts gently.The information is there for all to see......but eyes need to open and see it there. Not every body is ready to look yet!


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I've just read a few pages so far, but it looks great so far.  Thank you for making me aware of it/them.  I'll check it out more soon.

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Although I do love the sound of this surrendering and unblocking energy, there are still some things I can't help but want to resist.

Perhaps there is a time to surrender and a time to resist?

For example, one of the problems that concerns me the most lately is the possibility of war with Iran.

War is one thing that I see as worthy of resisting in our time and so I try to inform people about the situation and recent events such as Bush's approval of the sale of 1,000 bunker buster bombs to Israel earlier this week.

Seymour Hersh of New Yorker magazine has reported that VP Cheney led a White House meeting to brainstorm how to get the war started and how to create a "cassus belli" (latin for "cause for war").  One of about a dozen proposals was that the U.S. could manufacture a few imitation Iranian Navy PT boats, send these to Iranian waters manned with U.S. Navy Seal fighters and stage a battle between the fake Iranian boats and U.S. forces.



So there is a concerted effort going on to get war started with Iran, which would be catastrophic for the whole planet.

I think this is one thing that we just have to resist and I'm not sure if that fits with the Law of One material or not.  Perhaps there are ways of averting war that involve something higher than normal resistance.  The philosophy of Ai Kido, wherein the attackee uses the attacker's energy to immobilize the opponent without injury seems to be close to the ideal.  When Gandhi practiced Satyagraha ("truth force"), it may also have been a more evolved kind of resistance in that the people involved did not resist the blows of the guards at the salt mine, for example.

I hope it is enough to spread truth and meditate for peace.

Perhaps the main thing is to transcend the usual "us-good-them-bad" attitude-- aka "righteous indignation".

I confess, as a PK (preacher's kid), I was raised with a certain tendency toward adopting the attitude of "righteous indignation" and it's a difficult thing for me to avoid slipping into.  (Actually, it's worse than that, both my grandfathers were preachers too).  If you feel some of that in my words, please know that it's not intended and my hope is to embrace that of God in everyone and move together to make adjustments in the world, when needed.

Creation unfolds as it does, and we are part of creation and part of the unfolding, so it may fall to each of us at one time or another to do almost anything any human being can do, including activities that appear to be resisting.  But perhaps if we are mindful and inwardly calm and balanced we may remain unblocked and still one with creation when it is our dharma to oppose (thinking of Arjuna and Krsna's dialog in the Bhagavad-Gita here).

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Thanks for the stimulating conversation. I am an eternal optimist - have been all my life. But I also want to know what is really happening in the world. Amazingly, it doesn't get me down to learn about some of the craziness going on. Somehow I understand that it is all a part of the divine unfolding, the divine mystery that I will never fully understand. And I trust, I totally trust that in the end we are all on the same team working towards the same goal of loving each other more and more. What a wonderful life!!!

With much love and joy,

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Hi Cirq, thank-you for the depth and honesty of your exploration on this matter.  I found it interesting the claim David Wilcock makes in his latest audio blog that the war in Georgia was initially 'designed' to build a staging post for US military to attack Iran.  Whether it was Russian intelligence or Divine assistance (I am inclined to believe the latter) the Russians were aware of US plans and totally overwhelmed US, CIA and Georgia with attempted move into Sth Ossetia.  I am also reminded of the story of the overfly of US warplanes with live nuclear warheads accross US which was apparently intended for detonation in Iran.  The Chinese 'disallowed' the incursion into Iran through superior communications jamming technology, again I feel that there was a divine assistance.  Perhaps this is a higher level of a'ki'do then is capable of being mustered by 3D forces alone.  I think my point here is that 'miracles' do seem to be happening and that prayer does seem to work.  I do not know if war with Iran would be 'catastrophic for the whole planet' I pray however for the highest good to come from this warmongering as I cannot see the larger Karmic context of these plays.  However, everyone must do what they think is right hopefully with guidance from their guides.  I know it sounds weak to put this argument forward.  I have seen every Steven Segal movie at least 10 times over and rejoice at seeing the bad guys squirming in their boots when the iron fisted justice of Casey Ryback or Nico is meted out on the evil doers.  For me, it has been necessary to move beyond seeing myself as a champion of justice or the light, a spiritual activist.  I am working to make my energy compatible with a higher dimensional status, even if that appears to be a weak, pacifist position.  In this way I believe I may serve the highest good.  As one, Rob.

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Thank you for the thoughtful posts, Rob.  I know that I've been seriously concerned about an attack on Iran for probably 2-3 years now and I've also noticed what seem to have been miracles that delayed hostilities.  Others miracles I'veI noticed were Adm. Fallon's strong stand against an attack while he was CentCom commander.  Also, there was a time when the U.S. held a press conference to display alleged insurgent weapons that were sent to Iraq from Iran, but at the last moment, it turned out there was not actually any proof of where these weapons had come from.

Sometimes I think we've been blessed with the answer to the 60's peacenik koan: "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

I know that there are many in the armed forces who personally don't want another war, but feel professionally bound to follow orders... yet I wonder-- Do some of them find ways to advocate their personal reservations and yet still be doing things "by the book"?.  Perhaps, with divine assistance from within themselves or from "above" or from that-of-God within their bands of brothers (and sisters now).

In any case, I do think we are blessed to have got this far and I pray that the blessings continue.

I head that David Wilcock audio too!  Wasn't that the one where he said that the Russians had captured a lot of damning evidence from US CIA operatives that will be made public in the coming weeks?  (I may be mixing up with another recent talk).

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I so resonate with all of your comments that remain aware of all that is happening right now, but lend toward very powerful balance and trust that their really are no mistakes possible in an utterly and infinitely inviolate Unity, which Creator is, and that all of this proceeds, to this day and forever, from one single first thought/sounding.

We will always have the opportunity in this illusion of many-ness and free will and confusion to see things we are inclined to "think" we must fight against or demand justice because of, but the real question, after realizing that I and my perceived enemy are both safe and loved by this One Infinite Creator, is, how do I intend to use my available energy to bring about desired results?

It has been my asserted contention lately (from reading the Law of One Ra sessions) that whatever happens, greet and hail all (including the infuriating presence of GW, and his tag team running for another 4 years) in the name of the One Infinite Creator and to shower ALL with the infinitely available Love and Light that can hold ALL to either doing right by others or doing virtually nothing destructive at all. I spent 8 years making myself ill and powerless by entertaining how angry I am/was with Bush/Cheney and all that that insanity represents, but it got me nowhere but sick and tired.

Finding the spiritual/metaphysical technical manual known as the Ra sessions was/is a literal godsend! I plan to maintain my developing and strengthening balance with this new option of immersing any and all in this Love and Light that does not transgress free will, but still holds the entity(s) to have to surrender to the Law of One and the power within, and I invite all of you to do the same as we are coming up on such amazing times, that, if things go like I think they are gonna go, will completely dispel and rearrange much of all transient matters and details we are discussing in this forum.

I am attaching this wonderful hailing and greeting checkmate mechanism in PDF form below...

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State of the Planet
The Project Camelot Blog

17 September

• A source has just informed us that their alphabet agency
contact has been deployed to the Middle East. In the words
of the contact, war with Iran is now a "done deal".

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