When Media Messes with Minds

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When Media Messes with Minds!

Dec 10th, 2008 by eweber.

you know the morning news shapes and rewires your brain for the day.
Yes, sadly in sync with its too often glum messages of doom and
destruction. New research on the brain's plasticity shows how human brains rewire and work with the focus we emphasize daily. Have you found that pessimism leads to more of the same?

Media experts mess with your mind whenever they communicate block
after block of cynical, negative, or pessimistic news. Unfortunately,
over time media can reshape the brains' plasticity across entire communities. How so? Repeated negative news  rewires
dendrite brain cells so that brains create cognitive maps for gloomy
results nationally. It doesn't stop there either.

In response to poor tone that portrays people who differ, for
instance, you too begin to vent.  Your own pessimistic communication in
turn rewires your brain further by creating new neuron pathways toward
more venting. It can be different - as people begin their days by
communicating with the brain in mind.

Start your day with a solution or for one problem the media tosses
into your ring, for instance, and you begin to hard-wire mentally for
more success and answers, than problems. Have you seen it happen? Act
on this one solution created,  and your brain builds new neuron pathways beyond negative ruts toward further solutions too.

Are you wired for well being, prosperity and a sense of wonder
today? Rather than focus on news that wires you for aggression, angry
barbs, poverty from lost jobs, or broken schools, why not brainstorm
over coffee for an answer to leave behind with your legacy. If you can
imagine a unique offering from your corner of the world, you've already
set the pathway forward, and your brain will do the rest.

Take the economic gloom that pounds us daily from many angles. Or consider news about broken secondary schools that fail our teens to drop out of learning altogether. Rather than
read on without reflecting, why not suggest a resolution instead.

How about a partnership program between adults who need work and
teens who need tutoring, with the brain in mind?  It wouldn't take that
much effort to rejuvenate a few dozen adults' minds in ways that
prosper teens' learning success. Your resolutions could be far better
than mine! Yet because I direct an International Brain Based Center,  and developed an approach to learn and assess with the brain in mind,
it's my 2-bits.  Approaches out there prove to get higher motivation
and achievement for teens and adults - and I see the potential with

No doubt, your talents will take you to different solutions. The key is to take your unique mix of intelligences into any media reports of negative, in search of solutions that work.
Think of how this nation could rewire to stem the tide of negative mental ruts created through the media's constant negative bombardment. What do you think?

I think that this is right on. I have seen it recently. I've been working for an older lady and she watches Fox News quite a bit. Every morning starts with dismal news of world economies failing, internet suicides, terrorist violence, unsureness, unrest, fear. And it is very easy to jump right in and say, ''what a shame.'' ''how could they.'' ''i'm worried about.....''

I have been working on my home, arranging the furniture to allow a flow of movement from one room to the next...all the way around the house. And creating intimate little spaces with clean and beautiful surroundings.

There is so much that I thank God for. It is good that we can gear our minds to be harmonious and

functioning well.

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Good morning!

I was thinking on the way to work that at least in small part, we are already owned and ruled by the power elite, as they control the media, which tends to control so many people.  As you point out, in this fabulous piece, there is another way!  I pledge to view the news in terms of opportunities to make a difference, versus more ways to wear out my worry beads.  Additionally, when a friend wants to vent about the news of the day, I pledge to gently guide them to look at how we might fix the issue.  

Thank you so much for posting this piece.  It really made a difference today.

Much love and light,


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I too Am thankful today that I have the power to transcend all of this nonsense (at least at the moment, LOL) and have the ability to be powerfully/emotionally/intently thankful in a way that raises all boats throughout Creation.  That we are that tied together is so amazing to me, and helps me to really/soberly/thankfully realize my response-Ability....  Thanks dear brother John for posting this warning to get away from the projected noise that would simply fade away if we would collectively and Lovingly walk away from such noise.  I have been doing that the past few months and it feels like I discovered a bank account I didn't know I had, one with an inexhaustive account in perpetuity.....

there is a lot of wonderful work going on on so many levels here on Earth/Gaia to help cleanse/heal Her and raise the vibration throughout the planet's Consciousness.  I am reading a book right now written by Phyllis Schlemmer called The Only Planet of Choice, and in the back it lists the 52 sites worldwide that are being "activated" by Mayans, other indigenous, enlightened ones finding their way to the scheduled ceremonies, spirit guides, etc.  It is going on monthly thru December, 2012.  I could say it a million times, we live in very interesting and exciting times!!!!  Why the hell would we be sitting in front of Faux News is literally beyond me now, but that's just me, LOL!!!!  Each in her/his own proactively projected and perfect timeline, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

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