What's the matter with us ??

Greetings TT, et al...

  What's the matter with us ...?

  We're supposed to be the ones 'in the know'....the ones who can see thru the veils of deception...and yet it is we who are acting like the mindless sheep we're trying to inform....being sidetracked, diverted by arguements any 5th grader could see through...and it'sstarting to get on my nerves....

back in '99 I was directed at an archeology site I visited to look at www.wingmakers.com....it was the original text and I was overwhelmed with emotion when I read the entire site...so I read it again....cried like a baby and knew in my SELF that this was going to change my life.  And it did....and I did....change my life....

 It ended years of doubt about religion...and introduced me to some of the smartest and most beloved people I ever met on earth...real people...with real thoughts about our future and great ideas on how to realign oneself to the wholeness of all that is

and when the new site came up...it was obvious to those who had frequented the site...that something was afoot....another veil was being lowered over our conscienceness... and the advancement of new material was stopped...and the promises of more enlightenment was not kept...and instead it was splintered,  turned into a disinfo network...and by 2005, most of the original 'wingies' weren't coming there anymore....and I miss them immensely...

  Now, at about that time, I found wanttoknow.info   andFred...and I thought..." now here's a guy that's DOING something...." and I immediately got involved...I sent him what I had to offer...my albums...100 of them...to give away to donators or to sell to readers...so he could raise money to keep the site going. There were others I send a box of albums to....Jeff Rense. for his brave work at rense.com  (don't know if he made money on them or not, they never responded back),   and Rayellan at Rumormillnews.com, another brave patriot who has been trying to enlighten us for decades about the 'factions' in our hierarchy that control our every breath,, and she made a bunch of money from donations given to receive an album...as a matter of fact...on both releases...COVERT ACTION   album   as well as STATES OF MIND album....she did well on both over the years and I'm proud to know her and be a friend...I have never kept a penny from the albums...they were and are my tool , my weapon, to fight back with....when you're a songwriter you've got to be creative to stay alive...as most songs allowed to get on record labels or radio stations belong to the ZIONAZI's , with whom I am at odds...to say the least !!!

But I digress....back to now....here we are....at a site that has been spun off a remarkable site...that gives the world a window thru the veil...if you'll only read it...pay attention...and in some instances...get involved  !!!

Look...here's the simple truth of it....there are people all around us that are trying their best to enslave us (or kill us if we have nothing further to offer them...our labor ,our tax dollars...our resources...our lives)...they do this by obfuscating our government...our schools, universities, our media, our medicine, our farms, our literature.....hell.....the very air we breathe(chemtrails/atomic residuals) and the very water we drink,(chloride, fluoride, etc) food we consume...pesticides, fluoride) are being used to cull the weak and aged !!!

Our country is overrun by those who hate us....and we stand idly by and watch the dissolution of America and freedom....and our republic...and what do we do about it ?

We fight amongst each other....we call each other names....we argue about trivial matters ..all the while our world is slowly sinking into the abyss of oblivion....and all we can do is discourse about... not what was said,,....but how it was said !!!...

What's the matter with us ??

There is so much to do....so many ways we can have an effect on this madness...and yet we stand idly by and argue the syntax...and not the sin.

 I ask all of you from wherever you are, and whatever your motives for being here are...I ask you all to get back on track....to refocus on the issues of life that we are faced with....take a deep breath or two....and ask your SELF  











I think the GREEN ROOM is a good start. 


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Thank you for that reminder and call to action, Lefty-Dave. We face such a crisis, that we must somehow learn to come together, if nothing more than as an example, and to prove that Love can bring people together for the good of all.



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You said,

"and all we can do is discourse about... not what was said,,....but how it was said !!!"

I'm not sure I care for your tone mister! Haaaahahahaha

I couldn't agree more LD! I had my share of useless engagement in all of that and I am soooo not interested in any of that anymore! I really am not too sure what work there is to do in Shadow discovery by exercising the shadow sides of ourselves. I will keep an open mind, but I refuse to carry on anymore the way I did in that last go around. Just don't have the stomach or the time for it anymore! So count me in on the mass correction and may we really "get it" this time and move on with what "time" we have left this time around. It's BLOODY WELL TIME!!!!!!

Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" matters,

Chris (aka Class Clown in KrazyLand)

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Hey Lefty,

I totally agree...like Chris I did my silly dance and am done....time to get some focus in all that I do....


With love


It's a section 8 that you're going for isn't it!  I knew there was something familiar about you and that would be Clinger of Mash...Huh?

I've suspected it all along.

Sorry to get off topic, but that outfit with the sidekick...What kinda shoes are you wearing?

Tricia  Cool

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Take a bow! You see it the way it is. Thanks

Love U

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an eternity of love...

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Dont get me stawted Sis!!!!

I'm wearing women's underwear right now that match my cute little orange handbag....................NOT!


I was wearing tennis shoes if I remember right.

My motto is (speaking purely in general, as a general rule), if you are scared to wear something like that in public because you are concerned you will make a bit of a fool out of yourself, you need that dress (speaking to men now) more than me!!!!!!!!! The minute I stop laughing at myself periodically, I am taking myself way too seriously. Therefore, you just might see me in a dress from time to time, not to mention how airy comfy that little cotton orange dress is. And besides, it carries with it all the residual aether of someone I love very much, so how can I lose???????

Haaaaaahahahaha Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" is all there is, Chris

"Okay, enough about me! Let's talk about you! What do you think of me?"

(Bette Midler in Beaches)

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Bodhi! You are such a creative wizard
without saying a word.......
Thanks Dear Brother!!!!!!

  I just couldn't let it go...but now that you mentioned it - would ya send a picture of you in a dress... in public?

Too Funny Chris  Laughing


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Greetings Fairy


OK  I get it.....







Thanks Bodhi,

That Across the Universe Movie is the only DVD I have ever bought. There a only a few works of art such as this that have moved me the way this one did.

Grateful for this reminder.

Love ya Brother,


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Hi LD!

I agree with you totally!  When I first discovered the original wingmakers site, I devoured it, my heart singing- and then moved on.  When I returned some time later, I was turned off- and never went back.  The whole purpose, for me anyway, of disseminating and devouring information about what is going on behind the scenes is to form a big picture.  When you have a big picture in mind, small stuff takes its rightful place.  For instance, what do fluoridation, chemtrails, AIDS, and Big Pharma have in common?  They were created as part of the NWO program to eliminate 85% of the world's population, all in the name of "doing something good for humanity."  Same for HAARP, weather control, the house of cards that is our economy, and so many other things that have a reasonable person puzzled.

What I have done is find ways, like the martial arts warrior, to sidestep the bombardments.  A master of passive resistance (the most aggravating kind!), I deal with what I can in my own life, while staying under the radar.  Unlike most people my age, I rarely take over-the-counter meds, and only one prescription med (which I did without for over 50 years, so it is not critical).  Instead of breaking down, infinitesimal bit by infinitesimal bit, my body is stronger and more pefect (according to my DNA) with every passing year- thanks to magnets.  I sidestep, avoid, and if possible sabotage any and all that I recognize as NWO.  It is what one person can do.  It is what we all can do- especially those who feel compelled to DO SOMETHING!

So many of us have been on this path of discovery for a long time- so many of us know so much, adding to that big picture.  We are resourceful, hopeful, and filled with love.  In the face of despair, pain, and fear, we take another look and the universe shows us another baby step toward saving ourselves.  We are here to share those baby steps with each other so we all may survive to be all we can be.  After all, how can we become the wingmakers if we are "culled?"  Sometime soon, I will start my own little blog, where I can share what I know about passive resistance to the NWO program.  In the meantime, keep your eyes open to what the universe shows you- and then share!

Pax, Deb

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I had an urge to see YELLOW SUBMARINE, hadn't ssen it since I was 10, at theater,no drugs,no popcorn..........My sweetheart found a copy online.....last weekend had the most colorful uplifting home screening.........so that's where Monty Python got their muse.........It holds the message,and color,music therapy too. With chocolate,still no popcorn. Love,Mary

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Thanks for your responce....Yes, Boliviana, we all do what we can...in the manner in which we know best...

some passive...some active...some downright in your face !!!

I find it fascinating that those who criticized our efforts for a peaceful solution to our woes....those who thought us all nutcases when we said WTC towers HAD to have been demolished by explosives...those who crammed the ?Patriot Act?  down our throats...these are the same people who are now saying...hey....those nut cases were right !!!


Keep on keeping on....together we can win back our nation...and the world will see...that we finally learned how to clean our own house...before we go around cleaning everyone else's !!!


P.S.  I blog at my website...by linking stories...directly from their source....in hopes someone will read them and get the general idea...also many of my record releases are there for anyone to hear...free...

good to know you and welcome to the team.





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